How Do I Register a Domain Name

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How Do I Register a Domain Name

How Do I Register a Domain Name? – Video Tutorial

So tell me exactly how do I register a domain name and where can I find a domain name registrar?

If you want to have a web site you first need to get a domain name right now

Get a FREE domain name here

When you register your domain name here is the process I use to decide what domain name to register.

When people ask how do I register a domain name, here is the process I use to register a good domain name that will make money.

1. Get a list of Best Selling products from

Copy and paste a list of specific products into Microsoft Word, Notepad, or your favourite text editor.

You can see how I use Amazon to find the best selling items here. This is an excellent strategy because it’s best to sell what people are buying.

2. Use WordTracker to research how people are searching for specific products and services

To see exactly how I use WordTracker when I am registering a new domain name you can watch the WordTracker Review video

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3. It’s time to register a domain name

Once you have selected a product base to sell and ran your keyword reports using WordTracker you should try to register a domain name that contains at least a base of your target keyword phrase.

In the video, I show you how to register a domain name but after recording that video I changed my mind about the domain name I had registered.

If you watched the video that accompanies this article, you will see that I registered the domain name “” and the reason I changed my mind was due to the potential of Apple Computers Inc. launching a case of legal whoop butt on me for trademark infringement.

I don’t need to waste my time talking to lawyers so I decided to register a domain that I use to sell items like Apple iPod Touch, Nano and other MP3 Players.
What I decided to do is register a domain that would be on topic with selling Apple iPod’s but would be based on a generic non-trademarked term so I registered

Watch the Second “How Do I Register a Domain Name Video

In this video I show you a mistake I made on my initial domain name registration.

Remember to post your comments and questions if you need help with the domain name registration process and I will give you a personal answer.

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