Legal Secretary Positions in San Antonio Texas

Find Legal Secretary Positions in San Antonio Texas In most cases legal secretary positions in San Antonio Texas require you to have 2 years experience working in a law firm and if you have the experience you are better positioned to land the job but if you don’t have the experience then you need to […]

Amazon Sales Hitting Records Again

Amazon Sales Hitting Records Again!   If you were to interview Jeff Bezos, founder of, about this so called recession I am sure he would respond with “What recession…. Seriously there’s a recession right now?”   Here is an excerpt from a report on CNN Money:     Apparently doing one thing well is […]

GM Confidence

If GM confidence for you is low and you are on of the 10’s of thousands that has thought about buying a new GM vehicle but you have concerns over availability of parts and perhaps your confidence in General Motors is running low then you need to be part of the stimulus solution. President Barack […]

Tweeting Meaning Economic Recovery?

I just read a newswire report from Reg Henry the Pittsburg Post-Gazette Now newspaper that if you search online for Tweeting Meaning, that if you are hooked on Tweeting, Twittering that the Tweet Tweet is not a canary appearing in the middle of a sentence. Reg claims that if you are tweeting that you are […]

Glenn Beck Crying

Glenn Beck is a guy that truly cares. Glenn Beck is a guy that wants change in the world and I don’t think there is any denying Glenn’s passion for making the world a better place and with the thought he put into the 9 principles and 12 values in his 9/12 Project there is […]

Seattle Post Intelligencer Finale

The Seattle PI (Post Intelligencer) is the first newspaper publisher I have heard of that gets it! What does The Seattle Post Intelligencer Get? That physical delivery of news in the form of cut down forests is dead. The Seattle Post Intelligencer is calling it quits and their newspaper will no longer be available in […]

The 912 Project Report

The 912 Project Screams of Glenn Beck for President Barack Obama is a busy man trying to affect global change and God Bless him for that but the problem with being the president of our country is you have to be so politically correct with your every move but thankfully Glenn Beck is not the […]

The 912 Project Glenn Becks Rocks a Nation

Today Friday March 13, 2008 it appears Mr. Glenn Beck’s attitude reflects that of my own with The 912 Project On the Glenn Beck show the 912 project was announced. Really Glenn’s project should be some obvious information that seems to have been missed due to the greed of America combined with lots of other […]