How to Start a Pay Per Click Program

Read this article about launching a pay per click program to maximize your business revenue. Make sure you watch the video embedded at the end of the article to view how to find frequently searched keywords and phrases.

How to Find Keywords and Key Phrases

Starting a new Pay Per Click program can be overwhelming at first. Most people struggle with what keywords and key phrases they should target for the search engine marketing campaigns.

What I see happening with many businesses is they get sucked into some search engine optimization package that includes pay per click bid management services offered by various ad agencies only to find that they are still struggling to maximize their revenue because the cost of some of these ad agencies is ridiculously high for little return on investment.

The philosophy I recommend and use myself when starting any new pay per click program is to discover for myself what keywords and key phrases convert the best.

While it is important to outsource your bid management to ad agencies it’s best to learn the ropes yourself to ensure your business is getting value for your advertising dollars.

Before you outsource your bid management you can get your own pay per click program started.

To begin your search engine marketing I recommend starting with Google AdWords because with an AdWords pay per click campaign your ad goes live within minutes of publishing. Other search engines will force you to wait days for their human editors to review your advertisement before it goes live.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get a pay per click campaign live using Google’s AdWords system

Tips for Finding Keywords and Key Phrases

Watch this video to gather a set of keywords to target based on other websites, you will see how easy it is to generate hundreds of targeted keyword phrases to launch your pay per click marketing campaign.

How to Find Pay Per Click Keywords Video

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