Affiliate Marketing Networks

How to Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

Watch this video about affiliate marketing networks then make sure you scroll through the written tutorial and join the best affiliate programs I have used since starting my online affiliate business in 2000

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As you follow along in this tutorial series you are going to soon see you need to get an autoresponder service to build a sustainable business from using affiliate marketing networks

For the benefit of those that have not been involved with or had any previous experience with an affiliate marketing network I am going to briefly tell you how affiliate marketing networks work.

But before you can start selling other people’s stuff on the internet to earn commissions on their products and services what you are going to need is a website of your own.

Please do take the time to watch my video AND read through this written tutorial about joining affiliate marketing networks but what you are going to find out is that you do need to make a minimal investment to achieve success with making money online and you ARE going to need to get website hosting FIRST before you get accepted into ANY of these affiliate marketing networks.

Get your one month of free website hosting now knowing that before the month is up you are going to get EVERYTHING you need to succeed to get your website publish with my video tutorial series.

I am going to show you every step-by-step detail you need to achieve your goals and what you need to do once you got your domain name and website hosting ordered

If you haven’t already got a website or even if you want to save a buck on your existing hosting costs then take the first step towards you success.

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Cost Per Sale Affiliate Marketing Networks

In a nutshell, an affiliate program allows you to sell other people’s stuff so you DO NOT have to source products and best of all you get paid when you sell their stuff which is known as a Cost Per Sale model.

Here are the Best CPS Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join:

1. The PepperJam Affiliate Marketing Network
JoinPepperJam here

2. The Amazon Associate Program
Join the Amazon Associate Program here

3. Commission Junction
Join Commission Junction here

Cost Per Acquisition Affiliate Marketing Networks

As you delve into affiliate marketing networks you will see there are other revenue models such as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) where companies will pay you for simply referring a new lead or prospect to their company.

What a CPA affiliate offer means to you is you make money without having to sell anything, all you have to do is convince somebody to enter their personal contact information into a web form.

Here are the best CPA Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join

1. The Never Blue CPA Affiliate Marketing Network
Join NeverBlue here

2. The Hydra Media Affiliate Marketing CPA Network
Join Hydra Media here

Cost per Click Affiliate Marketing Networks

Another way to make money online is using the Cost Per Click revenue model with affiliate marketing networks such as Google AdSense, Chitika or the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).

Good luck getting into YPN CPC affiliate network though because they have been in Beta mode for about 5 or 6 years now and quite frankly as a Yahoo Publisher Network account owner their ability to serve targeted contextual ads sucks BIG time and ONLY serves USA based traffic unlike Google that understands there are other first world countries outside the United States that use the internet to find products and services to buy online.

Another affiliate marketing network model is Cost Per Click (CPC) which means you make money every time somebody clicks on the advertiser links on your website

Join the Best Cost per Click Affiliate Networks:

1.    Google Adsense Cost per Click Affiliate Program
Click here to join Google’s Adsense Program

2.    The Chitika CPC Affiliate Program Network
Click here to join the  Chitika Affiliate Network

3.    Yahoo Publisher Network Cost per Click Affiliate Network
Click here to join the Yahoo Publisher Network offers a CPC affiliate network that you can use in conjunction with Google’s AdSense program to rotate in cost per click revenues in the event Google serves their public service offers when there is a lack of advertisers willing to spend money on you targeted phrase.

Hmmmm…. I guess I need to add to my mind map an action item to create a video about how and when to use CPC affiliate program networks as a revenue source.

But don’t get distracted with that kind of stuff right now because I will systematically guide you through all these questions you have but if you need IMMEDIATE assistance then just ask me your personal question on the blog and I WILL thoughtfully respond to your every question about affiliate marketing networks.

Yeah, I know you are hearing a LOT of buzz about CPA affiliate networks right now but don’t get too distracted by these promises of earning a lot of money online through CPA networks because when companies are paying you for lead generation via a CPA offer it means they got their back end sales figured out and they are making a KILLING off the leads you drive.

