Where Can I Buy a Domain Name

Where Can I Buy a Domain Name?

If you are confident that you are ready to get a domain name you can go ahead and get your domain name registration right now

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A common question people have about domain name registration is what the domain name extensions mean.

To learn more about what the domain name extensions mean you can read the article on this blog titled “What do the Domain Extensions Stand For?”. You can get your domain name registration on that page where I also show you where you can buy a domain name.

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Before you decide on where to buy a domain name you need to make sure you understand the process of keyword research because you are going to need to understand some basic factors about market viability.

In case you are confused about what market viability means you need to have a firm grasp on keyword research to make sure people are looking for information about what you have to say.

If you haven’t seen my tutorial on conducting marketing research then you need to review my WordTracker Review before you buy a domain name.

But if you have already gone through the WordTracker keyword research tutorial and conducted your initial market research tutorial you will need to know what do the domain extensions stand for because it matters to a degree if you plan on getting your website to the top of the search engines on your targeted keyword phrases.

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If you have ANY immediate questions about getting a domain, go ahead and submit your questions and comments on the blog and I will personally read each and every blog comment and give you a well thought out and informed answer making sure you get what you need.


What do the Domain Extensions Stand For

Tell me What do the Domain Extensions Stand For?

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When you want to know “What do the domain extensions stand for”, what you are looking to understand is the top level domain structure used by the internet’s domain name system (DNS).

The top level domain extensions are controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). In order that the Domain Name System works, it is necessary that there be a controlling entity that assigns top level domains because a domain name is for humans but computers work on numbers.

Web site servers find internet web sites by their assigned number, on the internet these numbers the computers that serve web pages is known as an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address).

But us humans would go nuts if we had to go to web sites by the IP Address. Can you imagine having to type a number like every time you wanted to visit The VEO Report blog?

Yeah, you would likely cancel your internet access fairly quickly!

But thanks to the DNS system we get to type in actual human friendly addresses such as to get to our desired destination on the internet.

List of the Most Common Internet Domain Extensions

There are tons of domain extensions available but let’s first talk about what the most common domain name extensions stand for.

The most common domain extension is .com

What does the .com domain extension mean?

The .com top level domain stands for Commercial and this is the most common extension used on the internet. While this extension was initially intended for commercial websites it has become the defacto top level domain standard.

What does the .org domain extension mean?

The .org extension stands for Organization and is intended for typically non-profit organizations but there are no restrictions on you getting one of these extensions.

In fact, you should consider getting a .com and a .org and use the .org to build an online community. Just an idea…

What does the .net domain extension mean?

The .net domain extension stands for Network and is usually used by web hosting companies and domain registrars along with other internet providers that have some form of connection to how the internet works.

What does the .info domain extension mean?

The .info extension stands for Information and was intended to be for purely informational websites however over the years search engine spammers have scooped up a lot of .info

Typically, I advise my private coaching clients to avoid registering .info domains.

What does the .biz domain extension mean?

The .biz domain extension stands for Business and it’s intended for businesses. The .biz top level domain was created because good .com domains were becoming for difficult to get and another top level domain was created for business owners to be able to get access to more domains focusing on commercial intent.

Tips for Domain Extensions to Get Search Engine Rankings

Before choosing a domain name you should read the article I wrote in my blog post titled “WordTracker Review” because you should do some base level keyword research before your proceed with your domain name registration.

You should perform keyword research first before registering a domain name because it can impact your potential search engine rankings.

To help you choose a domain name let’s say I was building a website all about domain name registration and I decided to target the keyword phrase “What do the Domain Extensions Stand For” based on the keyword research I did.

Now you will see examples of a good domain name and a bad domain name to help you register a domain name that will set you up for success with your web site.

Example of a Good Domain Name

When you are registering a domain name you should try to include a base of your targeted keyword phrase.

In this example, let’s say our top level keyword phrase is “Domain Extensions”, an example of a good domain in this case would be

Example of a Bad Domain Name

Now let’s take a look at an example of a bad domain name where again we are targeting the keyword phrase “What do the domain extensions stand for”

A bad domain name in this case would be because this type of domain is very spammy in nature and will NOT do well if you want to get top search engine rankings

If you have any questions about domain name extensions or registration please post your comments and questions below.


