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OK, I am mucking about with the Revolution Themes and trying to finalize what I think will be the best template for the new VEO Report blog…


Brrrriiinggg….ring… Ringy ding ding, or whatever ringtone I have going on my cell right now

OK, so my cell phone rings and it’s my buddy Michael Campbell calling me to let me know he has the PPC Ninja, Christian Weselak coming over to his house to record a podcast

Because I love connecting with other Vancouver internet marketers, I agree to meet up with the PPC Ninja and Michael to record a podcast

Gotta tell you, Christian Weselak, the PPC Ninja himself, knocked my socks off with his Pay Per Click strategies

OK, I can’t say that Christian taught me anything I didn’t know already but….

I did get a humbling lesson on PPC strategies that I thought only applied to organic search…

I can’t say exactly where the PPC Ninja helped but if I didn’t take his course I would have missed out on a lot of opportunities

The PPC Ninja rocks…

I highly recommend his course to anybody new or old to this business

Check out Christian’s PPC Ninja Here

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