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Seattle Post Intelligencer Finale

The Seattle PI (Post Intelligencer) is the first newspaper publisher I have heard of that gets it!

What does The Seattle Post Intelligencer Get?

That physical delivery of news in the form of cut down forests is dead. The Seattle Post Intelligencer is calling it quits and their newspaper will no longer be available in the print form. The Seattle PI will only be published online.

Many will see this move as one of failure and another company going belly up in today’s economy.

If you view this as a failure of a newspaper you are looking at life from the wrong angle and this is a move that is going to indirectly spawn a come back in the economy because we are now fully into the information age.

In fact, because the economy is shifting out of the industrial age and into new uncharted territory just as it did back in the 1930’s when the Great Depression hit and caused turmoil like we are seeing today in 2009.

What spawned the Great Depression of the 1930’s?

It was a shift in the economics of how commerce is conducted and the Seattle PI in my humble but accurate opinion sees this too. No I have not personally talked to anybody from the Seattle Post Intelligencer but I have to assume they see the writing on the wall and the cost of print is both expensive and bad for the environment so what I believe this move means is the Seattle PI is fully embracing the shift from the Industrial Age into the Information Age.

Now let’s go back to the turn of the century. No, not Y2K, but to the turn of the previous century.

Let’s go back to the year 1900 when the world operated in the agricultural age. It was a time of small Ma-N-Pa shops, farmers and local service providers all doing business together in their local community and that was just the way the world worked.

That was until guys like Henry Ford started mass producing high-end items of convenience such as the Model-T motor cars.

Suddenly there were new opportunities being created for factory and assembly workers. People could go to far off places in their cars and on airplanes.

The economy started becoming global but then in the 1990’s this new media called the internet emerged and suddenly the move towards globalization seemed to be growing.

So the world was in a place where we could instantly connect with one and other instantly no matter where on the planet we lived but to truly conduct commerce the need to go to these far off places was present but this began creating issues with taxation and other legalities on a global scale.

Then fuel prices started to rise, greedy brokers were making a killing on the hope and ignorance of the poor. . .

And. . .

A global crisis has followed. I know I am not going into every gory detail of this economic collapse but I think you get the point and if you haven’t the point is this:

The time they are a changing

It’s time each and everyone of you reading this step up and take responsibility for your own future because this new age, the information age, is one of entrepreneurialism and self responsibility just as it was back in the agricultural age and my believe is the Seattle PI (Post Intelligencer) sees it this way too.

Heck, if they don’t see it this way then somebody from there office needs to get in touch with me soon to get their new direction set.

Read Full Seattle PI Story Here

If you are a displaced Seattle Post Intelligencer staffer then make sure you come back here often, your skills are still needed!

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