What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

When you ask yourself “What is email marketing?”, what email marketing really comes down to is you get a way to stay in communication with an interested and engaged audience automatically through the use of software programs.

I am sure you get those direct mail advertisements delivered to your home with special offers and savings coupons. In fact, my kids went nuts because McDonalds just sent a direct mail with coupons to entice us to eat there because of the incredible savings on right now.

So then, what is email marketing?

Email marketing is essentially the same thing as direct mail where the only difference between direct mail and email marketing is direct mailings end up at your home through the postal service, email marketing ends up in your subscribers email box.

Having said that email marketing and direct response marketing are essentially the same thing, I can say from my experience that email marketing is MUCH more responsive because you can easily target specific demographics and interests more effectively than with direct response.

When done right, email marketing builds a highly profitable and sustainable business model because it allows you to reach out to your audience and offer them incredible savings just as McDonald’s did with their direct mail out through the post only email marketing is MUCH cheaper than traditional direct mail.

There is a LOT of confusion about what is email marketing because of all the spam that gets shoved down your throat.

What I have seen as a direct result of the evil doers that automatically harvest leads by using spam tactics have done is turn off would-be successful business owners from using email marketing campaigns because of the perception they have of email marketing.

Those EVIL spammers have done a lot of damage to how business owners think about running email marketing campaigns.

Do NOT be turned off email marketing campaigns as a viable source of building your business because of what some ignorant spammers have done.

In the VEO online business training tutorials you will know exactly how to implement email marketing that works into your business model

As you move through the VEO tutorial series of training videos and articles and begin building your engaged audience you will learn my secrets and you will know EXACTLY how to make more money by providing irresistible one-time offers on your websites MOST powerful selling page.

What is the MOST Powerful Selling Page?

The MOST powerful selling page on your website is the email subscription “Thank-You” page.

Why is that the case?

Your email marketing Thank-You page is one of your most POWERFUL selling pages because you have the immediate attention of your prospect that has directly expressed an interest in your product or service.

When somebody spends the time to sign up for your email newsletter you have captured the interest of an engaged visitor that actively wants to hear about your products and services right now.

Email Marketing Tip #1: Give your new email subscribers a chance to take advantage of an irresistible offer

Email Marketing Tip #2: Write a Privacy Policy page to ensure your new subscriber that there personal information is safe and will not be shared, sold or rented to anybody.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Write a trust building e-mail sequence offering pure information, post your newsletter on your blog and be sure to have a call to action to ask their questions so you can refine your marketing message by taking their direct feedback.

Email Marketing Service Providers

Here is a list of email marketing service that I have used and my mini review of each provider.

Goldbar is a new player in the email autoresponder industry and they distinguish themselves from other email marketing service providers by giving you hosting and an autoresponder service as an all-in-one package

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Aweber is one of the most commonly used autoresponder companies online and gives high deliverability on emails.

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Icontact – Easy to use but costs more than most other autoresponder companies but iContact does have tons of email templates that are very simple to use.

You can take advantage of their 15 Day Free Trial to have a look to see if iContact is the right email marketing service for your business.