Best Web Site Hosting

Best Web Site Hosting

Before talking about the best web site hosting available you need to understand that not all web hosting companies are created equally. In fact there have been times where I have lost a LOT of income because I bought a cheap web hosting plan and in one case that cheap web hosting provider vanished off the face of the earth over-night leaving me with a 72 hour period of LOST income while I waited for my DNS to propagate to a new web hosting service provider.

So an early lesson I learned with my online business the hard way from having a cheap web hosting package was cheap web hosting packages are NOT the best web site hosting to have if you are planning on building a successful website.

The best web site hosting companies typically charge anywhere from about $10 to $20 a month.

I know you can find cheap web hosting for less than that but if you are paying less than $10 to $20 per month for your web hosting plan then you can expect to have problems in the future, because as the old adage says “You get what you pay for”.

Web Site Hosting Provider Terminology Explained

There is a lot of confusion about choosing the best web site hosting company because there are many add-on services that as you move forward in building your site that you might not immediately need so it is important to understand in simple terms what all the hosting industry jargon means.

Here you are going to get an grasp on what the terminology means

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting, sometimes referred to as virtual hosting, is where several websites are hosting on one physical computer at your web hosting providers data center meaning that your website is on the same machine that many other people have their website hosted on.

The benefit to getting shared hosting is the cost is much lower because many sites are sharing the same physical resources such as computer disk space, bandwidth and memory.

The downside of shared hosting is when you start to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site that there could be problems like slow response times or in some cases your web server could crash but you don’t have to worry about that when you are first starting your website because there likely won’t be the traffic levels to cause any problems

What is Dedicated Hosting?

When you get a dedicated hosting solution you get more control over your web server environment because you can get a specific operating system and specific hardware configurations.

Unless you plan on performing lots of custom software development where operating system patch levels are important to your business then you can get away with a shared hosting plan to get traffic to your website.

A major advantage of getting a dedicated hosting solution is the fact that you are in full control of your environment and you are not sharing the web server with anybody else but of course the downside is you can expect to pay a LOT more to get a dedicated server.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a blend of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, a VPS has all the same characteristics and functionality that a dedicated server gives you but you share the physical computer with other website.

The difference between Dedicated Web Hosting Versus A Virtual Private Server hosting solutions is you get all the same features as far as control of your environment and with a VPS hosting plan that you do with a Dedicated Hosting Plan but the main difference is physical computer is partitioned into virtual servers.

With a VPS hosting solution you get full control over operating system levels but you don’t get the benefit of choosing physical hardware upgrades.

Of course that means that a virtual private server will be a cheaper solution that gives you the key benefits that a dedicated hosting solution does.

What is Ecommerce Hosting?

Finally a lot of people want to have ecommerce hosting and all that means is you have the ability to process payments online through a shopping cart system.

You can implement ecommerce hosting on any type of website hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.

Ecommerce hosting is independent of the type of hosting solution you get.

Essential Web Hosting Provider Services you MUST Have

Now that you have an understanding of the jargon involved in the web site hosting service provider industry you will need to order your web site hosting plan with a company that offers all the services and solutions you will need as you build a successful website because it will be MUCH easier for you to integrate as you take action and move forward.

But most people aren’t quite ready to implement all the features web hosting companies provide so now I am going to share with you what the bare bones minimum features you need in order to ensure you are getting the best web site hosting to give you hassle free service in building your online empire.

A Web Site Control Panel

At the very minimum you are going to need to have a control panel to make using your website easy to use because, as you will see from my series of tutorials that I give you on my VEO Elite newsletter, that you will need to install things like a WordPress blog on your website.

When you have the RIGHT control panel you will have features like


If you want to get the best web site hosting package then you ABSOLUTELY must make sure your website hosting provider has Fantastico Deluxe included with the control panel because as you will see in my series of Tutorials about installing and configuring WordPress that Fantastico makes installing a WordPress Blog PUSH BUTTON EASY


Awstats is a great utility that shows you information about your website traffic and of course seeing traffic entering your website is a really cool thing because you then know it’s only a matter of time before your website is making money.

When you follow along in my VEO strategies free online success newsletter you will be commenting on my blog thanking me for taking you to the top of the search engines and making money with your new website because you will see traffic in your Awstats faster than you EVER imagined possible.

An Email AutoResponder Service

What I see most people over-look when they are trying to determine what is the best web site hosting company is making sure they are getting an email auto-responder service.

If you neglect to consider an auto-responder service with your web hosting service then you are choosing to FAIL to build a successful and more importantly

If you overlook getting an auto-responder service from the get-go then you ARE going to miss out on building a SUSTAINABLE online business.


