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Web Promotion Vancouver Specialist Colin McDougall reveals what you really need to succeed with search engine optimization (SEO) Services

If you want your company dominating your local market then you can get in touch with Colin for an end-to-end web promotion strategy for your business but good luck securing his time.

Since Colin “Google” McDougall may not be available to help you with your web promotion strategies in Vancouver right now, he does want to offer you some advice to ensure your online business aspirations are achieved.

Web Promotion Vancouver – What we need to succeed:

1.  A Content Management System

It is imperative that you have a content management system to sell your products or services online.

Let’s say your target audience is Web Promotion Vancouver, you will need to have a professional online commerce hosting solution to work with

2. An Online Shopping Cart to Sell Your Stuff

To handle online transactions you must have a shopping cart software program to automate your sales. No online commerce shopping cart then no online sales for you!

3. Beyond a Content Management System

For online success and search engine rankings you must get a community going for your web promotion Vancouver endeavours.

You must be aware that Google and other search engines reward links that are naturally cast vs. falsely inflated link popularity and the best way to get naturally cast links is to build a fan base of people that know you, like you and trust you

In case you didn’t know, part of your internet marketing efforts must include a link building strategy because that is big part of how websites get top search engine rankings.

Summary for Web Promotion Vancouver

Before you spend one red cent on website design you must think community to help form your online brand otherwise you may be faced with a costly website redesign.

If I can say just one thing, it’s this:

Your e-commerce solution must be integrated and your actual website design is the last consideration.

Begin your search engine marketing with a hosted solution that will give you all the features you need to sell your stuff online before you go hunting down a web promotion Vancouver company

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