MicroSoft Conficker Patch News

Microsoft Conficker Patch updates are available from the Microsoft TechNet Page

While the Microsoft patches are ready and should be installed if computer administrators delayed installing the patch to prevent the Conficker worm, self-replicating program that takes advantage of networks and computer that haven’t kept up to date with some kind of malicious software removal tool. If you haven’t kept up to date with a patch to fix and prevent the conficker worm from wreaking havoc on your computer then you need to make sure your Microsoft patches are up to date.

But more importantly you should regularly use a malicious software removal tool to ensure your computer is protected ongoing so you don’t have to get into a panic about always having to get something like the Microsoft Conficker Patch at the last minute.

To help protect yourself from security breaches that take advantage of a specific vulnerability on your computer you should make sure you have anti virus software installed on your computer because you don’t want to be left being the fool on April Fool’s day.

Yes, the Conficker worm is set to explode on April Fool’s day but because your are already looking for the Microsoft Conficker patch you are admitting the need to protect your computer from the malicious activities that malware such as the conficker worm deliver.

Because of this worm you should also make sure you get the best protect available to help you stay up to date and get a malicious software removal tool to protect you by ensuring computers that haven’t kept up to date on viruses, worms and malware applications are kept in check automatically.

To get the best detection when these viruses spread I seriously recommend you go get a software removal tool so you can sleep at night knowing your computer is protected

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GM Confidence

If GM confidence for you is low and you are on of the 10’s of thousands that has thought about buying a new GM vehicle but you have concerns over availability of parts and perhaps your confidence in General Motors is running low then you need to be part of the stimulus solution.

President Barack Obama called for and received the resignation of General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner although President Obama during a public speech said Mr. Wagoner was not the problem behind the trouble General Motors faces. In fact Obama mentioned that he felt Richard Wagoner had been doing a great job in re-structuring general motors but it’s to for GM confidence to increase and to gain confidence those at the top must step aside to bring fresh blood, ideas and more importantly consumer confidence in General Motors.

President Obama has also stated that the government will ensure that your GM vehicle warranties will honoured so if you have been sitting on the fence and not buying a new General Motors vehicle you are definitely part of the problem.

Before the economy can begin to recover there must be increased consumer spending but since all you here on the news are stories of doom and gloom your wallet has tightened and you are not spending.

It’s a lack of spending that’s got us stuck in this mess, sure there is a lack of lending happening on the part of the banks but I am hearing personal stories of consumers that are now starting to receive loans.

So get out there and start shopping for your new GM vehicle with confidence because it is backed by the government’s promise.

President Obama has his GM confidence on so much so he has given General Motors and extended period of time to re-structure and get back on track. Since the confidence level is high from the White House your confidence needs to be there too in order to get us all out of this mess!


Kyocera Ecopro c170n 17ppm Color Laser Printer

kyocera ecopro c170n 17ppm color printer

The Kyocera Ecopro c170n 17ppm color laser printer is the perfect printer for businesses or organizations that need high quality color printing along with black and white

Features of the kyocera ecopro c170n 17ppm color laser printer

  • 600 Sheet Paper Capacity
  • 10/100BaseTX Network Connectivity
  • Expand to additional 500 sheet drawer
  • Duplex printing option
  • Memory upgrades
  • The Kyocera Ecopro c170n is known for it’s environmental friendly printing yields of 6000 pages for B&W prints and a heafty 4000 pages when printing color documents.

    When you consider the cash savings that also translate to environmental savings combines with the quality and durability you get with a Kyocera Ecopro c170n you are making a wise business and environmental choice with this printer.


    Government Money Club

    Government Money Club

    You might have seen on TV the Government Money Club business opportunity by Mathew Lesko in his crazy joker question mark outfit selling you what may seem like a scam to you because as most people mistakenly think that earning a living from home has got to be some kind of scam but as a long time self employed online entrepreneur.

    Yes, you can make money with a program like the Government Money Club but why risk your hard earned dollars on a program that may or may not work that shows you how an energy program for business government grant can be had along with state and federal government grants on things like:

    If you think you are going to be filling out government applications and instantly getting money from things like

  • Get grants for work on your invention
  • Programs for home renovations
  • Alternative fuel and vehicle grants
  • State business assist programs
  • Energy programs for business
  • Health information
  • Non-Profit programs
  • Along with other sources of money from government but you must know you are going to need your ducks in a row to claim these grants and it’s going to likely be more work than you ever thought.

