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Email Marketing Companies will help you virally grow your business and allow you to leverage the hard work you’ve likely been busy with your website promotion, search engine marketing and issuing press releases to get new visitors to your website and you know the power of building your subscriber base to get targeted traffic with the push of a button by using the services offered by email marketing companies.

Services Available from Email Marketing Companies

There is more than meets the eye when you are looking for email
deliverability tools that you need to think about when you are selecting an email marketing company to run your mailing campaigns.

Below is what other services you should keep in mind and then choose the best solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Email Campaign Management

Of course email campaign management is an obvious service that all email marketing companies provide but what you might not know is not all companies give the same level of service.

When you get an email marketing service you need to make sure you can set exact times for your email delivery for both broadcasts and for your automated email sequence.

Having the ability to send your message at an exact time can have a profound impact on your open rates.

Online Survey Tools

If you want to refine your email offers then an online survey tool will help you refine your follow-up email sequencing because it gives you the chance to get a direct response from your audience instantly giving you the necessary market intelligence you need to maximize your sales conversion rates.

The best email marketing company that offers an email marketing service with built-in online survey tools is

Best Email Marketing Company Offering Online Survey Tools

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iContact provides full scheduling features and allows you to import your leads into their system if you have existing subscribers

Integrated Marketing

Because you need more than just email marketing solutions to create a successful online presence you need to consider using an all-in-one integrated marketing solution such as that offered the provider I am currently using in my own business.

Recommended Email & Integrated Marketing Company

GoldBar Integrated Email Marketing Company Review

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  • Includes Webhosting AND Email Marketing Software
  • You can also get integrated marketing solutions, check out the extras you get with GoldBar
    hosting and email marketing solutions:
  • 1. AffiliateOne – Affiliate Software
    2. ContactOne – Lead Management Software
    3. ViralOne – Tell-a-Friend
    4. RotateOne – Split Testing
    5. ForumOne – Discussion Forums
    6. PopOne – Pop-Ups & Pop-Ins
    7. KeywordOne – Keyword Optimizer
    8. ShopOne – Shopping Cart
    9. LinkOne – Link Popularity
    10. BannerOne – Sell Banner Advertising
    11. RankOne – Search Engine Ranking Monitor
    12. TrackOne – Ad Tracking
    13. MetaOne – Meta Tag Generator
    14. ResearchOne – Online Surveys
    15. StatsOne – Website Statistics
    16. CRMOne – Customer Relationship Management
    17. RespondOne – Autoresponders
    18. NotifierOne – Desktop Notification
    19. NewsletterOne – Email Newsletter Management
    20. DomainOne – Domain Name Wizard
    21. CoRegOne – Co-Registration Software

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