Marketing Plan Outline

Here are the basics you must get done when you are creating your marketing plan outline. If you miss any of these steps then your marketing efforts could be wasted. The information you are about to read comes from my 10 years experience as an online small business entrepreneur.

The first thing you need to do is determine if there is actually a demand for the products or services you offer to the market place.

Step 1 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Determine Market Feasibility

The first step in creating a marketing plan outline is determining if your target market is feasible meaning is there actually any demand for your products and services?

Before entering into a market the very first thing you must do is determine if the market wants or needs what you have to offer.

Just because Aunt Betsy and your mother said that’s a cool business idea and they would buy what you have doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants or needs your products or services.

When you start creating your marketing plan outline you need to tune out the encouragement of your buddies and relatives and get to hard-nosed market feasibility research.

The best way to determine if people are actually seeking what you have to offer in business is via some simple keyword research strategies to discover how people are using search engines such as Google to look for the stuff they want.

It’s very easy in your marketing plan outline to determine market feasibility because there are easy to use tools that give you this data right at your fingertips, the best market feasibility program you can buy on the market today is called WordTracker.

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Step 2 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Determine Market Profit Potential

This step goes hand-in-hand with step one, in that there’s no point to pursuing a market that doesn’t exist, there is also no point of pursuing your business plan if there is low profitability.

The best way to identify profitability is to leverage existing data at well known companies such as Amazon for example.

Because has sells almost everything you can go look at their best sellers in all their categories to find out exactly what types of items people are actively buying right now.

Make a list of the best selling items in your marketing plan outline to help you as you move forward in your business. When you take that action to perform that research you may see exactly where the opportunity is and jump on that.

Yes, being successful in business takes willingness to adapt and adjust course combined with a little determination along the way.

Step 3 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Set Your Unique Selling Proposition

Once you have discovered where the money is in step one and two of your marketing plan outline you need to put a unique spin your position in the market.

This is a matter of creativity and what you want to do when creating your USP, Unique Selling Proposition, is to create feelings versus what the product actually is. Your USP really comes down to becoming a good story teller.

What’s your story? Write it down in your marketing plan outline to share with the world.

Step 4 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Targeting the Media

Now you have a solid foundation and you are set up to create a successful business the next thing you need to do is tell the world about your business.

If you don’t have a website already you are going to need to get one because the most powerful media on the planet has become the internet. The internet allows you to pull laser targeted customers to your online store.

If you don’t have a website yet, the you need to go order website hosting right now

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Because in step one you were analyzing market feasibility little did you know you were performing valuable business intelligence research. What you have to understand is that because you researched market feasibility you were also discovering exactly how people are searching for your company online so once you have a website online you need to create free articles containing those phrases to get the opportunity to reach active customer at exactly the moment they are looking for your store.

Step 5 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Staying Connected to Your Customers

The next step is to plan how you are going to stay connected with those people that visited your website. In your marketing plan outline you are going to need to include a series of messages that you can send directly to your customers.

Remember in step four I said you need to get website hosting and web services, an essential web service you need is an email auto-responder system allowing you to stay in direct contact with all your customers and potential customers.

All you have to do to put your marketing efforts on auto-pilot is do some upfront planning with why your customers need to get what you have to offer.

This is the best part about marketing online is the ability to automate your sales, removing you from the day to day usually selling aspects to work on growing your business.


Marketing Plan Sample

Online Marketing Plan Sample in 3 Easy Steps

In this article you are going to learn about how our marketing plans for marketing products and services on the internet are done. There are many plans and strategies you can use which our private consulting services help you put together and implement but let’s show you the grass roots of selling your products and services online with this step-by-step marketing plan sample

Creating Your Online Marketing Plan

Whether you are a small business owner working from your home office or you are a large corporation trying to get your online marketing plans and strategies formulated the following advice applies to you.

Online Marketing Plan Creation – Step 1

The most exciting thing about this easy to use marketing plan sample is with these marketing strategies and campaigns is there is no more cold calling because thanks to search engines like Google you get people who are actively searching for what you have to offer right now.

So you need to know exactly how your customers are searching for you in the search engines, knowing the exact phrases people are using is critical for your business to thrive online.

The best tool to find out the exact search terms people are using to find your products and services is WordTracker

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Online Marketing Plan Creation – Step 2

Now that we know exactly how our target market is searching for our products by researching keywords and phrases people frequently use in the search engines your next step is to start writing informative articles using those laser targeted phrases and publish them on your website as well you should package up your articles in an informative report your customers could use to solve their problems.

In step 2 of this marketing plan sample you are killing two birds with one stone because the articles you publish on your website get traffic and when you package those articles into a professional designed PDF, they now serve as part of your viral marketing efforts because what you need to do is ensure you have a high quality autoresponder service to capture your website visitors names and email addresses giving you the ability to test your various marketing plan strategies to an audience that interest in what you have to offer.

The web hosting service I use in my small business provides not just website hosting but also includes an autoresponder service

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Online Marketing Plan Creation – Step 3

After you have written articles and created viral reports all you have left to do is get the word out to traditional media sources such as television, radio as well as newspapers so you need to issue at least one press release this month and every following month to get the story of your business in the news.

Be creative and have fun with this marketing plan sample because the more fun you have, the more your creativity will flow thus giving your small business an edge that will increase the odds of your story making the news to make your market segment aware of your business.

This sample marketing plan has been intentionally simplified because I don’t want you over-thinking your marketing strategies. The best way to get results is to take action, remember that talk minus action still equals zero!


Raise My Credit Score

Help raise my credit score! Somebody, anybody please help me get by credit score increased (FICO Score)

Alright, let’s get your credit back on track then with these tips

Raise My Credit Score – Tip #1

Improve Your Debt to Credit Ratio
The first thing you need to understand is the debt to credit ratio. Your debt to credit ratio plays a major role when you want to improve your credit score.

Your debt to credit ratio is calculated by taking the debt used by the amount of credit you have available. Banks and lenders will use this information determine how good you are at managing the credit and loans you already have.

For example, let’s say you have a total credit limit of $10,000 on all your credit cards and you have a balance owing on those cards of $10,000, your debt to credit ratio would be 100%.

If I wanted to raise my credit score in that case I would want to lower that ratio to improve my credit score. Let’s say you managed to pay off $9,000 on your credit cards leaving you owing just $1,000 on your credit card, now your debt to credit ratio would be $1,000 / $10,000 x 100 (to get percentage) = 10%.

When your debt to credit ratio is lowered you will raise your credit score basically because banks and lenders will see that you are capable of managing credit issued to you.

Raise My Credit Score – Tip #2

Pay Bills in Full
Make sure your bills are paid in full each month. In order to raise your credit score you will need to make sure you never get in over your head with your monthly payments because if you start to fall behind on any of your bills such as utilities or services such as phones, internet or television providers. If you continuously fail to have your bills paid in full each month then your service providers will report these to the credit bureaus adversely impacting your credit report.

Raise My Credit Score – Tip #3

Pay Bills on Time
It probably sounds redundant to repeat this but not only do you have to get your bills paid in full every month but you also have to make sure your bills are paid on time. If you have a tendency to pay your bills late, you have to break that habit immediately to increase your credit score you must pay bills on time.
Since most of us have cell phones and gadgets with electronic calendars on them these days, you should set bill payment reminders on these devices to help you remember when your bill payments are due to lessen the likelihood of not paying your bills on time.

These three simple tips have helped me raise my credit score and if you follow this simple advice I am confident that is less than a 12 month period you too may see a jump of 100 points in your credit score.