Best Mobile Phone on the Market

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Best Mobile Phone on the Market

Best Mobile Phone on the Market
The best mobile phone on the market in our opinion is the Samsung Captivate Android phone for several reasons including it’s ultra slim design and the incredibly clear display technology Samsung uses called Super Amoled technology which is a touch screen technology where the touch is detected within the screen versus an overlay on top of the screen, the Captivate phone features and awesome 800×400 pixel resolution on a 4 inch screen.

Here are more details about the Samsung Captivate Android smartphone

  • Battery Life: 5hours talk time – 350 Hours standby
  • 5MP Built-in Camera
  • Built-in MP3 Player
  • Mobile printing enabled
  • Records voice memos
  • Supports SMS and MMS messenging
  • Includes SWYPE predictive text technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Comes with 16GB internal memory with external MicroSDHC to 32GB
  • One of the reasons we pick the Samsung Captivate Android as the best mobile phone on the market over phones such as the Apple iPhone 4G is the fact the Captivate allows you to expand your memory and the iPhone does not support additional memory.

    There are a lot of really great phones available today so make sure you at least have a look at the Samsung Captivate and I know you’ll agree it’s a great phone that has all the features you’ll ever need plus with the Android platform there are tons of cool apps you can load onto your phone from the Android Marketplace.

    Where to get the best price on the Samsung Captivate?

    To get a Samsung Captivate for one cent with your plan Click Here

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