Amazon Sales Hitting Records Again

Amazon Sales Hitting Records Again!


If you were to interview Jeff Bezos, founder of, about this so called recession I am sure he would respond with “What recession…. Seriously there’s a recession right now?”


Here is an excerpt from a report on CNN Money:



Apparently doing one thing well is enough, at least for now. Amid the malaise of the retail sector, Amazon (AMZN, Fortune 500) blew past expectations when it reported 24% year-over-year earnings growth in the first quarter. A key driver was Kindle DX’s predecessor, Kindle 2, a $359 device that made its debut in February. As consumers everywhere curtailed spending, Kindle 2 was flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves. “Kindle sales have exceeded our most optimistic expectations,” Bezos declared at the time.

I believe the success of Amazon and more importantly this recession proof company does so well because of their global reach via the internet. While there are massive job losses in some sectors it’s only impacting roughly 10% of the population, while unemployment rates of 10% and more in some cases may seem morbidly high, that leaves 90% of the population still doing well and that 90% is still spending.


And my belief is that continues to grow in these tough economic times largely due to the fear of the masses.


You see, what I believe is employers are using these news stories of doom and gloom to get more working hours out of their employees because they can get away with. Employees are more than willing to put in 16 to 18 hour working days for fear that if they don’t their employer will fire them.


But these worked to the bone employees still need to shop for stuff and they are turning to Amazon to order things they want or buy gifts online from their place of employment which is of course putting right in the eye of the perfect storm to profit from the fear of the world


Perhaps it’s time you started an online business to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity or if putting in an 18 hour work day makes you happy then you can always order a gift for your child’s birthday from work by shopping at

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

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Garmin StreetPilot c340 Review

Garmin StreetPilot c340 GPS Review

Garmin StreetPilot c340 – More reviews

The Garmin StreetPilot c340 earns a 4.5 out of 5 star rating because itcomes out of the box with preloaded maps of North America and features text to speech navigation, unlike the Garmin StreetPilot c330 that only tells you turn left or right in 500 feet, the Street Pilot c340 goes the extra mile by telling you to turn right or left at a specific upcoming street name, for example, turn right at Ash Street in 500 feet.

Quite often people using GPS devices without the street name speech feature second guess their GPS unit and miss their turns but with text to speech there’s no second guessing because the Garmin StreetPilot C340 model audibly tells you the exact street name you are about to turn onto.

Garmin StreetPilot c340 Review of Features

  • Speech street name directions
  • Choice of route setup for faster times and shorter distances
  • Route avoidance (avoid highways, tolls etc.)
  • Customizable points of interest to get you to your personal favorite destinations with ease
  • Full coverage of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Size: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches weighing 1.7 pounds
  • Screen Size: 3.5 Inches
  • The StreetPilot c340 GPS from Garmin is one of the best entry level GPS systems mainly because of the text to speech feature and the preloaded out of the box maps to get you navigating the streets faster but if you are looking for a GPS system with all the bells and whistles such as having a built-in MP3 player or Bluetooth hands-free cell phone calling then you need to consider purchasing a higher end unit but if you are buying a GPS system for it’s main function of navigation then the Garmin StreetPilot c340 delivers excellent quality and features for the price.

    Garmin StreetPilot c340 – Best pricing here


    Garmin StreetPilot c330

    Garmin Streetpilot c330 GPS Review

    Garmin StreetPilot c330 – More reviews

    The Garmin StreetPilot c330 GPS gets a 4 out of 5 star rating mainly based upon price. The value you get from the StreetPilot C330 taking into account the features you get for the price of the unit makes it the perfect device for giving directions and getting you to your destination.

    While it’s a portable GPS device with up to 8 hours battery time when it’s not plugged into your car power it’s not as slim as more expensive units such as the Garmin Nuvi 855 but when you buy a GPS system with a sleek design you pay more for that so if you don’t think you are going to be carrying your GPS unit around in your pocket the Garmin StreetPilot c330 is a great unit for use in your car.

    The touchscreen interface makes the StreetPilot c330 easy to use and gives you voice directions to take you turn-by-turn to your destination however the feature that’s missing with the c330 is voice street names.