As we go forward in this series of internet marketing video tutorials you will learn EXACTLY how to create your OWN offer

But having said that, what I am doing is showing your strategies to make you some money right now and test markets before you put forth the effort to sell your own product by leveraging affiliate marketing networks.

In most cases you will need to have a website before you can join an affiliate marketing network, here is the web hosting company I use

Joining Affiliate Program Networks – 2 Easy Action Steps

If you want to become successful using affiliate program networks then take my lead and take action right now and get what you MUST have to secure your success with affiliate marketing programs . . .

. . . When you take IMMEDIATE action you are another step closer to your goal and you will get what you need to take the market research and discovery that gives you HARD data to move to the next level all the while there is very little to ZERO RISK while you move forward in this money making market research phase I am revealing to you right now

Step 1 in Becoming a Super Affiliate Publisher

Getting your own website hosting and a domain name

Before you get accepted into most affiliate program networks you will need to register a domain name and get web hosting.

When you watch my online success video series and take action on the information I am sharing with you to this point you already have an understanding about how to research markets and write SEO articles to get free website traffic by taking the keyword research you did in following my WordTracker Review tutorial

But now that you have an understanding of how to perform your research you are going to need to publish your articles on your own domain with your own website hosting to get accepted into the affiliate program networks I have recommended to you.

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Don’t worry, if you change your mind about the domain name you choose right now the really cool thing later on in these tutorials, I am going to show you how you can take your hard work and time invested into your affiliate website and sell it for a HUGE payday.

When you follow my system for making money using affiliate marketing networks you can not go wrong because of the progression of this training system you are going to get EVERYTHING you need to make money online regardless of a change of mind on what you want to do.

What I am doing right now is getting you to take action and start moving toward your goals so that you can live the lifestyle you desire and deserve to live

But remember that success comes ONLY when action is taken

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Step 2 in Becoming a Super Affiliate Publisher

Once your website is published and you have at least 10 to 20 articles published on your blog then submit your application to the following affiliate marketing networks

1.    Apply to become an affiliate at the Pepper Jam Network
Click here to apply at the Pepper Jam Affiliate Network
2.    Apply to become an affiliate at Never Blue
Click here to apply with the Never Blue Affiliate Marketing Network

3.    Apply to become an affiliate at the Hydra Media Network
Click here to apply with the Hydra Media CPA Affiliate Network

4.    Apply to become an affiliate at the World’s Most Trusted Online Store,
Click here to apply for the Amazon Associates Affiliate Network

5.    Apply to become an affiliate at Commission Junction
Click here to apply with Commission Junction

6.    Apply to become an affiliate at Chitika
Click here to apply for Chitika’s Cost per Click Affiliate Network

7.    Apply to become an affiliate at Google Adsense
Click here to apply for Google AdSense

8.    Apply to become an affiliate at the Yahoo Publisher Network
Click here to apply for the Yahoo Publisher Network

Again, don’t be upset if Yahoo rejects your application because they haven’t been able to keep pace with Google when it comes to providing a cost per click affiliate marketing network that works.

Now don’t worry about exactly how to configure your website hosting because the hosting company I recommend will give you amazing support and I will also be showing you exactly what to do to get your website or blog set up in the coming days


I want you to be ready for the affiliate marketing tutorials I will be sending you about how to take those affiliate marketing network offers and inserting them into your website.

Of course, you will be getting tutorials about EXACTLY what to configure and set up you new online empire ?

Yes! I know getting a successful online business off the ground can be overwhelming and I know that I have NOT covered every aspect of making money online by using affiliate program networks here.

But I want you to know that you are NOT alone and I am here to help guide you step-by-step to your success.

So, if you have a question you need answered right now about affiliate marketing programs then don’t be shy and submit your questions, comments or concerns by leaving a comment on my blog.

When you submit your question I WILL give you a well thought out personal answer to get you the FACTS about what you need right now to take YOUR business to the next level

No question is a bad question,  so take action right now and  submit your questions about affiliate marketing now and you will get a personal response to your questions

Free Hosting Get Your FREE Month of Hosting AND Autoresponder Here Affiliate Marketing Networks need you to get webhosting