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T Shirt Printing Equipment

There are all kinds of T shirt printing equipment on the market you can buy however not all screen printing equipment is created equally. Regardless of whether you are looking at screen printing machines to start a t-shirt design business or if you are an arts & crafts enthusiast that’s looking for the next fun thing to add to your repertoire of things you do there are some facts you need to know about T shirt printing equipment before you buy a machine.

There are basically 2 different types of T shirt printing equipment you need to take a look at and decide which you want to start your hobby or t-shirt printing business with.

The first type of t shirt printing equipment is heat press or iron on transfer printing which is where you take your design and prints onto transfer papers then by using a specialized heat press the graphic is placed on the t-shirt

The second type of t shirt printing is through the use of silk screen printing equipment. Silk screen printing is done by using a woven mesh that holds a stencil with an outline of your graphic, you place the silk screen mesh with the stencil on the t-shirt then by using a squeegee you pull ink across the silk screen and the ink then passes through the silk screen mesh transferring your design onto the t-shirt.

Silk screen t-shirt printing machines are much more popular than heat transfer printing equipment because of the sharper images silk screening produces along with the lasting quality you get when you use silk screen t-shirt printing equipment. Plus silk screen equipment can be used for much more than only printing t-shirts, you can use silk screen printing equipment to transfer printing onto almost any flat surface.

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