    The Garmin Streetpilot c330 will tell you to take the next right or left turn but doesn’t have voice street names for example take the next right on Washington Avenue but again to get these added features you have to pay more.

    You do get route avoidance features with the StreetPilot c330 and fast re-routing calculations but it doesn’t come equipped with FM Traffic updates nor is the unit compatible with MSN Direct but once again to get those fancy features with your GPS device will take more money out of your wallet.

    Garmin StreetPilot c330 Review & Specifications

  • Size: 4.4 Inch Width x 3.2 Inch Height x 2.8 Inch Depth
  • Touch Screen Display: 2.8 Inch Width x 2.1 Height for a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels
  • Weight: 9.45 ounces
  • Voice prompted turn-by-turn directions
  • Fast re-route calculations
  • Route avoidance to avoid certain highways or toll roads
  • Customizable points of interest to store your favorite destinations
  • Preloaded City Navigator including maps of North America and Europe

  • Garmin StreetPilot c330 – Best Prices


    GoDaddy Review

    GoDaddy Review – Reviewing Go Daddy Package Deals

    GoDaddy web hosting has been around for a long time and when you sign up with a Go Daddy hosting connection you get a choice of the web site hosting industries best package deals that can now save 20% off their regular rates

    The suite of website hosting packages they offer is absolutely awesome because they give you packages to make it easy for you to build a website. The best part of creating a website is that you can profit from it.

    In fact you can get my free online marketing newsletter that shows you ways to make money from your GoDaddy website.

    Now let’s take a look at the GoDaddy hosting and website building packages

    GoDaddy Website Hosting Packages Review

    Go Daddy offers various levels of hosting plans and here you are going to learn about which hosting package is right for you

    GoDaddy Website Hosting

    GoDaddy Website Hosting Review

    Click here to order GoDaddy Hosting

    GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

    Here is a price comparison of the Go Daddy WordPress hosting package. While this is a good package we highly recommend that you pay just a couple dollars more and get the Blog and Podcast Hosting package because you will be better equipped for success on that level.

    The reason I recommend the Blog and Podcast Hosting package from GoDaddy is because of the nature of the web today, it’s all about building community and with the higher level package you don’t pay much more for the service but you get exactly what you need to create an income from your blog.

    GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

    GoDaddy Grid Hosting
    GoDaddy Grid Hosting Package Review

    Click here to order GoDaddy Hosting

    GoDaddy Blog and Podcast Hosting

    Here is a screenshot of GoDaddy’s Blog and Podcast hosting packages. With the Blog and Podcast hosting you get to publish your videos, audios and written thoughts and this level also supports multiple users and multiple blogs.

    This is the best package in our opinion for people that want to earn extra income online because of the community options like multiple user support which is key to creating a successful website right now.

    GoDaddy Hosting Package Review

    Click here to order GoDaddy Hosting


    Garmin Nuvi 885 Review

    Garmin Nuvi 855 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

    Click Here for more info

    The Garmin Nuvi 855 Widescreen GPS system is a very slim design which is awesome for those that like to travel a lot or use their GPS to get directions
    while outside of their vehicle to get directions while walking.

    Some lower end GPS systems will take quite a while to get your directions but you can avoid that pain because the Garmin Nuvi 855 is
    an incredibly high sensitivity GPS unit that will lock your location at lightning speed.

    Here is a review of the best features the Garmin Nuvi 855 offers you

  • Pocket sized sleekness
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast satellite lock
  • Pre-loaded with City Navigtor NT maps for North America
  • Speech recognition–speak menu options and keep your eyes on the road
  • Multi-destination routing
  • Built in “Where am I?” and “Where’s my car?” features
  • Ftext to speech for spoken directions with real street names
  • MP3 player
  • Photo viewer
  • You can save over $200 right now on the Garmin Nuvi 885

    Garmin Nuvi 855 Buyer’s Guide Review

    Garmin Nuvi 855 Review

    Garmin nüvi 855 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator – Click Here to Buy at

    The Garmin Nuvi 855 ranks in the top ten GPS systems on the market because of all the great added features beyond just GPS navigation.

    Here are the features we love about the Garmin Nuvi 855 portable navigator

    GPS Navigation Made Easy

    While it’s obvious that you buy a GPS navigation system to find your way around, not all GPS systems are created equally. The Garmin Nuvi 855 is one of the most reliable GPS navigators on the market and it’s one of the easiest to use.

