Websites like Myspace

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Websites like Myspace

Websites like Myspace

Websites like Myspace sometimes do things to really tick off their users and in fact Myspace is currently undergoing some major changes with a shift in focus to people between the ages of 13 to 35. Because Myspace is alienating many of its user base people are now looking for alternative websites like Myspace where they can express themselves, meet new people, feature their music or artwork even if they happen to be over 35 years of age.

The best website like myspace that I’ve found is a site called FriendBurst, and what I love is they are not discriminating against anybody and have an excellent team of moderators that keep out sites that children shouldn’t see as well they’ve got all the features you’d want built into one amazing social website

If you are looking for the best websites like Myspace then I suggest you hurry and join their community now to take advantage of new member benefits such as their instant messenger system, games, and they’ve even got free video chatting.

What’s cool about the FriendBurst site is you can use it to connect with somebody if you are looking to get involved in a long term romantic relationship and have a face-to-face meeting over the computer to decide if there’s any chemistry without having to leave your house.

The problem is giant websites like MySpace have become too big and don’t care about their users and only care about advertising revenue and from what I’ve seen FriendBurst will never alienate it’s users the way MySpace did.

Click here to join FriendBurst

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