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Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are open typically to people 13 and older depending on the nature of the network, if it’s a social networking site that caters to a topic like online dating then that type of site is only open to people 18 and older. Usually social networking websites cater to a broad range of interests and the social network users create the internal communities.

What are the best social networking sites?

As the internet evolves with twists and turns being the norm, one would have said a few years ago that a site like MySpace was one of the best however with massive changes to their user interface, limiting what people can do with their MySpace pages and overly intrusive advertising banners.

The latest social networking site people are raving about is, the reason I agree with them is the fact that there is something different that makes this website stand out from all other social networking sites, while it’s got all the usual stuff you expect from a social network such as instant messaging, the ability to create your own groups, play games send ecards and all the other features you’d expect from social networking sites.

The stand out feature of this social networking site is to start with the website owners actually send you a personal greeting welcoming you to the community and extend a helping hand to all new members.

Another thing I really like about FriendBurst is the real time video chat that’s built in so when you are connecting with other people, whether it’s a personal relationship you are looking to establish or you are using the social community to showcase your music, paintings or make business connections, the video chat feature is awesome because you can establish a more personal connection and have a virtual face-to-face discussion.

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