    It comes preloaded with the City Navigator with street maps including information about hotels, gas stations, tourist stops, restaurants and much more.

    The primary function of your GPS is to get you from point A to point B easily and the Nuvi 855 delivers. When you are buying a GPS navigation system you want to open the box and begin using it immediately, what you need to know is not all GPS systems come pre-loaded with city and highway maps leaving you frustrated because you then have to go buy maps to load into your GPS and because the Garmin Nuvi 855 comes with pre-loaded maps for the US, Canada and Puerto Rico you can start using your system immediately.

    Real Time Traffic and Road Conditions

    The next feature we love about the Garmin Nuvi 855 is the real time traffic and road condition reports that get delivered directly to your GPS navigator via the Enhance MSN Direct feature.

    When you buy your Garmin Nuvi 855 online right now you get a free trial of the MSN Direct service that sends you current traffic congestion reports, weather conditions plus many more instant updates on things like stock reports and local events of interest.

    As mentioned previously, your GPS navigation system’s primary function is to get you from here to there but the next level feature you want is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and because of the real time road reports delivered from the MSN Direct service you can avoid getting stuck in traffic because the Garmin Nuvi 855 in conjuction with the MSN Direct service will re-route your travel to avoid lengthy road delays.
    GPS Navigation Speech Recognition

    Because when you are driving you really need to keep your hands on the steering wheel the Garmin Nuvi 855 shines even brighter in our buyers guide review. The Nuvi 855 comes equipped with speech recognition allowing your focus to stay on the road rather than fiddling around with your GPS navigator putting you at risk of having an accident

    All you have to do is push the steering wheel mounted button to active the speech recognition feature and you are now navigating the roads and highways safely.

    Garmin nüvi 855 – Read More Details Here


    UltraHosting Review

    UltraHosting Review

    Get full UltraHosting pricing and details here

    With twenty five years of experience and several options to choose from, UltraHosting prides itself on its ability to deliver best managed website hosting services with the best customer support on the market. UltraHosting features several types of hosting, from the basic virtual server, up to the Supreme server and managed hosting, with several options in between, all geared towards different kinds of websites and needs. They are supported by about a dozen different software, including Windows Server and cPanel, and they pride themselves on a ‘110% price guarantee’ promising the lowest prices on the market or they’ll match the competitor and then take off another 10%. The servers can be in the form of Windows, Unix or Linux.

    Although not the lowest price on the market at face value (the cheapest server they offer is $19/month), the fact is that with UltraHosting, one gets a lot more than from other web hosting companies that are cheaper. The cheapest server includes five GB of storage (as opposed to the usual one or two), 200 GB of traffic and 100% uptime promise. And the perks only increase the further up one goes. The most expensive server at $95/month has 80-500 GB hard drives for storage, 1500 GB of traffic and the usual 100% uptime promise. Between them costs range from $29-$75 with varying amounts of storage and traffic capabilities. You simply pick which one you think will be of the most use to you. The customer service can be reached via livechat (or leave a message when they’re offline) or by the phone and with over a hundred professionals; you’re bound to get a swift answer to any problems or queries. Plus, you can have your server up very quickly; they advertise their virtual servers as being up in an hour and others have had them up in less than three days. The shared server only allows six to ten people so there aren’t as many incidences of clogging. They are also willing to rebuild your server if it’s not what you wanted and have been known to waive the costs.

    The only real downside is that the servers that UltraHosting offers do not come with e-commerce packages. They are compatible with the application, but you will have to set up this portion yourself or find another company that can do it for you. The only thing UltraHosting sells for e-commerce are the security certificates. This could be a bit problematic for some companies, so be aware of this limitation of UltraHosting.

    Other than that omission, UltraHosting is one of the best web hosting companies on the internet-the customer service is fast (I sent off a livechat/message and got an answer back in about ten minutes) and the server packages are of excellent value. Although more expensive than other companies, you definitely get what you pay for and so it’s worth the little extra money a month for all the extra perks and lightning fast customer service. Plus, if you’re watching for the environment, UltraHosting has gone green and guarantees that their business has no carbon footprint and is working to mitigate carbon elsewhere. All in all, UltraHosting is one of the best webhosting companies on the market today.

