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Yudu Review

Yudu Personal Screen Printing Review


Yudo – 5 out of 5 Star Rating
Yudu - 5 out of 5 Stars
Yudu – More Info Here

What is Yudu

The Yudu is a table top home screen printing machine giving you the ability to create a new look in home décor, create greeting cards, custom clothing for fun or for putting your business logo on t-shirts.

The yudu is complete professional all-in-one screen printing system for hobbyists and small business owners alike.

For people that like creating unique home décor pieces, cards or love creating things with art materials will love the Yudu. Small business owners that need to create small quantities of promotional material such as flyers, tri-fold brochures, t-shirts

You get an emulsion remover to clean your print screens so you can use them over and over again.

How does the YuDu Work?

The first thing you do is create your image on the Yudu transparencies, this screen printing machine does that for you. Then you expose your images on the Yudu screen printer then you simply run your image under water and your image is revealed.

Once you’ve run mess screen under water all you have to do is place the screen on the t-shirt, piece of furniture, card or whatever you what to add your unique image to and then pull the ink using the squeegee provided with your Yudu home screen printing system and your done.

If you are creating a custom t-shirt or placing an image onto a fabric the only extra step you need to take is to heat set the ink on the material with a cloth and iron.

Most Popular Uses of Yudu

People that love to tinker around with art materials, like scrapbooking love the Yudu because you can create some amazing masterpieces on scrapbook covers. You can even get an amazing custom look to your home.

You can use Yudu to give your old furniture a completely new and exciting look. I’ve heard of many people that create cool designs on canvas and even wood to hang on the wall. When you buy a Yudu the home decorating possibilities are endless!

Other’s love creating custom anniversary, birthday and special occasion cards, many people have actually used the Yudu to create beautiful custom designed cards to sell on ebay and Craigslist. The only limitation with a Yudu screen printing machine is your imagination.

What’s Included With the Yudu Screen Printer?

  • 1 YuDu Screen Printing Machine
  • An easy to follow Quick Start User Guide
  • How to use the YuDu DVD
  • Inks – Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow
  • 3 Transparencies
  • 110 Mesh Screen
  • Emulsion Removers to you can use your screen over and over again!
  • A CD containing cool images you use
  • 3 Emulsion Sheets
  • Free Squeegee
  • T-Shirt Plate
  • Yudu – Get More Info Here

    If you’ve got any questions about the Yudu screen printing machine or if you own a Yudu we want to hear from you so feel free to submit your questions, comments and reviews of this table top screen printer below.

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