Glenn Beck Crying

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Glenn Beck Crying

Glenn Beck is a guy that truly cares. Glenn Beck is a guy that wants change in the world and I don’t think there is any denying Glenn’s passion for making the world a better place and with the thought he put into the 9 principles and 12 values in his 9/12 Project there is enough value there to prove that Mr. Glenn Beck is a man we should all listen to.

Yes Glenn Beck crying on national television has been witnessed and some call it phony and other’s say he is the real deal.

Glenn Beck, you have my personal vote as real because of the careful thought you put into your 912 Project report.

I think Glenn Beck crying is something you should see first hand and if we were all as caring as Glenn Beck is then this world could be a very different place right now.

Here is a video of Glenn Beck shedding a tear on live television that calls Glenn’s sincerity into question.

Glenn Beck is a sensitive man and you folks at Young Turks need to stop perpetuating a world of scarcity thinking and get on board with Glenn’s points of view. Especially his 9/12 Project initiatives

Read my thoughts on Glenn’s 912 Project

I think after reading my review about his project that you will quickly see that Glenn Beck crying is for real, this is a man that cares!

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