Make sure you start to think about automated follow-up with your website visitors from the very beginning of building your website and I can tell you that from personal experience that I can’t imagine just how much more money I would be making right now if only I had started capturing subscribers and building a loyal following from day one!

Yeah, my friends, I missed out on millions of subscribers because I neglected to implement an auto-responder service and I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

What is The Best Web Site Hosting Company?

The best web site hosting company I have found that gives you EVERYTHING you need to build a successful website that offers all the features I have talked about in this tutorial will give you:

1. A control panel featuring the Fantastico auto-installer

By getting a web hosting service that features a control panel with Fantastico built-in you will be saving a LOT of your valuable time because Fantastico makes installing things like a WordPress Blog push button easy, installations are done in a matter of seconds

2. An ecommerce hosting solution, regardless of shared hosting or VPS hosting needs

To get the best web hosting available you are going to want to make sure that upgrading your account to a higher level is easy because if you find yourself in a position where you have to move databases then you have created months of unnecessary work in moving data to a new web hosting provider.

That means your bottom line is dramatically impacted because you are then wasting your most precious commodity . . . Your time . . .

3. Includes an auto-responder with your hosting account

As you delve into this tangle web of the internet, pun intended, you are going to see LOTS of mis-information and LOTS of confusion about exactly what strategies actually work.

And you are going to see that with every strategy you learn about you begin to feel overwhelmed and confused which is EXACTLY why I created this tutorial series which guides you step-by-step through the ENTIRE process of creating a successful business model for you website.

But if you neglect to get an auto-responder service immediately then you are missing out on getting the ability to CREATE COMMUNITY, which is VITALLY important in today’s online marketing world to create a successful business.

Don’t worry, I am going to guide you every step of the way so that you can implement strategies that work.

But as I said before, if you neglect to get an auto-responder service now then you will live to regret it.

So, you ask, “What is the best web site hosting company” that gives me all this stuff?

First all decide right now that you ARE going to be successful

Then . . .

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Are You Confused About Domain Name Registrations?

My loyal followers and friends, do not worry about a thing because I am going to help you achieve success every step of the way.

If you aren’t sure about domain registrations then you can watch my videos and read the tutorials about domain name registration now

If you need to know more about what all those domain extensions mean before your order your web site hosting that includes an autoresponder service then read the blog post titled “What do the Domain Extensions Stand For?

You can also read another blog post I wrote about buying a domain name in the “Where Can I Buy a Domain Name?” post

Please don’t waste your time mulling over any questions you have because you have FINALLY found an internet marketing guru that actually gives a S… errrr… I mean that gives a darn about your success 🙂

Go ahead and ask your questions on this blog and I will get you the answers you need right now.


Affiliate Marketing Networks

How to Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

Watch this video about affiliate marketing networks then make sure you scroll through the written tutorial and join the best affiliate programs I have used since starting my online affiliate business in 2000

Free Hosting Get Your FREE Month of Hosting AND Autoresponder Here Affiliate Marketing Networks need you to get webhosting

As you follow along in this tutorial series you are going to soon see you need to get an autoresponder service to build a sustainable business from using affiliate marketing networks

For the benefit of those that have not been involved with or had any previous experience with an affiliate marketing network I am going to briefly tell you how affiliate marketing networks work.

But before you can start selling other people’s stuff on the internet to earn commissions on their products and services what you are going to need is a website of your own.

Please do take the time to watch my video AND read through this written tutorial about joining affiliate marketing networks but what you are going to find out is that you do need to make a minimal investment to achieve success with making money online and you ARE going to need to get website hosting FIRST before you get accepted into ANY of these affiliate marketing networks.

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If you haven’t already got a website or even if you want to save a buck on your existing hosting costs then take the first step towards you success.

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Cost Per Sale Affiliate Marketing Networks

In a nutshell, an affiliate program allows you to sell other people’s stuff so you DO NOT have to source products and best of all you get paid when you sell their stuff which is known as a Cost Per Sale model.

Here are the Best CPS Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join:

1. The PepperJam Affiliate Marketing Network
JoinPepperJam here

2. The Amazon Associate Program
Join the Amazon Associate Program here

3. Commission Junction
Join Commission Junction here

Cost Per Acquisition Affiliate Marketing Networks

As you delve into affiliate marketing networks you will see there are other revenue models such as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) where companies will pay you for simply referring a new lead or prospect to their company.

