Aldergrove Transmission Repair

Before you trust your vehicle to just any Aldergrove transmission repair shop you need to know you are getting the best driveline service for your vehicle because when you need a transmission repair job done on your car it’s going to be a major investment for you.

Typically an automatic repair or replacement job will cost you anywhere between $800 for a repair and can cost over $4,000 for a full transmission replacement depending on what type of vehicle you are driving.

One question you need to ask yourself before getting your car towed to and Aldergrove Transmission repair shop is how long do you plan to keep your vehicle for?

It’s important to think about that because you might be better served visiting your local Aldergrove auto sales lot to get a used car in running condition versus making the investment in a transmission replacement.

If you plan to keep your vehicle for at least the next three years then it makes sense to get your transmission fixed because you know your vehicle and when you purchase a used vehicle it is a buyer beware purchase and you could face having to get several repairs done on a used vehicle.

If you simply need a vehicle that will run for about a year then you should consider purchasing a used car.

Regardless of what option you choose you should take your vehicle to an Aldergrove transmission repair shop that specializes in only transmissions and vehicle drivelines for a free inspection and quote on what the work will cost to get your vehicle road worthy again.

If you have any questions or comments about where you should take your vehicle for a transmission inspection or repair go ahead and submit them below.


Langley Transmission

Langley Transmission Repair & Service Reviews

This review about Langley Transmission service centers has been created based on my own personal experience with my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 and I’ve got to tell you my eyes are wide open about this misconceptions most of us have when it comes to getting your transmission repaired in Langley.

The first thing I learned is the difference between an automotive transmission servicing versus an actual transmission repair.

Before I visited the service center, I thought my transmission problems were related to putting the wrong type of transmission fluid into my truck and my initial thought was to take the vehicle to a drive-up transmission fluid replacement shop and have them service my transmission but it’s a darn good thing I didn’t make that mistake because the tell tale signs of what’s happening with my transmission would have been lost.

What you’ve got to know is one of the first things a quality Langley transmission service center will do is put their diagnostic computer on the vehicle to get error codes.

The next thing a quality transmission repair & service center will do is drop the pan and look for signs of what’s going wrong by looking for metal or other objects in the pan, this is very important and this is why you’ve got to understand the difference between a transmission service center and a transmission repair center because if your transmission is acting up like mine was and you take it to a service center that simply replaces your transmission fluid and filter you’ll be flushing away important diagnostic information.

If you need to find a Langley transmission repair & service center I can’t say enough good things about George and his team at Mr. Transmission.

Give George a call today and tell him Colin sent you

Mr. Transmission Langley
Phone: (604) 530-7321
Address: 5965 200 Street Langley, BC

If you got questions ask them here or submit your review . . .