Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans

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Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans

You are about to find the best rates out of all pay as you go cell phone plans

What you need to know first before buying a phone and registering for any pay as you go cell phone plans is that most plans require a minimum monthly top up fee regardless of whether or not you use the minutes.

Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans
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The fact is I’ve met too many people that are very frustrated because they don’t use their cell phone that often yet in order to keep their number and keep their phone active they are bullied into paying a monthly fee and that’s totally and completely unfair! In fact one woman I spoke with regarding her pay as you go cell phone plan had over $650 in airtime on her phone because she had been paying that monthly fee for a few years in order to keep her number.

Yeah, the pay as you go phone plan looked cheap on the surface and sure it’s great those prepaid minutes don’t expire but why should this poor woman is forced into paying a minimum monthly fee just so she can keep her cell phone number?

So when you buy a cell phone you need to watch out for companies with their pay as you go cell phone plans that try to rip you off, especially if you are a casual cell phone user that wants a pay as you go cell phone plan for emergency phone calls only.

If you are fed up with the fees that most pay as you go cell phone plans try to force you to pay, there is some really good news!

After hearing about too many people getting ripped off by monthly fees that you shouldn’t have to pay I spent a lot of time researching the various plans on the market today and found what I feel to be the best pay as you go cell phone company that offers some really cheap basic and simple cell phones as well as some very cool pay as you go touch screen cell phones.

What’s the Best Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plan?

Out of all the pay as you go cell phone plans on the market, I’ve found an amazing deal that you simply can’t refuse!

Here’s what these guys offer:

  • Texting for only 2 cents a minute
  • Talk time for just 5 cents a minutes!
  • Web access for only 10 cents / MB
  • You Pay Nothing Extra for Long Distance Calling!
  • Plus a LOT more!

    The best prepaid cell phone plan they offer with minutes that never expire is their $100 prepaid plan so make sure you sign up for that plan

    Click Here to take advantage of this incredible pay as you go cell phone deal.

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