What a CPA affiliate offer means to you is you make money without having to sell anything, all you have to do is convince somebody to enter their personal contact information into a web form.

Here are the best CPA Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join

1. The Never Blue CPA Affiliate Marketing Network
Join NeverBlue here

2. The Hydra Media Affiliate Marketing CPA Network
Join Hydra Media here

Cost per Click Affiliate Marketing Networks

Another way to make money online is using the Cost Per Click revenue model with affiliate marketing networks such as Google AdSense, Chitika or the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).

Good luck getting into YPN CPC affiliate network though because they have been in Beta mode for about 5 or 6 years now and quite frankly as a Yahoo Publisher Network account owner their ability to serve targeted contextual ads sucks BIG time and ONLY serves USA based traffic unlike Google that understands there are other first world countries outside the United States that use the internet to find products and services to buy online.

Another affiliate marketing network model is Cost Per Click (CPC) which means you make money every time somebody clicks on the advertiser links on your website

Join the Best Cost per Click Affiliate Networks:

1.    Google Adsense Cost per Click Affiliate Program
Click here to join Google’s Adsense Program

2.    The Chitika CPC Affiliate Program Network
Click here to join the  Chitika Affiliate Network

3.    Yahoo Publisher Network Cost per Click Affiliate Network
Click here to join the Yahoo Publisher Network offers a CPC affiliate network that you can use in conjunction with Google’s AdSense program to rotate in cost per click revenues in the event Google serves their public service offers when there is a lack of advertisers willing to spend money on you targeted phrase.

Hmmmm…. I guess I need to add to my mind map an action item to create a video about how and when to use CPC affiliate program networks as a revenue source.

But don’t get distracted with that kind of stuff right now because I will systematically guide you through all these questions you have but if you need IMMEDIATE assistance then just ask me your personal question on the blog and I WILL thoughtfully respond to your every question about affiliate marketing networks.

Yeah, I know you are hearing a LOT of buzz about CPA affiliate networks right now but don’t get too distracted by these promises of earning a lot of money online through CPA networks because when companies are paying you for lead generation via a CPA offer it means they got their back end sales figured out and they are making a KILLING off the leads you drive.

As we go forward in this series of internet marketing video tutorials you will learn EXACTLY how to create your OWN offer

But having said that, what I am doing is showing your strategies to make you some money right now and test markets before you put forth the effort to sell your own product by leveraging affiliate marketing networks.

In most cases you will need to have a website before you can join an affiliate marketing network, here is the web hosting company I use

Joining Affiliate Program Networks – 2 Easy Action Steps

If you want to become successful using affiliate program networks then take my lead and take action right now and get what you MUST have to secure your success with affiliate marketing programs . . .

. . . When you take IMMEDIATE action you are another step closer to your goal and you will get what you need to take the market research and discovery that gives you HARD data to move to the next level all the while there is very little to ZERO RISK while you move forward in this money making market research phase I am revealing to you right now

Step 1 in Becoming a Super Affiliate Publisher

Getting your own website hosting and a domain name

Before you get accepted into most affiliate program networks you will need to register a domain name and get web hosting.

When you watch my online success video series and take action on the information I am sharing with you to this point you already have an understanding about how to research markets and write SEO articles to get free website traffic by taking the keyword research you did in following my WordTracker Review tutorial

But now that you have an understanding of how to perform your research you are going to need to publish your articles on your own domain with your own website hosting to get accepted into the affiliate program networks I have recommended to you.

Remember that you can get 1 full month of FREE Website Hosting Here

Don’t worry, if you change your mind about the domain name you choose right now the really cool thing later on in these tutorials, I am going to show you how you can take your hard work and time invested into your affiliate website and sell it for a HUGE payday.

When you follow my system for making money using affiliate marketing networks you can not go wrong because of the progression of this training system you are going to get EVERYTHING you need to make money online regardless of a change of mind on what you want to do.

