The 912 Project Report

The 912 Project Screams of Glenn Beck for President

Barack Obama is a busy man trying to affect global change and God Bless him for that but the problem with being the president of our country is you have to be so politically correct with your every move but thankfully Glenn Beck is not the president and he can create a report like the The 912 Project that will take back our country to it`s former glory.

The 9 principles and 12 values Glenn Beck has put together with his 912 Project outlines exactly what must be done to take back our country and get this great nation back on track.

One of the points Glenn mentioned with his nine principles and twelve values that really stands out in my mind is this

Take Responsibility

I am personally sick and tired of both sides of the equation when it comes to personal and corporate bailouts. You have the side that says:

I have a great job and am making my way. I don`t want my tax dollars to go to bailing out those that got sucked in by bad financial agreements with bankers

Then there are those that did get duped by unscrupulous mortgage brokers crying poor me, I didn`t know any better

Who cares – What has happened has happened and it IS time for all of us to stop whining and take back control by taking responsibility.

Those of you who are affluent and well-to-do, you people may have played a part of the greed that created this whole economic mess in the first place so stop complaining about the problem and become part of the solution.

If you are one of those people that got into a mortgage you could not afford and are worried about losing your house. The time is now to quit your belly aching too because you should have known you couldn`t afford your mortgage payments.

During the course of the last few paragraphs where I was talking about taking responsibility you will notice that subtly there are other values associated with taking responsibility such as humility for those about to lose their homes and then there is charity for you folks that are currently doing well.

I could go on and on about Glenn Beck`s efforts with the report he has put out called The 912 Project and in fact in future posts I will rant on about just how bang on Glenn Becks is with The 912 Project

Go Glenn Go, This project is a must for the success of a nation and a planet!

3 thoughts on “The 912 Project Report”

  1. Sorry, we are living in a (take no responsibitiy world) I mean when you can spill hot coffee in your lap, smoke get sick and win lots of money, take drugs, go crazy and kill someone get away with it, forget to do your income tax, kill our babies, rob from the rich and lord knows what else and not be held accountable for your actions. Something is wrong here…. We need more commond sence in our goverment and a lot less lawyers and laws. I hold the people that put this party in place resonsable. But I don’t think they will take it.. I think the Lord Jesus has done what it said in
    Isaiah 29:14 “therefore I will confound these people with wonder after wonder. The wisdom of their wise men will vanish and the understanding of the perceptive will be hidden.” Thanks Rich

  2. Glenn thank God for people like you. I wish we had a voice that would be heard other than the idiots that sit in Washington. Obama in my opinion is hanging this country out to dry and only reason he got elected is because of his lie and color. If you ban assault weapons because whats going on in Mexico they will just keep getting them form their communist buddies.I think we need to arm the border residents because it is those people that are getting robbed, raped and kidnapped. I say an assautlt weapon for every american should be supplied by the US goverment or move Washington to Mexico.
    Glenn where do we sign up to support you and your cause.

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