    Get full UltraHosting pricing and details here


    Pronet Hosting Review

    Pronet Hosting Review

    Get more ProNet Hosting Details Here

    Pronet is a webhosting company that boasts three tiers of service, depending on your needs and budget. The basic, medium, and premium services differ mainly in how much storage, bandwidth, domains, and e-mail you will receive. The price for premium isn’t that high-$10.95/month, but if you don’t need too much, the price of $4.95/month for the basic or $7.95 for medium is very reasonable. Pronet also hosts sites on both the Windows and Linux systems and with several different web development packages such as Python, Perl, PH 4/5 and Ruby on Rails. You can even purchase domain names from Pronet without hosting the site with them if you choose to. Pronet has a staff knowledgeable in several different operating systems who work round the clock to keep the websites with Pronet up and running at all times. You can even build your own web hosting company site with Pronet for up to $49.95 per month for the premium package. Pronet has also won several awards for their services.

    Pronet is one of the few webhosting companies on the market that allows you not only build your own website, but also build your own web hosting site as well. This freedom will let people expand their business beyond their initial ideas and into the profitable business of web hosting. It’s also very affordable to do either the web site building or hosting and there are more service options than other companies. This is also one of the few systems which can work with both Windows and Linux operating systems. Pronet is in total one of the most flexible web hosting companies on the market. Pronet has seven years of web hosting experience to pass on to the consumer and the company is always expanding to meet the demands of the changing internet world.

    Though flexible in the services it delivers, Pronet is strangely behind in their customer service. Unlike most companies that offer customer service over the phone as well as internet, Pronet only offers its customer service via e-mail. Although this theoretically makes lodging questions and complaints instantaneous, in actuality, it is a limitation. If Pronet is down, then the e-mail won’t get through and if there is no one to answer the query for whatever reason, the problem may go unresolved for a time. Too, in recent times, the switch to a new server has left some customers with their e-mail inboxes deleted, meaning that some people have lost important messages and there seems to have been no way to resolve this issue without the person having backed up their messages. However, the tech support, when it can be reached in superb and though they have lost some clients over the change in server, they did try to be polite and earnest about aiding to the best of their abilities.

    Pronet is best for those looking to expand into internet business and the three tiers of service allows for maximum flexibility for someone trying to shape their website to cater to their needs. Pronet also functions with both Linux systems and Windows, meaning that you are not locked into having to learn a system that you may not care to use. Finally, Pronet grows with your business-you can start with basic and as your needs grow, you can easily upgrade. In short, Pronet is best used for a small, expanding company that is looking for good service at a low price.

    ProNet Hosting Details Here


    Binero Website Hosting Review

    Binero Web Site Hosting Review is Sweden’s leading webhosting company, priding itself on its ability to deliver cheap webhosting with customer service that is clear and easy to understand so that anyone can learn how create a webpage without a lot of technical jargon. The company believes in making websites for businesses that are secure and keep your information private. The customer service has three options for reaching them: phone, email, or by blogging; something that is unique to Binero in that all updates and problems and solutions are blogged so that anyone can see the solutions to problems that have arisen before. There was livechat as well and though it is currently disabled, there are hopes that it will return. There are two packages available: private and order. The private differs in that it has half the storage space and traffic capabilities of the order (1 GB of storage and 25 KB of traffic/month for private and 2 GB of storage and 50 KB of traffic/month for order). This makes a clear line of distinction between personal websites and small business websites which means it’ll be easy to choose the package that will work for you. Binero has also won a number of awards for its services and now comes highly recommended for Swedes looking to make their own websites.

    Even paying is smoother than a lot of the competition. Binero allows its customers to pay using a credit card or invoice and rates can be monthly or yearly. There are also no terms or termination fees which is something that most companies try to sneak in. In price alone, Binero has much of the competition beat, but the flexibility in payment and the stuff that the money buys puts Binero above the rest. In American dollars, the private service is about eight dollars a month, while the order service is about seventeen dollars a month. Although this is higher than many of the American web hosting companies, there is a lot that the company offers such as great customer support, plenty of storage space, e-mail, and domain names, among other perks.