What I am doing right now is getting you to take action and start moving toward your goals so that you can live the lifestyle you desire and deserve to live

But remember that success comes ONLY when action is taken

So take action right now and get your RISK FREE One Month Trial and sign up for your Web Site  Hosting account here

Step 2 in Becoming a Super Affiliate Publisher

Once your website is published and you have at least 10 to 20 articles published on your blog then submit your application to the following affiliate marketing networks

1.    Apply to become an affiliate at the Pepper Jam Network
Click here to apply at the Pepper Jam Affiliate Network
2.    Apply to become an affiliate at Never Blue
Click here to apply with the Never Blue Affiliate Marketing Network

3.    Apply to become an affiliate at the Hydra Media Network
Click here to apply with the Hydra Media CPA Affiliate Network

4.    Apply to become an affiliate at the World’s Most Trusted Online Store,
Click here to apply for the Amazon Associates Affiliate Network

5.    Apply to become an affiliate at Commission Junction
Click here to apply with Commission Junction

6.    Apply to become an affiliate at Chitika
Click here to apply for Chitika’s Cost per Click Affiliate Network

7.    Apply to become an affiliate at Google Adsense
Click here to apply for Google AdSense

8.    Apply to become an affiliate at the Yahoo Publisher Network
Click here to apply for the Yahoo Publisher Network

Again, don’t be upset if Yahoo rejects your application because they haven’t been able to keep pace with Google when it comes to providing a cost per click affiliate marketing network that works.

Now don’t worry about exactly how to configure your website hosting because the hosting company I recommend will give you amazing support and I will also be showing you exactly what to do to get your website or blog set up in the coming days


I want you to be ready for the affiliate marketing tutorials I will be sending you about how to take those affiliate marketing network offers and inserting them into your website.

Of course, you will be getting tutorials about EXACTLY what to configure and set up you new online empire ?

Yes! I know getting a successful online business off the ground can be overwhelming and I know that I have NOT covered every aspect of making money online by using affiliate program networks here.

But I want you to know that you are NOT alone and I am here to help guide you step-by-step to your success.

So, if you have a question you need answered right now about affiliate marketing programs then don’t be shy and submit your questions, comments or concerns by leaving a comment on my blog.

When you submit your question I WILL give you a well thought out personal answer to get you the FACTS about what you need right now to take YOUR business to the next level

No question is a bad question,  so take action right now and  submit your questions about affiliate marketing now and you will get a personal response to your questions

Free Hosting Get Your FREE Month of Hosting AND Autoresponder Here Affiliate Marketing Networks need you to get webhosting


High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

High Search Engine Ranking Optimization Techniques

To get these rankings use KRA PRO

Every webmaster wants figure out the insider secrets for successful high search engine ranking optimization on every target keyword and through this tutorial series you are getting step-by-step strategies that work and provide stable search engine rankings.

Right now we are focusing on setting the foundation to achieve those coveted top ten spots in Google.

If you remember I showed you a Green Money Line example on the VEO Report when I wrote the post titled Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement, this video shows me giving instruction to what, on the surface, appears to be a competitor but notice that in the following paragraph I am going to give Mark, a would be search engine competitor, a link to his article that is DIRECTLY competing with my website

Why would I help somebody that is competing directly with me to achieve higher search engine rankings?

Because my outlook on business and life in general is there are 2 ways of looking at things.

1. It’s a world of abundance where EVERYBODY can do well

2. It’s a world of scarcity where EVERYBODY is out to get you

I know some of my followers in cities like New York where it is a predominately dog eat dog world will laugh at me in saying that I believe we truly do live in a world of abundance but I digress…

What is happening with my relationship with Mark will be revealed later in my online business building tutorial series.

Now let’s get back to showing you techniques that work for achieving high search engine ranking optimization.

Right now we are learning about an important factor in getting high search engine placement for your chosen keywords and the important factor we are talking about right now is how to set your on-site optimization.

In the accompanying video, I am showing Mark exactly what to do with his new website to get to the top of Google on his target phrase Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

As you can see in the video I gave Mark a home work assignment to create 5 to 10 semantically related articles to post on his blog base of the KRA Pro theme report to give depth to that article from the viewpoint of the Google Bot

I will be helping Mark pimp out his article, his blog structure and his affiliate linking strategy to get this post positioned in the top ten search results of Google

Mark’s Home Work Assignments to get his high search engine ranking optimization nailed down are:

1. Write semantically related articles

To successfully achieve high search engine ranking optimization the first thing Mark needs to do to get to the top of the search results pages on his new blog is give the article he wrote semantic depth.

To achieve that depth, Mark will be going through his KRA Pro report on the term Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement and he will be running KRA Pro semantic reports using the Keyword Spider feature to create 5 to 10 new articles.

2. Make sure blog is configured correctly

After reviewing Mark’s blog he did get Michael Campbell’s ultimate ping list because he was a Vault member.

