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Search Term Volume – In Depth Market Research Tutorial

In this tutorial you are going to get a refresher on keyword research using the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Market Samurai for getting efficiency in researching the viability of entering a market however you’re going to discover how to target the highest search term volume on breaking news and events that are happening right now.

How to Determine Market Viability using Search Term Volume Data

Keyword Research Tools – Free Tool & The Way the Pros Do It

You can conduct an initial assessment using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool however you should only do this for an initial assessment because it’s going to take FAR too much of your valuable time researching competition.

When you are starting a business time is your MOST valuable commodity and you need to use your time wisely by planning and building your business versus trying to save money investing in tools that will automatically get the search term volume, competition data and most importantly the profitability potential of search terms.

If you are using Google’s free keyword tool you’ll need to do to this for each and every search term:

Steps to Determine Search Term Competition

Step1: Get Search Engine Competition Data

Copy and paste each term wrapped in double quotes into the Google Search box to get the Search Engine Optimization Competition (SEOC) data, this is needed to give you the data on how many websites have the exact search term in the exact order.

Step 2: Get Search Term Title Competition Data

Then in the Google search box you’ll need to type in:

Allintitle: Target Search Term

This gives you the number of websites that have the exact match phrase in their title tag, the words that appear at the top of your web browser.

You need to have both SEO competition data and the title competition data to determine how competitive an industry is. (I like to target phrases with less then 1 million competing sites, this is relatively low competition in terms of online marketing)

Step3: Get Profitability Data

When you are performing your search term volume research you need to know if there is profit potential, to determine the profit potential of any given keyword phrase you need to get the AdWords Cost Per Click (AWCPC) data. The AWCPC is how much your competitors are spending on advertising to get visitors to their website. If other businesses are spending heavily on advertising then you know there’s money there for you to make

As you gather all this competition data you need to copy and paste it into a spreadsheet so you can sort the data and decide what keyword phrase to target first based on competition and profitability.

If you attempt this without using an automated tool to gather this information for you it will take you over a week to do this effectively and you’ll miss out on a LOT of nuggets of gold that a professional research tool will do for you.

The tool I use to gather market research data is Market Samurai; it’s a one time investment in your business that you’ll be thanking me for showing you

Make Sure You Get Market Samurai

Breaking News & Current Events – Google Hot Trends

Using Google Hot Trends is another way to find high volume search terms however watching Google trends is more applicable once you’ve built on online presence already however I felt it was a noteworthy search term volume source to show you

If you’re stuck with any aspect of keyword research, competition assessments go ahead and submit your questions, comments and thoughts below.

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