What Does FTP Stand For

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What Does FTP Stand For

What does ftp stand for?

So you are trying to get your thoughts published online and maybe make some money in the process and you are feeling lost because you need to know “What does FTP stand for?”

The acronym FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, yeah unfortunately there is some jargon you need to know in order to get online.

If fact, as I write this training tutorial about what FTP stands for it brings to mind a funny story about when I first learned about what the word “nepotism” meant.

Around the same time, back in 1992, when I learned what the word nepotism meant it was right around the time that I first heard the acronym FTP and I remember telling my boss that Diane said to FTP the files that were needed for a meeting up to the in-house FTP server.

I have to blush right now because I was hired as a UNIX System Administrator shortly after finishing college where I was training to be a Telecommunications Engineer where I was learning about wireless communication circuitry and design and all the physics, chemistry and engineering behind how all that stuff worked which leads into how I learned about the word “nepotism”.

You see while I was in college I thought it was REALLY cool that one of my classmates actually had a 250 Mega Byte external hard drive for his computer, and yes, I was booting my old 286 computer from floppy drives and using those very same floppy disk drives for program and data storage.

After graduating from college there was no such thing as the Internet and I didn’t know to ask “What does FTP stand for?” because at the time, while UNIX based systems where using the FTP protocol for file transfer, the internet DID NOT exist back then.

Incidentally, Did you know that the way the internet works is based on the UNIX operating system?

Alright, let’s not get our knickers in a knot of UNIX based OS systems such as the various flavors of LINUX because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of UNIX operating systems out there.

I had personal experience with dozens of UNIX operating systems such as HP-UX, versions 4 through to 11, Sun OS 4.X.X, Sun OS 5.X.X, not to mention various other flavors of UNIX that Sun Microsystems released with Solaris.

Hmmm, let’s not delve into the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) Ultrix platforms that I worked with.

Let’s wrap up the story now about the word Nepotism, I got hired to run these crazy systems because of Nepotism, what that means exactly???

My daddy worked at Nortel Networks in a division of the company that focussed on telecom network management and the software that was being developed within the division managed things like cell phone switching and online management things for other companies intranet structures and because that kind of software was managing stuff that related to the early movements of files and computer communications that are used right now in what we call “The Internet”, Nortel Networks based there software to run on UNIX based platforms

Those files got moved around on the Nortel intranet via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on those various flavors of the UNIX operating systems.

Each and every UNIX operating system was very different from the point of view of the computer administer but somehow the File Transfer Protocol was ALWAYS consistent, so no matter what UNIX operating system you were running the transfer of files between computes never failed.

Why did the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Work?

FTP worked because of what the last letter in the acronym stands for is Protocol

In case you don’t know what the word Protocol means, in simple terms it means a set of rules that must be followed no matter what.

Because FTP is a protocol that must be followed, UNIX system developers were not forced into creating an exact replica of another operating system.

But those UNIX operating systems developers were forced into following a protocol, or set of rules, that ensured that when a file transfer was initiated from one computer that another computer could read that file regardless of exactly how they packaged the operating system.

Getting back to my story from 1992 and Nepotism…

Because back in 1992 there was economic downturn and massive job layoffs, my college graduating class was NOT getting JOBS.

I landed a job in those economic tough times as a direct result of nepotistic ways.

In layman’s terms, nepotistic ways means:

My daddy worked there so I got a job.

But when I asked my boss at that job “What does FTP stand for?”

I almost got fired because, in my opinion, he was trying to give his bosses, bosses, bosses son a hard time because he was a grumpy unfilled bastard that was resentful of what my father, who was younger than him a hard time, had achieved.

But my boss was trying to cut me down and was likely resentful that my Dad accelerated way past what he could do.

Yeah my Dad rocked in the old corporate world!

Why should you get my newsletter tips to show you EXACTLY how to do this?

Because I am my father’s son and I got success ingrained in me from being a young child….

That’s why you need to get my newsletter for free by simply giving my your name and email address in the form on this web site.

Now getting back to the success my father got, I take his success forward into the information age and then some.

Regardless of what you are doing and why you need to know if you have any further question about “What does FTP stand for?”

Go ahead and submit your questions or heck if you have your own tutorials about FTP you can submit your articles about FTP on my blog comments.

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