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Web Development Vancouver – Tip #1

Understanding what you need for search engine optimization, viral marketing, customer retention and lots more

Before you hire your Vancouver web design company your need to understand what you need. I recently consulted with a client that paid far too much for a flash website that would NEVER drive any traffic to a severe lack of search engine optimization.

There are far too many business owners that hire web site design companies that really don’t understand how to implement an effective viral campaign or get duped on paying exorbitantly high costs on content management systems when a free CMS is all that is needed.

Web Development Vancouver – Tip #2

Another tip to when you are looking for a Vancouver web design firm is you need to get the right design to serve your audience and sometimes an overly-pretty website is not the best starting point because an over-developed design can scream that you are trying to shove a sale down the throat of your prospect that is visiting your website right now.

Web Development Vancouver – Tip #3

Consider using a domain name registration strategy as part of your viral marketing efforts to capture your web site visitor’s name, email address and phone number.

It is rare that a visitor will take advantage of your product or service so before rushing off to hire just any Vancouver web design company you need to consider what you are selling and how you are going to get customers to buy from you.

Remember the first time you touch your customer they have not yet likely made the buy decision.

So it is critical for the longevity and success of your online business that you get the right e-commerce solutions in place and have a clear vision of your long term business strategy and that means getting the right tools at the right price.

Web Development Vancouver – Tip #4

Alright, Tip #4 comprises several tips to outline what you need to consider before you hire a Vancouver web design company

Here is what you need to get successful search engine marketing campaign:

    A web hosting solution that keeps you hands-off from the day-to-day operations of the techie stuff
    A business email auto-responder service to automate your sales message to prospects
    A viral marketing strategy to build your customer lead base
    An integrated ecommerce shopping cart solution with an affiliate program
    Your hosting package should include visitor retention software such as a membership management package to engage, inform and entertain your potential customers
    A solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media strategy

You should now see that online marketing is much more that getting some fancy website design, while that’s important you need to know that getting an expensive web design firm may seem important right now it might be that last thing you implement in your online profit strategy.

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