What is a Virtual Private Server

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What is a Virtual Private Server

What is a Virtual Private Server Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting

Virtual private servers are almost the same as a dedicated hosting server. A virtual private server (or VPS) is simply a package offered by hosting companies where you get a partition of a computer where you can reboot your hosted package without having an impact on other websites hosted. In a shared hosting environment that is not possible.

Basically you get an operating system assigned to you that you can make changes to without impacting other businesses hosted as in a shared hosting package

Before comparing what is a virtual private server compared to a dedicated server let’s discuss what a dedicated server is.

A dedicated web hosting server is just what the name sounds like.

You get a server dedicated to you and your business.

Why would you order a virtual private server solution over a dedicated server?

One reason, the cost of a VPS hosting plan is cheaper than that of a dedicated server. The functionality is essentially the same with a virtual private web hosting package as a dedicated hosting plan.

Unless you are getting immense traffic right now from your search engine marketing efforts then a VPS hosting package is definitely the way to go. If you get to the point where your website is bogging down with floods of traffic then you can upgrade to a dedicated machine. When that happens, the web hosting company I use will migrate the data from my Virtual Private Server Hosting to a new dedicated host for me so making the move is easy.

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