    Weather you live in New York, North Dakota, West Virginia or South Carolina, the fact is you are going to have to do more work to make a living with a program like the Government Money Club than you could imagine because of one simple fact and that fact is:

    Government moves slow with a LOT of red tape that could prevent you from seeing fast results and the pure sluggishness of government could stop you in your tracks from pursuing true impendence that comes with being an entrepreneur.

    If you are thinking about joining the Government Money Program and think that by clicking on Mathew Lesko’s offer to get free stuff then I suggest you do a double take on this program that claims to help you make money because you will see that the first thing this As Seen on TV offer from Mathew Lesko asks for is your credit card information which typically means that you get something free for now . . .

    But . . .

    Typically with the fine print on an offer like this comes a credit card charge a short time after if you don’t take the action to cancel the program within a very short period of time.

    This is called a forced continuity program which means this Government Money Program is going to be charging your credit card a recurring fee if you don’t call and sit on hold with their 1-800 number to cancel your order.
    Guess what happens when you call to cancel your order?

    You then get put into what’s called a down-sell, where they will make you an offer to stay involved at a lesser monthly rate.

    So there’s an insider’s secret from a veteran online marketer. If you want to try Mathew Lesko’s Government Money Program system then consider what I just told you.

    But if you want to get a truly FREE guide about making money online then you can get my report on how to leverage online media outlets to make money by subscribing to my newsletter right now.


    ACN Video Phone

    What the ACN Video Phone Can Do For You

    When you get the ACN Video Phone, not only do you hear the person you are talking to,
    you get to see them no matter where they are.

    No longer is talking to your loved ones or potential business partners just a voice conversation, it’s a now a face-to-face call where you can see their eyes, their facial expressions and you can do this without an internet connection.

    Sure you can do webcam chats but trying do to that is difficult to set up and doesn’t always work.

    With the ACN Video Phone you get all the features that you expect from a video phone plus a some surprise bonuses.

    Here are some of the advanced features you get with the ACN Video Phone

  • You see the person you are talking to
  • You can send video mail
  • You can project images onto a large screen for remote conference calls
  • Save thousands on live meetings because of the ACN Video Phone’s ability to go large screen
  • Beyond the advanced features as outlined above the ACN video phone gives you these traditional calling features

  • You get 3-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Call blasting
  • So why just talk when you can watch?

    When you get an ACN video phone you get more than Donald Trump’s endorsement, you get”

  • To make real connections with people
  • To use video communication technology that makes it work
  • A high resolution 7 inch video screen
  • Unlimited Calling
  • To Digitally Enable Your ENTIRE House
  • To send video Mail Messages
  • Record video greetings
  • Stay tuned to The VEO Report to get information about how you can order an ACN phone to have live video conversations wtih your loved ones or business partners to save thousands on travel with that real human connection still intact.

    Read more information about ACN Video Phone facts to discover the possibilities this phone can make for your life right now.

    If you ever needed an extra income did you know the ACN phone could provide that to you and your family?

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    ACN Primetime – ACN Video Phone Facts

    What does ACN Primetime (, as featured on Donald Trump’s celebrity apprentice claim?

    They claim to be “The World’s largest direct seller of Telecommunications” and ACN makes claims that you can make money with them from home.

    Could it be true or is ACN a Scam?

    Read on to find out . . .

    I have heard many people bellowing ACN Scam because they offer a home based business opportunity

    If you are one of those people thinking the ACN Primetime is a scam because the web site has an:

    “Explore ACN Primetime’s Home-Based Business Opportunity”

    Then you have to give your head a shake right now because if you are crying foul at home-based business opportunies then you are missing the boat big time.

    You see, once upon a time the economy was based upon agriculture and small mom and pop shops that supported the economy then something happened in the world and factories started opening that mass produced items of convenience such as automobiles and farms started to suffer along with the little business owners out there as the industrial revolution took hold of the world’s economy.

    So all those entrepreneurial spirits from the agricultural age took jobs at factories because that was the way to make it in the industrial age.

    But then something started to happen around 1994 when people started going online and trying out this new media thingy that they called the Information Superway or the World Wide Web, which now of course we simply call the internet.

    With the entrance of the internet the world’s economy has opened big time and companies like ACN Primetime get this change because the ecomony is now shifting full swing into this new internet information age the entrepreneurial spirit is once again dominating just as it was in the early 1900’s in the agricultural age.

