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GM Confidence

If GM confidence for you is low and you are on of the 10’s of thousands that has thought about buying a new GM vehicle but you have concerns over availability of parts and perhaps your confidence in General Motors is running low then you need to be part of the stimulus solution.

President Barack Obama called for and received the resignation of General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner although President Obama during a public speech said Mr. Wagoner was not the problem behind the trouble General Motors faces. In fact Obama mentioned that he felt Richard Wagoner had been doing a great job in re-structuring general motors but it’s to for GM confidence to increase and to gain confidence those at the top must step aside to bring fresh blood, ideas and more importantly consumer confidence in General Motors.

President Obama has also stated that the government will ensure that your GM vehicle warranties will honoured so if you have been sitting on the fence and not buying a new General Motors vehicle you are definitely part of the problem.

Before the economy can begin to recover there must be increased consumer spending but since all you here on the news are stories of doom and gloom your wallet has tightened and you are not spending.

It’s a lack of spending that’s got us stuck in this mess, sure there is a lack of lending happening on the part of the banks but I am hearing personal stories of consumers that are now starting to receive loans.

So get out there and start shopping for your new GM vehicle with confidence because it is backed by the government’s promise.

President Obama has his GM confidence on so much so he has given General Motors and extended period of time to re-structure and get back on track. Since the confidence level is high from the White House your confidence needs to be there too in order to get us all out of this mess!

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