Most Searched Keywords

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Most Searched Keywords

Knowing what the most searched keywords for your target market is critical especially if you plan to drive traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) marketing.

There are a few ways to extract what the most searched keywords are traditionally internet marketers have used the WordTracker tool to get a report on the top 1000 search term lists for both short term recent search activity and longer term search activity.

This will give you an idea of top level search terms people are typing into search engines like Google to find what they are looking for.

Most Searched Keywords from WordTracker

If you don’t already have a WordTracker account, get yours now because as you will see later in this training course that you are going to be finding what I have coined as Green Money Lines from a full WordTracker report you will run for the industry you target.

Get Your 7 Day Free WordTracker Trial Today and Start Receiving the Most Search Keywords on the Internet.

Most Searched Keywords

Most Searched Keywords from Google Hot Trends

Another way to find the hottest frequently searched keywords that are happening right now, here today, is to view the Google Hot Trends tool

The Google hot trends tool shows you the more popular keywords that people are searching for today and are typically based on news stories that are going on today. For example let’s say Britney Spears did something wild and crazy today, then you would likely see a lot of Britney Spears related search terms in Google hot trends talking about her latest escapades.

Of course a lot of marketers love using the Google External Keyword Tool but there are a few inherent flaws with the Google Keyword Tool in that the reported data is based upon the number of times advertisements on Google were served including their content partners network so the numbers are quite frequently skewed because it is not a true reflection on the actually search volume. As you delve deeper into online marketing you will have a clear picture as to why this is the case but for the time being just accept that as fact.

A good rule of thumb when using the Google keyword tool is to set your match type to Exact match and then divide that number by 4, again this is terminology that you will understand in greater detail during the pay per click marketing material you will get later in this course.

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