Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

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Once you have done your keyword research and found some Green Money Lines, the next goal is to create content that will get top ten natural search engine placement. Getting top 10 search engine positions, of course, means you get free traffic to your website.

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To get your content into the coveted top ten positions requires that you first use onsite search engine optimization techniques.

What I mean by onsite search engine optimization are factors like using your keywords in the right places including your website content and your meta tags.

To get free traffic using search engine optimization techniques in major search engines like Google you must use the right phrases in:

1. Your content body
2. Your Meta Description
3. Your Meta Title
4. The alt text on your images

To get a top ten natural search engine placement on your target keyword phrase you must have more than just the targeted phrase in you onsite optimization.

You also need to have semantically related phrases because the major search engines are using Latent Semantic Indexing technology as a quality factor in ranking your pages.

What Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) means to you as a webmaster that is trying to get top 10 search engine rankings is it is NOT enough to only have your targeted phrase included within your article.

You must also have semantically related supporting phrases included in your article.

The tool I use to get Semantic Phrases to get top ten placements in the search engines is KRA Pro

The reason I chose KRA Pro as my tool of choice for generating LSI keywords comes down to the quality of the results I get by using it and the price.

Unlike other LSI keyword tools, KRA Pro is a one time cost and I get free lifetime updates. Since I use KRA on a daily basis in my business, this tool pays for itself every day

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