Sorry, because I care about my friendship with Michael Campbell, I can NOT reveal this ping list but I can say that if you get Michael’s GooBert Report you will propel yourself to the next level in getting traffic to you website even without ANY search engine optimization.

3. Optimize each supporting article

Here is a VERY cool thing that starts to happen when you run KRA Pro semantic reports with the keyword spider that’s included with this ULTIMATE high search ranking optimization tool, you will start to see traffic hitting your website, usually within hours, on “Long Tail Keywords”.

While Google adjusts the volume on what matters to get the top of their search engine, you will be setting a semantically correct website structure which will yield fast traffic

What Mark is going to see in the coming days is an increase in traffic because of his semantic article creation tactics as I showed in my article “How to Write SEO Articles

4. Mark will learn about how to set-up affiliate links

When reviewing Mark’s blog post Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement I see some issues with how he set his affiliate links that will erode TRUST with Google and visitors

The URL’s Mark is using on his Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement article DO NOT give trust to his visitors and because VEO is the new SEO standard, Google will NOT trust those URL’s either. . . .

But don’t worry about that yet because there are tutorials about how to achieve High Search Engine Ranking Optimization and strategies about how to implement affiliate links embedded in your SEO articles that build trust.

Stay tuned for the next article about high search engine ranking optimization strategies that work.

If you haven’t already got it, then you need to order KRA Pro right now so you can follow along in this search engine ranking tutorial series.


How to Write SEO Articles

How to Write SEO Articles Video Tutorial

Get KRA Pro Here

One of the biggest stumbling blocks most online marketers have is know exactly how to write SEO articles and what you are going to learn in this SEO tutorial is the process I use for writing SEO articles.

It’s important you get this right if you are seriously want to make money online because there is nothing better than free traffic.

Before I get into the “how-to’s” of SEO article writing it’s important that I first talk about that green fairy dust that distracts most online marketers called Google Page Rank.

While it is good to have lots of green fairy dust (aka Page Rank) it’s really not going to make a difference because Google’s focus on scoring websites in their ranking equation relates more to focussing on visitor trust factors which begins by creating quality articles.

Having said that, you also do need to pay attention to working semantically related phrases into your SEO article writing efforts, so a balance must be struck and I am going to get to follow along as I put my ass on the line and get to the top of the search engine results page on a more competitive keyword phrase than I showed you in a previous SEO tutorial.

In case you missed the article you can read the Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement article which focused on a Green Money Line phrase I chose not because of the search volume but directly because of the commercial intent of that particular keyword phrase.

Don’t worry, after I get through the SEO tutorial series of how to write SEO articles I will be re-visiting keyword research later on a deeper level.

There is a method to my madness here so please follow along and you will get everything you need for your online success and you too will be making money online when you follow these tutorials and take action on this valuable information.

As you will see in the “How to Write SEO Articles” video you absolutely MUST have a Latent Semantic Indexing keyword phrase generation tool in your online marketing toolkit if you ever want to get to the top of the search engines.

If you don’t have it yet you need to get KRA Pro right now

Please submit your questions about search engine optimization and I will be addressing all your questions


Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

Creating Search Engine Optimization Content VEO Style Video


Get KRA Pro Here

Once you have done your keyword research and found some Green Money Lines, the next goal is to create content that will get top ten natural search engine placement. Getting top 10 search engine positions, of course, means you get free traffic to your website.

If you missed tutorials about researching keyword phrases make sure you watch those videos

1. WordTracker Review – How to search for keyword phrases

2. WordTracker Review – Finding your Green Money Lines

To get your content into the coveted top ten positions requires that you first use onsite search engine optimization techniques.

What I mean by onsite search engine optimization are factors like using your keywords in the right places including your website content and your meta tags.

To get free traffic using search engine optimization techniques in major search engines like Google you must use the right phrases in:

1. Your content body
2. Your Meta Description
3. Your Meta Title
4. The alt text on your images

To get a top ten natural search engine placement on your target keyword phrase you must have more than just the targeted phrase in you onsite optimization.

You also need to have semantically related phrases because the major search engines are using Latent Semantic Indexing technology as a quality factor in ranking your pages.

What Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) means to you as a webmaster that is trying to get top 10 search engine rankings is it is NOT enough to only have your targeted phrase included within your article.

You must also have semantically related supporting phrases included in your article.

The tool I use to get Semantic Phrases to get top ten placements in the search engines is KRA Pro

The reason I chose KRA Pro as my tool of choice for generating LSI keywords comes down to the quality of the results I get by using it and the price.

