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Dating 40s

Dating 40’s – How Did This Happen

Never did I imagine I’d be searching for dating 40’s when I got married at age 24 but here I am at 41 years old re-entering the dating scene and not quite sure exactly what to do so I’ve decided to start blogging about dating in my 40’s and chat about it as I re-figure out how to date.

So far it seems one major thing that has changed since I last dated in the early 90’s is internet dating no longer seems taboo nor embarrassing, I remember when the internet was just taking hold and online dating sites started to get online, people were both sceptical about these sites and the general feeling was if you can’t meet somebody in real life and need an online dating service then the perception was you must be desperate and pathetic. I even thought that back then however now that I am 40 something and dating again I can see it’s not such a bad idea because I am finding all my friends and friends of friends are all married or in long term relationships.

So I am going to go test the waters and join some free online dating sites to see if I can meet a lovely lady that’s around my age and in my area so I’ll keep you posted on how things go and if you are reading this and have any online dating tips for guys in their 40’s then please post your comments on this blog.

Right now I am going to sign up for a new online community I found called FriendBurst and see if I meet new friends.

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