7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

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7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Answer this question: What’s the biggest reason millions of people log onto the internet each day? You probably already guessed that it’s to find information. This is so ubiquitous a quest that Google handles 400 million queries a day! OK, so what’s it to you? This quest for information is an opportunity for you to fill a need. And if you do it right . . . to make some money along the way.

What is info marketing?

First of all, an info business is the least complex business possible. You develop a product that is nothing more than information. And then sell it to people who want to learn the info in it. Sounds simple enough, right?

But how does it all work?

You’ve got the basic concept – exchange info for money. But to make it a successful business people need to want the information you’re providing. So the key is to figure out what people want. How do you do that?

One easy way to figure it out is with a simple search. Visit answers.yahoo.com or similar sites and you’ll get a good idea of the kinds of things people need help with. You want to find something a lot of people are asking about. Something that most people don’t already know. And solve the problem for them by writing an info product on it.

An encouraging word

If you’re worried about how to write and ebook. Put it this way: An ebook is nothing more than a collection of articles. Don’t try to write a whole ebook. Just try to write one or two articles a day. And when you have a collection, flesh them out, add to them and voila! You’ve got an ebook.

OK, what’s so hot about digital products? Funny you should ask . . . Here are the seven reasons

1. Ease

Once it’s built it runs pretty much on it’s own. Custom support is all but non-existent. Which means there nothing for you to actually *do*. It’s like having an automated cash machine.

You don’t have any inventory. You never have to deal with shipping. Your business is 100% digital.

2. Repurposing

When you have a created a few information products. You can put together bigger more expensive information products. It’s very easy to package multiple ebooks together as one new one. And your new product will be able to carry a much higher sticker price. There’s greater perceived value in a single big course. As opposed to a bunch of little ones.

3. Resale rights

Since it’s your product, you can offer other people the resale rights. This is a very popular topic right now, because it’s much easier to get the resell right than to make your own product. And the best part is you can charge double, even triple your selling price for resell rights!

4. Leverage

Leverage your ebook by using the content in different ways. Take parts of your info product and turn it into a email training series. And build an email list that you can sell other products to.

5. More leverage

Don’t stop there . . . break it into several smaller reports. Then you can use the reports as the front-end of your product funnel. You can make these low cost or even free. And it still benefits you because it in a lead-in for the main product. Taking this technique to the max, you can let your affiliate give the reports away for you. Affiliate, you say? Yes!

6. An affiliate army

This one is huge. Once you have your own product. You’re able to let other people market it for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunch of other people doing your marketing for you? You’ve got to have your own products to have affiliates.

7. Joint Ventures

OK, this is by far the biggest reason why. Setting up joint ventures is the fastest way to gain success. Period. And this is probably the number one reason to create your own product. Without your own products, you can’t do JVs.

In closing

If you’re not convinced to start selling information products, then you haven’t been paying attention. You’ll become the ruler of your own fate. Because it’s your business and you control it. So, decide to just start:

  • Visit an “answers” site
  • Find out what people need to know
  • Start providing information

Don’t make info product creation any more complicated than that. And in short time you’ll have the foundation for your own info product.

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