    Moral of this story:

    If you are not getting involved with companies like ACN Primetime then you are going to be stuck in the next Great Depression just as those that resisted the shift in economies did in the 1930’s

    What you have to know if you are crying ACN Scam is companies like this are NOT scams and you can actually make a fortune with home based business opportunities

    If you are one of those that objects to or questions an opportunity such as acn then go ahead and leave your questions comments or concerns here on my blog or go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter to claim a report about how to use the internet to start a home based business.

    Further to that I encourage you to “Google” my name, Colin McDougall, to see what making money from home is all about, I have been working at home for almost 10 years now with my home based internet business


    Scott Paton Podcast Bootcamp

    What is a podcast, Scott says to think of it as a radio show and all you need to is talk

    RSS feed delivers an MP3 audio file to your computer and those are automatically downloaded directly to your subscribers feed and then your podcast is then sent directly to their ipod.

    Just like a radio show a podcast gives you the ability to entertain and inform your audience.

    So how can you take the information in Scott Paton’s Podcast Bootcamp to make money online.

    Just like email marketing you are delivering your message directly to your audience but unlike an email marketing campaign a podcast when done using the training you get from Scott Paton’s Podcast Bootcamp is always delivered direct to your subscribers computer without email spam filters

    Next in the podcast bootcamp Scott talks about the change in technology online that gives us greater bandwidth is allowing us to deliver video and audio online.

    Getting back to why you would want to attend Scott Paton’s Podcast Bootcamp

    You would learn that Windows Media Player is levelled in usage and the itunes media player is growing exponentially and because of that you are getting in front of a rapidly growing audience.

    Podcasting to get followers, the followers come from far off unknown places it’s like magic but before you go hog wild on creating a podcast you need something to talk about.

    Stay tuned to the VEO Report blog because I will be blogging the Scott Paton Podcast Bootcamp throughout the weekend.


    e-Marketing Plan Methods

    Creating an e-marketing plan is a task that must be done in this change of economy from the industrial revolution where radio, television and print advertising dominated every business owners advertising and marketing methods but as you are well aware the economic landscape is rapidly changing.

    If you are not yet using methods such as email marketing, social media and search engine optimization techniques then you are missing out on a lot of business!

    While it appears despair is around every corner and most business owners are desperately trying to figure out why their old marketing methodologies are not as effective as they once were, the despair and panic exists because those businesses have not implemented and effective e-marketing plan yet.

    When I am consulting with business owners I always ask them what marketing methods they currently use, most of those business owners tell me about the fortune they are spending on traditional media such as their full-page yellow pages ads.

    While this is not scientific data, those business owners report that their traditional marketing methods such as their yellow pages and local television and prints advertising is performing at a rate of about 80% less than it was only 2 years ago.

    There is a huge reason for that. The reason is their customers are turning to the internet and using a search engine to find exactly what they need to solve their problem or satisfy their need online and that is exactly why business that are successful leverage the services of veteran internet marketing consultants to put together an

      effective e-marketing plan

    When an e-marketing plan is implemented correctly the results will amaze you because never before has it been easier to reach your target market for much less advertising costs than you would have spent on traditional marketing advertising costs.

    I was appalled to hear that one of my clients was spending $5,000 per month for a full-page yellow pages ad that was pulling 80% fewer customers than before. I have to say that client was relieved when I advised him to stop spending that money and he was more enthused by the major increase in online sales he got from custom e-marketing plan my company developed for him.

    This client was so enthused that he ceased all his traditional marketing methods and went fully into online advertising. He now sees the ten’s of thousands of dollars his business could have saved as a direct result of a solid e-marketing plan.

    Before you dive into trying online marketing strategies make sure you get a company that will provide you with effective e-marketing methods that are right for your business because you do run the risk of getting oversold if you don’t know what you are doing.

    When you subscribe to our newsletter you will get a free guide to using social media sources as part of your e-marketing plan strategies, plus a lot more advise to get your business online marketing methods planned or if you are ready to take action today and get your online advertising and marketing strategies in place today then make sure you check out our business Visitor Experience Optimization services that can help you get more online exposure than you ever imagined possible.

    Because of the electronic medium the internet provides there are more importunities to grow your business than you know!


    Online Marketing Plan Strategies

    Creating an Online Marketing Plan 101

    The first thing you must consider when you are putting an online marketing plan together is:

    What does my perfect customer look like and want to they want?