Unlike other LSI keyword tools, KRA Pro is a one time cost and I get free lifetime updates. Since I use KRA on a daily basis in my business, this tool pays for itself every day

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WordTracker GML Review

Wordtracker Review and Green Money Lines

Re: Wordtracker ReviewHow to get easy money making keywords

Watch this unedited no holds barred video featuring the GML traffic system

WordTracker Review – Press Play to Watch GML Video

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(Without WordTracker there are NO Green Money Lines . . .)

I know you likely have more questions about using WordTracker to get your easy search engine rankings using my Green Money Line keyword research system so please keep posting your questions to the blog


WordTracker Review

Wordtracker Review

In this WordTracker review series of videos we are going to be re-learning or learning for the first time how to use WordTracker to find out how to get the right keywords.

What your are going to see as you follow along in these tutorials that we keep coming back to keyword research re-visited because it is crucial that you never forget to check your keyword research data because of many reasons which will become apparent to you as you go through this course.

How to Use WordTracker Review Video #1


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Using the WordTracker Keyword Researcher . . .

The other day I talked briefly about keyword research because it seems to me a quick Wordtracker Review is in order because of the questions I have been getting it’s time to re-visit internet marketing basics to get you on the right track

When you are considering various keyword tools such as WordTracker, a lot of keyword tools give you a list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords on the internet but WordTracker goes the extra mile and doubles the number of keywords and gives you 1000 of the most frequently searched terms both over the last 48 hours and the most frequently searched terms over the last 160 days.

You can use the top search terms to determine what the most frequently searched terms people are using at search engines to find products and services.

Here are the exact steps I use to tap into the hidden gems of keywords that getting top listings in Google is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Wordtracker is one of those tools that every small business owner must have in order to achieve success in getting top ten Google listings because heck, without you don’t know what words and phrases people are using to find your website.

Wordtracker Keyword Researcher

By using the Wordtracker Keyword Researcher tool I can quickly find out how much depth there is on my seed keyword phrase.

In some instances there is only substantial traffic on the root phrase and then tappers off very quickly, for example a website that I used to operate sold furniture slipcovers and there was only substantial search volume on the root phrase.

WordTracker Review Example

Since the root phrase, slipcovers, doesn’t yield search volume on other slipcover phrases I am not inclined to pursue this because that means unless I get top ten results on slipcovers there will be very little earnings for this website.

Next we are going to take a look at a desirable seed phrase as far as search volume goes.

WordTracker Review Example

Here you can see there is much more depth to the base of keywords you can target and because there is more search volume for the seed phrase of cars that means your earnings potential is much higher because more people are typing in car search terms in Google.

Again, the reason I use the Wordtracker Keyword Researcher tool first is to quickly pull the search volume data to determine viability in the market.

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Most Searched Keywords

Knowing what the most searched keywords for your target market is critical especially if you plan to drive traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) marketing.

There are a few ways to extract what the most searched keywords are traditionally internet marketers have used the WordTracker tool to get a report on the top 1000 search term lists for both short term recent search activity and longer term search activity.

This will give you an idea of top level search terms people are typing into search engines like Google to find what they are looking for.

Most Searched Keywords from WordTracker

If you don’t already have a WordTracker account, get yours now because as you will see later in this training course that you are going to be finding what I have coined as Green Money Lines from a full WordTracker report you will run for the industry you target.

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Most Searched Keywords

Most Searched Keywords from Google Hot Trends

Another way to find the hottest frequently searched keywords that are happening right now, here today, is to view the Google Hot Trends tool

The Google hot trends tool shows you the more popular keywords that people are searching for today and are typically based on news stories that are going on today. For example let’s say Britney Spears did something wild and crazy today, then you would likely see a lot of Britney Spears related search terms in Google hot trends talking about her latest escapades.

Of course a lot of marketers love using the Google External Keyword Tool but there are a few inherent flaws with the Google Keyword Tool in that the reported data is based upon the number of times advertisements on Google were served including their content partners network so the numbers are quite frequently skewed because it is not a true reflection on the actually search volume. As you delve deeper into online marketing you will have a clear picture as to why this is the case but for the time being just accept that as fact.

A good rule of thumb when using the Google keyword tool is to set your match type to Exact match and then divide that number by 4, again this is terminology that you will understand in greater detail during the pay per click marketing material you will get later in this course.

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