High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

High Search Engine Ranking Optimization Techniques

To get these rankings use KRA PRO

Every webmaster wants figure out the insider secrets for successful high search engine ranking optimization on every target keyword and through this tutorial series you are getting step-by-step strategies that work and provide stable search engine rankings.

Right now we are focusing on setting the foundation to achieve those coveted top ten spots in Google.

If you remember I showed you a Green Money Line example on the VEO Report when I wrote the post titled Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement, this video shows me giving instruction to what, on the surface, appears to be a competitor but notice that in the following paragraph I am going to give Mark, a would be search engine competitor, a link to his article that is DIRECTLY competing with my website

Why would I help somebody that is competing directly with me to achieve higher search engine rankings?

Because my outlook on business and life in general is there are 2 ways of looking at things.

1. It’s a world of abundance where EVERYBODY can do well

2. It’s a world of scarcity where EVERYBODY is out to get you

I know some of my followers in cities like New York where it is a predominately dog eat dog world will laugh at me in saying that I believe we truly do live in a world of abundance but I digress…

What is happening with my relationship with Mark will be revealed later in my online business building tutorial series.

Now let’s get back to showing you techniques that work for achieving high search engine ranking optimization.

Right now we are learning about an important factor in getting high search engine placement for your chosen keywords and the important factor we are talking about right now is how to set your on-site optimization.

In the accompanying video, I am showing Mark exactly what to do with his new website to get to the top of Google on his target phrase Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

As you can see in the video I gave Mark a home work assignment to create 5 to 10 semantically related articles to post on his blog base of the KRA Pro theme report to give depth to that article from the viewpoint of the Google Bot

I will be helping Mark pimp out his article, his blog structure and his affiliate linking strategy to get this post positioned in the top ten search results of Google

Mark’s Home Work Assignments to get his high search engine ranking optimization nailed down are:

1. Write semantically related articles

To successfully achieve high search engine ranking optimization the first thing Mark needs to do to get to the top of the search results pages on his new blog is give the article he wrote semantic depth.

To achieve that depth, Mark will be going through his KRA Pro report on the term Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement and he will be running KRA Pro semantic reports using the Keyword Spider feature to create 5 to 10 new articles.

2. Make sure blog is configured correctly

After reviewing Mark’s blog he did get Michael Campbell’s ultimate ping list because he was a Vault member.

Sorry, because I care about my friendship with Michael Campbell, I can NOT reveal this ping list but I can say that if you get Michael’s GooBert Report you will propel yourself to the next level in getting traffic to you website even without ANY search engine optimization.

3. Optimize each supporting article

Here is a VERY cool thing that starts to happen when you run KRA Pro semantic reports with the keyword spider that’s included with this ULTIMATE high search ranking optimization tool, you will start to see traffic hitting your website, usually within hours, on “Long Tail Keywords”.

While Google adjusts the volume on what matters to get the top of their search engine, you will be setting a semantically correct website structure which will yield fast traffic

What Mark is going to see in the coming days is an increase in traffic because of his semantic article creation tactics as I showed in my article “How to Write SEO Articles

4. Mark will learn about how to set-up affiliate links

When reviewing Mark’s blog post Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement I see some issues with how he set his affiliate links that will erode TRUST with Google and visitors

The URL’s Mark is using on his Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement article DO NOT give trust to his visitors and because VEO is the new SEO standard, Google will NOT trust those URL’s either. . . .

But don’t worry about that yet because there are tutorials about how to achieve High Search Engine Ranking Optimization and strategies about how to implement affiliate links embedded in your SEO articles that build trust.

Stay tuned for the next article about high search engine ranking optimization strategies that work.

If you haven’t already got it, then you need to order KRA Pro right now so you can follow along in this search engine ranking tutorial series.