    The biggest downside of Binero is that it is a Swedish webhosting company-the website is entirely in Swedish, payment is in Kroners, and unless you speak Swedish, the customer support will be useless. However, for any Swede looking to put him or herself on the web, Binero is a great company to work with. The company is continuing to evolve and add to their repertoire, meaning that it will continue to be Sweden’s top web hosting company and anyone who joins up will get to reap the benefits.


    FatCow Hosting Review

    FatCow is a web site hosting company that promises to help people create the perfect web pages for their personal or business life with their easy to use control panel. At only about fifty eight dollars a year, clients get a massive load of stuff to help them build the ideal website and thus generate business and/or interest in whatever they wish to put online. People looking to get the maximum amount of things for the minimum amount of money may well find their home in FatCow. Those looking to build a small internet business are best served by a service like FatCow because the services rendered are perfect for small business owners.

    Get More FatCow Web Hosting Details Here

    FatCow has two kinds of website building. The main one of course is the actual building of a website. Clients receive things like unlimited e-mail, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, Google Webmaster Tools, and tools to integrate shopping on your site with everything from catalogues to PayPal integration. The fifty eight dollars is a flat fee-there is no set up fees and your account is instantly activated. Finally, it’s dead easy to create a website using FatCow; their website builder is simply point and click, so anyone can utilize this service to create a professional, fun, and useful website. The other option is to utilize the Minimoo for five dollars a year in order to have a space in which to build your website later, but also have a forwarding e-mail address and all the support you’ll need to build your website when you can-including bad cow puns.

    The site for FatCow may look a bit silly-as well as the name-but the people who run FatCow are serious about helping others build their websites. There is 24/7 support, livechat, and email for all of your questions or concerns. The name FatCow might be silly, but it certainly is unique and memorable and that is why the name was chosen.

    Although the tech support is 24/7, there are some of people who have had difficulties with it, mostly due to slowness and some rude reps. If you think you will want to utilize the customer service, remember that like any company, you may need to bank some time for it and that customer reps are people and you might be unfortunate enough to get someone in a bad mood or who is poor on the job and hasn’t been caught yet; or who is new. However, there are three different ways to get in touch with customer support-phone, e-mail, and livechat-so if one doesn’t work for you, try another one. Cancelling is also problematic; you end up losing about half the money you paid to start with them. Like any service, make sure to read the User Agreement before signing to watch for any hidden surprises such as fees on nonpayment, the preferred method of payment (credit card) and the minimum spending ($35.00). In this way, you can make sure you get exactly what you want and aren’t surprised when a fee shows up on your bill that you didn’t expect.

    FatCow is best utilized by small businesses that want to expand their business onto the internet. The tools are geared towards small business with the ability to take payments online and show things like catalogues. However, it also works as a personal website builder with utilities for blogging and showing photos. It’s very affordable at less than five dollars a month, and shows off an easy click website builder. All in all, FatCow is great if you are new to website building and want to expand your small business or personal life.

    The VEO (Visitor Experience Optimization) Report recommends FatCow Web Site Hosting (click to order now)


    TradeKing Review

    TradeKing Online Stock Broker Review

    What we love about TradeKing is the fact there are no hidden broker fees or commissions, when you use Trade King’s online brokerage you know exactly how much the online trading fees are upfront with no surprises that chew into your profits.

    TradeKing Equity Trading Fee Chart Versus Competitors

    TradeKing Option Trading Fee Chart Versus Competitors

    The simple and easy to understand pricing TradeKing offers is what we really like about their online trading service combined with their excellence in customer service. Trade King provides excellence with their award winning customer service by offering you:

  • Short hold times on trades
  • Fast responses to your email
  • Instant Messenger Chat with their Online Brokers
  • Trade King also sets you up for success with their suite of trading tools that have also won industry awards.

    Trade King Award-Winning Research and Trading Tools

  • MarketGrader Research Reports
  • Maxit Tax Manager
  • Probability Calculator
  • Loss Calculator
  • Stock and Options Screeners
  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • There’s even more great features TradeKing gives you such as their Trader Network which means you are never alone in your online trading. Trade King gives you a peer network of other traders where you can share your experiences to get feedback on your trading strategies which gives you insights into how professional traders operate.