Most Searched Keywords

Knowing what the most searched keywords for your target market is critical especially if you plan to drive traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) marketing.

There are a few ways to extract what the most searched keywords are traditionally internet marketers have used the WordTracker tool to get a report on the top 1000 search term lists for both short term recent search activity and longer term search activity.

This will give you an idea of top level search terms people are typing into search engines like Google to find what they are looking for.

Most Searched Keywords from WordTracker

If you don’t already have a WordTracker account, get yours now because as you will see later in this training course that you are going to be finding what I have coined as Green Money Lines from a full WordTracker report you will run for the industry you target.

Get Your 7 Day Free WordTracker Trial Today and Start Receiving the Most Search Keywords on the Internet.

Most Searched Keywords

Most Searched Keywords from Google Hot Trends

Another way to find the hottest frequently searched keywords that are happening right now, here today, is to view the Google Hot Trends tool

The Google hot trends tool shows you the more popular keywords that people are searching for today and are typically based on news stories that are going on today. For example let’s say Britney Spears did something wild and crazy today, then you would likely see a lot of Britney Spears related search terms in Google hot trends talking about her latest escapades.

Of course a lot of marketers love using the Google External Keyword Tool but there are a few inherent flaws with the Google Keyword Tool in that the reported data is based upon the number of times advertisements on Google were served including their content partners network so the numbers are quite frequently skewed because it is not a true reflection on the actually search volume. As you delve deeper into online marketing you will have a clear picture as to why this is the case but for the time being just accept that as fact.

A good rule of thumb when using the Google keyword tool is to set your match type to Exact match and then divide that number by 4, again this is terminology that you will understand in greater detail during the pay per click marketing material you will get later in this course.

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4 thoughts on “Most Searched Keywords”

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      I came up with the divide by four rule of thumb after having a long talk with my good buddy Michael Campbell who authored Goobert when we, of course, as friends and internet markets can’t help but always talk about internet marketing stuff and how ALL keyword tools are skewed in some way or another..

      Michael mentioned to me something that was staring me straight in the face and said that the numbers of search terms are based off the Google AdWords keyword tool which displays the number of times an advertisement on Google AdWords was triggered

      Which does NOT mean how many times it was displayed on but rather their search network which includes sites like and all the affiliate partners that run Google AdSense ads on their website.

      When it comes to finding out the truth on how many daily searches are happening what I do is run an AdWords campaign and I set my bids and work my quality score to ensure I am showing up on the top page of Google….

      When testing for search volume truth I try to keep my ad near the bottom of the paid search results so I don’t blow the budget

      But then I have some truth in search volume by viewing the impressions generated in my AdWords account.

      When I do this, I then know if pursuing any SEO efforts is worth while because quite often you will find very heavy organic search engine competition for a keyword that yields maybe half a visitor per day πŸ™‚

      Do stay tuned for the rest of the training series as I will be addressing this in greater detail later on.

  1. thanks Colin,

    also how do you interpret Wordtracker search count data,
    to get your Green Money Lines, do you like to see a minimum
    24 hour count of greater than say 33 or 1000 searches per month.


    1. Hey Jeremy,

      First of all, what I will be showing you is how to rank in the top ten of Google regardless the search volume to help build your confidence when it comes to SEO.

      Then will be going deeper into keyword research strategies when I send my newsletter updates about
      To help others and reply to your comment I have cut and paste the Google Talk conversation we had here:

      mcdoogenator: Hey Jeremy… Going to reply to your comment right now

      jeremyhier: cool thanks

      mcdoogenator: After doing enough training programs it’s taken me back to when I was starting out so setting the foundation for your success.

      It really struck me when I had several high end clients that were confused about keyword research

      jeremyhier: thanks, I notice many people confused about what keyword research tool to use and how to interpret the data

      mcdoogenator: yup

      But as you follow along you too will soon realize the value of this data and ALL keyword reports are skewed and flawed….

      So I am will help you make sense of this
      What I do to see the truth is simply launch an AdWords campaign to see the real impressions generated on the ad

      Heck I even write really bad ad copy to ensure I don’t get clicks just so I can see how many real daily searches are happening….

      jeremyhier: so you don’t have to spend money to do this

      mcdoogenator: not much….

      jeremyhier: you can just see the impressions

      mcdoogenator: Yes….

      I will be getting into AdWords stuff when I get to the site promotions emails….
      The GML stuff is to build your confidence that you are writing content that will rank in Google
      Going back to when I was new….

      The first time I held a #1 Google listing was the moment I knew I was going to fire my boss πŸ™‚
      Albeit the search volume was low but that gave me the confidence that I was on the right track
      Success really comes down to a belief in yourself and Mini-Wins along the way

      Later on in this series of mailings I will be going into “Keyword Research Revisted”

      jeremyhier: that’s great

      mcdoogenator: Are you OK if I cut and paste this G Talk into the reply?

      jeremyhier: sure, no problem

      mcdoogenator: Cool… Thanks man…

      jeremyhier: I appreciate your chatting with me.

      mcdoogenator: no problem….

      jeremyhier: looking forward to the series

      mcdoogenator: You got somebody on this end that actually gives a darn and is sick of the IM BS that gets put out there

      jeremyhier: that is much appreciated, there is so much information out there

      mcdoogenator: There is and worse is there is SO much mis-information out there!

      jeremyhier: yeah, it is difficult to know what is what, and what to focus your energy on

      mcdoogenator: I know that all too well but the key again is believe in yourself and stick with one niche, make some money and then earn as you learn, the internet is a very big place and it is very important that you keep focused on just one aspect of online marketing at a time until you understand what you are doing with that one aspect, for example:

      Search Engine Optimization, if SEO is what interest you first then get good at SEO
      If Pay Per Click turns your crank, then get good at Pay Per Click

      I have tons of info coming to guide you through all this tangled web that we call the internet πŸ™‚

      Pun intended πŸ™‚

      jeremyhier: I agree, I’ve been online a few years now, and have bought many products thinking I need to learn everything, later I thought what gave me the income to buy all these info products
      it was my adsense income, I should be spending money on articles and getting backlinks
      so I’m focusing on that more now
      building more content sites

      mcdoogenator: Content sites rock and I will be going deeper into that in the Creating Content newsletters and in fact it is right on the heals of that I will be going into Keyword Research Re-Visited πŸ™‚
      Stay tuned for more, in fact rendering some new videos right now to help you sort all this out.

      jeremyhier: great thanks Colin, I’m sure you want to find more green money lines so I won’t take more of your time

      mcdoogenator: πŸ™‚

      jeremyhier: take care πŸ™‚

      mcdoogenator: You too

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