    The best thing you can do once you have determined what your perfect customer looks like and what they want is think about somebody you personally know that fits this demographic and then when you are planning your online marketing plan imagine that all your language is that of how your ideal customer would speak.

    When you are getting your marketing strategy thoughts sorted out and figuring out how to implement your web site marketing plan remember that you are actually speaking to your Aunt Betsy or Cousin James in casual conversation about what makes them happy and how your product fulfills there’s needs.

    Now that you have a specific person in mind you are then ready to start building your online marketing plan around them.

    Next is researching how these people search for what they are looking for online.

    Here is one of the best tools you can get to perform market research to find out what and how these people are searching for your product or service

    Use WordTracker to Gain Market Intelligence

    WordTracker shows you what the most popular searches performed on search engines.

    Once you have done your keyword research you will need to consider creating a mini-marketing plan for groups of popular search terms and phrases people use to find you online.

    Creating an effective online marketing plan does take some work and you should begin by performing keyword research as part of a search engine optimization strategy to get your website visible on the major search engines such as Google.

    This is only the beginning of your online market plan strategy, you will need to consider issuing at least one press release every month or so to gain further leverage into traditional media outlets.

    Then there’s your viral opt-in marketing strategy that you must consider but when you begin your internet marketing campaign by performing keyword research then you have started at the right place.

    If you need private consultation for your business then contact us to help you get your online marketing plan established with exact steps you must take for your business to succeed online.


    Better Sales Results Revenue Accelerator Course

    How to Improve Online Sales

    [pro-player type=”MP3″ autostart=’false’ width=”500″ height=”25″][/pro-player]

    Watch Mark Winder’s Revenue Accelerator Video Here

    Question: Mark, your approach to sales is somewhat unconventional in that you say that you sell “without selling”, what does that mean?

    Answer: I’ve never sold anything”, Mark Winder talks about helping people buy, about being a doctor of selling

    Question: So why do sales people and selling get such a bad rap?
    Answer: Mark talks about the “bad old days” of sales tricks and manipulation. What it was and why it doesn’t work.

    Question: If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone entering into a sales situation what would it be?
    Answer: Mark talks about mindset and the power of enthusiasm that you must have to get better sales results.

    Question: To me sales seems like such a “black art”, is that the case? or is there a method to the madness?
    Answer: Mark discusses the 7 stages of the sales process

    Step 1: Prospecting
    Step 2: The original contact
    Step 3: Qualification
    Step 4: Presentation
    Step 5: Addressing concerns
    Step 6: Closing the Sale
    Step 7: Getting referrals )

    Question: Of those steps you mention above, what part seems to be the biggest stumbling block for people to achieve?

    Answer: Mark talks about prospecting and dealing with rejection and how to make it easier – baseball players batting averages, top sales people’s batting averages, also mention how prospecting is a process, there are ways to make it easier (eg, advertising, referrals, positioning yourself, media exposure) and failing that, warm up a situation with a letter or an email – and remember, people will be strange or rude – that’s their problem, not yours. That’s because of baggage they’re carrying around.
    Special Product Promotion: Maximum Revenues: The Top Ten Ways to Attract as many clients as you can handle and Mark explains the uses of these techniques.

    Question: What about the actual sales meeting, what are the stumbling blocks to avoid? And what makes a great sales meeting?
    Answer: Mark talks about the importance of preparation along with product knowledge, customer knowledge, the importance of an agenda and the importance of goals and fallback goals for the meeting.

    Question: And once you have the agenda in place and agreed to – how do you navigate the meeting? How can you make sure you’re not getting off topic?
    Answer: The power of building a rapport with people by asking questions . The person asking the questions determines the direction of the conversation and open vs. closed questions and how to get into an open question if you’ve asked a closed one by mistake.

    Question: So asking questions is obviously important – but I always thought that a good sales person had to have the ‘gift of the gab’, if you’re asking questions, how can you talk about your products?

    Answer: As discussed in the Better Sales Results training course Mark talks about listening and how important it is to actively listen to your customer. How it builds up trust. Listen to what the customer says – don’t formulate the next question – people see right through that.

    Question: What about closing the sale? What’s the easiest, most effective way to close a sale?
    Answer: Mark talks about various, easy, low-pressure ways to close a sale and the power of asking for the sale

    Question: And what happens after the close? Anything?
    Answer: Mark talks about techniques outlined in his Better Sales Results training program to use in post-sale follow-up and asking for testimonials and referrals – the easiest way to build up business.

    Watch Mark Winder’s Revenue Accelerator Video Here