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What is the Best Autoresponder Company

Sifting through the lies to find the Best Autoresponder Company on the market…

Yes, I know it’s tough deciding what services you need to make more money online because there is definitely a lot of false promises out there.

But the good news is you have found an online marketing trainer that actually gives a darn about you so let’s dive into the facts about autoresponders so you can get the best autoresponder company to fit your immediate business needs because not all autoresponder companies are created equally

Considerations When Choosing an Autoresponder Company


If you have done any research about earning a residual income as a way to make more money online, autoresponder companies have an unfair advantage in forced continuity as a direct result of the CAN SPAM act of 2003.

The CAN SPAM act of 2003 gave autoresponder companies a leg up in forcing you into paying a monthly service fee and they know that because of the legislation that it will be VERY difficult for you to import the leads you collected from another autoresponder company.

What you have to understand when you are looking for the best autoresponder company is most email autoresponder companies will NOT allow you to import leads because part of what is outlined in the CAN SPAM legislation is you must be able to provide proof that the leads you have collected have truly opted in to receive email communication from you.

Basically what we are talking about here is permission based marketing. In order to send email messages with commercial intent you MUST have permission from your email recipients expressing an interest in receiving your offers.

What does the CAN SPAM Legislation have to do with choosing the Best Autoresponder Company?

CAN SPAM has everything to do with selecting the best autoresponder company because as I have mentioned before not every email marketing service provider will allow you to import your leads and customer contact information without forcing you to send a “re-subscribe” message out.

Best Autoresponder Company for New Businesses with NO Lead Base


The best autoresponder company that give high email deliverability rates and is the most cost effective solution to use if you are starting a new web site if you do not already have a subscriber base is aWeber.

You can take aWeber for a test drive with minimal risk because they give you a $1 trial

Try aWeber here for just a buck

Yes, I know that when you get aWeber’s autoresponder service that it can be overwhelming in know exactly how to set everything up

But don’t worry…

I know the confusion you are having and that’s why you will ALWAYS here me asking for your questions on my blog.

So… If you get aweber right now and you get lost trying to set it up then just ask a question here on my blog and I will personally answer your questions to make sure you get your autoresponder implement very quickly.

Yes, my friends, I too was once upon a time a new online business owner and struggled with issues like how to use my autoresponder.

Because I care about your success, I don’t want you left in the dark so go ahead and ask me how to do this.

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