WordTracker Review

Wordtracker Review

In this WordTracker review series of videos we are going to be re-learning or learning for the first time how to use WordTracker to find out how to get the right keywords.

What your are going to see as you follow along in these tutorials that we keep coming back to keyword research re-visited because it is crucial that you never forget to check your keyword research data because of many reasons which will become apparent to you as you go through this course.

How to Use WordTracker Review Video #1


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Using the WordTracker Keyword Researcher . . .

The other day I talked briefly about keyword research because it seems to me a quick Wordtracker Review is in order because of the questions I have been getting it’s time to re-visit internet marketing basics to get you on the right track

When you are considering various keyword tools such as WordTracker, a lot of keyword tools give you a list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords on the internet but WordTracker goes the extra mile and doubles the number of keywords and gives you 1000 of the most frequently searched terms both over the last 48 hours and the most frequently searched terms over the last 160 days.

You can use the top search terms to determine what the most frequently searched terms people are using at search engines to find products and services.

Here are the exact steps I use to tap into the hidden gems of keywords that getting top listings in Google is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Wordtracker is one of those tools that every small business owner must have in order to achieve success in getting top ten Google listings because heck, without you don’t know what words and phrases people are using to find your website.

Wordtracker Keyword Researcher

By using the Wordtracker Keyword Researcher tool I can quickly find out how much depth there is on my seed keyword phrase.

In some instances there is only substantial traffic on the root phrase and then tappers off very quickly, for example a website that I used to operate sold furniture slipcovers and there was only substantial search volume on the root phrase.

WordTracker Review Example

Since the root phrase, slipcovers, doesn’t yield search volume on other slipcover phrases I am not inclined to pursue this because that means unless I get top ten results on slipcovers there will be very little earnings for this website.

Next we are going to take a look at a desirable seed phrase as far as search volume goes.

WordTracker Review Example

Here you can see there is much more depth to the base of keywords you can target and because there is more search volume for the seed phrase of cars that means your earnings potential is much higher because more people are typing in car search terms in Google.

Again, the reason I use the Wordtracker Keyword Researcher tool first is to quickly pull the search volume data to determine viability in the market.

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