Online Marketing Plan Strategies

Creating an Online Marketing Plan 101

The first thing you must consider when you are putting an online marketing plan together is:

What does my perfect customer look like and want to they want?

The best thing you can do once you have determined what your perfect customer looks like and what they want is think about somebody you personally know that fits this demographic and then when you are planning your online marketing plan imagine that all your language is that of how your ideal customer would speak.

When you are getting your marketing strategy thoughts sorted out and figuring out how to implement your web site marketing plan remember that you are actually speaking to your Aunt Betsy or Cousin James in casual conversation about what makes them happy and how your product fulfills there’s needs.

Now that you have a specific person in mind you are then ready to start building your online marketing plan around them.

Next is researching how these people search for what they are looking for online.

Here is one of the best tools you can get to perform market research to find out what and how these people are searching for your product or service

Use WordTracker to Gain Market Intelligence

WordTracker shows you what the most popular searches performed on search engines.

Once you have done your keyword research you will need to consider creating a mini-marketing plan for groups of popular search terms and phrases people use to find you online.

Creating an effective online marketing plan does take some work and you should begin by performing keyword research as part of a search engine optimization strategy to get your website visible on the major search engines such as Google.

This is only the beginning of your online market plan strategy, you will need to consider issuing at least one press release every month or so to gain further leverage into traditional media outlets.

Then there’s your viral opt-in marketing strategy that you must consider but when you begin your internet marketing campaign by performing keyword research then you have started at the right place.

If you need private consultation for your business then contact us to help you get your online marketing plan established with exact steps you must take for your business to succeed online.

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