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Money Making Systems

There are literally thousands of money making systems teaching you how to make money however I am going to show you the systems I’ve used personally to make money starting with my core money making system which is internet marketing.

Your about to find out that there are many facets to internet marketing and several sub-systems you can use to earn money from home. Heck, I’ve even found beaches that have WiFi access and have been seen implementing these systems while sitting back in a lawn chair soaking up the sun!

Internet Marketing

As I’ve eluded to already there are many ways you can use internet marketing to make money so let’s dive in and tell you about the first money making system I used by selling other peoples stuff and getting paid to do it without ever having to stock or ship any of my own products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply one of the best money making systems around because there is almost no financial risk to you. The only cost to start making money with affiliate marketing is a domain name and website hosting plus a dedication to yourself to succeed.

Here is an overview a money making system using affiliate networks to make money and enjoy the lifestyle of freedom I’ve enjoyed for 10 years now!

Step 1: Research Online Market Demand

The first thing you need to do is choose a topic to create a website about and then research to find out if and how people are looking for the industry you want to target and determine how much competition the search term has because ultimately you’ll want to use search engine optimization to get to the top of Google so people can find the stuff you are selling

The keyword research and competitive analysis tool I use is called Market Samurai – Check it out here

Step 2: Get Online

Once you’ve chosen what keywords to target you’ll need to have an online presence. This means you need to buy a domain name and get website hosting, having a domain name and website hosting is a necessary step because you’ll need to show affiliate networks you’ve got a website to get approved for the network.

I host all my affiliate marketing websites at BlueHost because they are one of the most reliable hosting companies and have excellent support staff that answer your calls within minutes, plus when you order their incredibly affordable website hosting package you’ll get a free domain name!

Click here to order your free domain

Step 3: Write Product Reviews & Helpful Articles

Now that you’ve got a website you’ll need to write review articles about products and services, I recommend that before you join an affiliate program that you write 10 to 20 articles and publish them online before you apply to the affiliate networks plus you should add a privacy policy, contact us and about us page because most affiliate networks will look for that when reviewing your website for acceptance into the networks.

Step 4: Join Affiliate Networks

Once you’ve got your website published the next step is to join affiliate networks such as, Commission Junction ( or search Google for your target industry followed by the product you want to sell and you’ll see there are tons of affiliate programs you can join for just about any topic your interested in.

Step 5: Go to the bank

Step 5 is the best step because once you know how to get traffic to your website, companies will start sending you checks in the mail and your job is to go to the back and cash those checks!

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve now learned about affiliate marketing and I mentioned that in order to drive traffic to your website one of the best ways to do that is with search engine optimization (SEO) because it’s free traffic!

Another of many money making systems is to use SEO to target local businesses in your area and sell them a traffic and profit generating website. Basically the idea is you go through the same keyword research steps and competitive analysis steps as you would with affiliate marketing but rather than earn a commission from the sale of products you can lease the website to companies in your city that are looking to drive more business to their company from the internet.

Local SEO is quite often MUCH easier to get top Google rankings for however the downside to local SEO marketing is it typically requires more face to face selling so if you’re too shy right now to meet with prospective clients and sell them advertising space on your website stick with affiliate marketing.

Other Ways I’ve Made Money

This may sound crazy and off-the-wall to you but I’ve actually raked it in placing outside bets on the roulette table, this is not for everyone however I bought a downloadable how-to win on the roulette table guide which actually worked for me!

Tip: if you are going to attempt to make money at the casino my rule of thumb is if my first 20 bucks didn’t yield a profit, I quit playing for a few hours and come back later.

Also the first time I made money betting was on the horses, OK I didn’t have a killer system however I place $2 on an exactor bet on 2 horses which I thought had cool names

Apparently those ponies to place 1st and 2nd were long shots and that $2 bet paid me about $350 which of course encouraged me to go back to bet and of course my next $2 didn’t pay a nickel so do be careful if you are going to get into casino gaming or sports betting

Before you go off to bet on sports or the horses I highly recommend that you get started with my money making system using affiliate marketing today

Go start your keyword research today – Check out Market Samurai

Next register your domain & get website hosting – Click here to order your free domain

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