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Massage Therapy Clinic Surrey

Prior to trust at a Surrey massage therapy clinic it’s imperative that you book your appointment with a massage therapist with accreditation with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. Registered massage therapists in BC are held to some of the highest standards in the world, in fact people from across North America come to BC to get their world renowned certification as a massage professional.

We’ll be featuring the best massage therapy clinic in Surrey once we’ve completed our review process and made our determination based on integrity, hours of operation and quality of service based on patient input.

Yes, British Columbia has among the top guidelines on the planet that regulates the massage therapy industry but just because BC boasts the highest standards does not mean all massage therapy clinics in Surrey will deliver excellence in treatment. Massage therapy is like any other medical profession where some practitioners are simply better than others

When you want to move your body better than it’s moving right now it’s important for your overall health to work on those body aches and joint pain so you can live a more active and productive life so you’ll want to trust your health with the best massage therapist in Surrey. You need to make sure the service you receive to return to full health whether your pains are from a sports injury, arthritis or if you’re suffering from the onset of osteoporosis, you need to make sure you are getting the best in health care from your massage therapist.

What Happens When I Visit a Massage Therapy Clinic in Surrey?

It’s important to mention what happens you book your first massage therapy appointment because a lot of people are caught off guard after your massage therapy professional conducts an initial assessment of how to best give you treatment for your muscle or joint pains. What alarms most massage therapy patients is when they’re asked to take their clothes off and place a sheet over themselves.

There are lots of people that aren’t expecting to get undressed at their appointment but you should not feel uncomfortable with this because your massage therapist will keep you covered with the sheet while treating you, if you attend an appointment where the massage therapist stays in the room while you get undressed or doesn’t provide you with a sheet to cover yourself then you know you’re in the midst of a shady operator and you should immediately leave and report them to the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

When you schedule massage therapy appointment with your Surrey massage therapist you can expect your session to be anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length depending on your pain or injury. If it’s your first time visiting a massage therapist your professional will start with an initial consultation to get acquainted with your symptoms and how you live on a day to day basis to get the facts so they can provide you with the best treatment to get your body moving again.

Depending on the initial consultation a massage therapy session will typically involve getting a photograph of you standing in front of a grid so your therapist can analyze your body posture to check for any misalignments. Your first massage session typically will be a full body massage which lasts anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

During your sessions you will likely receive exercise training to work on building your muscles for better body alignment.

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