Corporate Identity Brand Building

Corporate Identity Brand Building 101

Corporate identity brand building is not a task to take lightly and it does require some time to understand how to brand your company in today’s new economy and it begins with doing the RIGHT market research.

This means you MUST have a viable business plan in place to achieve your objectives. As a corporate visionary, you will have all sorts of ideas and plans from your think-tank sessions but while as amazing as your visions for your company’s future are it is imperative that you know EXACTLY how to take those ideas from the whiteboard and get them published online in a way that gets you the most impact to help in your efforts in corporate identity brand building.

Yes, I know, you are a smart and savvy business owner or top level company executive but in order to make the most impact when your are putting forth effort on corporate brand building you might have to let go off what you think you know and start using the internet in the right way to leverage your trademark registrations to gain maximum impact in this new information based economy.

It can be very overwhelming when you are building your corporate brand but when you get your complementary subscription to The VEO Report, you will gain clarity on EXACTLY what you need to do to implement your ideas via free search engine rankings, social media outlets like FaceBook and Twitter and more importantly you will learn how to dig deeper into the social media by using VEO (Visitor Experience Optimization) tactics to create Cashflow Conversations.

Yes! When you claim your free newsletter subscription to The VEO Report by entering your name and email address into the form on this site you will gain clarity about what to do and how to implement your branding online to get maximum returns on investment.

To begin your corporate identity brand building there are some basic elements you must get right to succeed with your corporate brand building efforts

Keyword Research

If you want to build a successful corporate brand identity in this new information based economy you need to know how people are search for your products or services online.

Make sure you watch my video tutorial in my WordTracker Review post to gain insights into online market research.

Depending on where you are at in building or corporate brand identity you might want to take a look at companies that are doing well in today’s economy and review my Best Selling Items post to take get ideas for your own corporate identity brand building efforts.

Logo Design

Once you have completed gathering your market intelligence to discover how people will type in phrases to find you in the major search engines you will need to create a logo design that resonates with your target market.

Notice on The VEO Report blog that at the time of writing this, there is NO actual logo, only a picture of me smiling ear to ear on the sunny and gorgeous beach in Santa Barbara California.

Right now, that picture serves as my corporate identity because that picture resonates with the majority of my audience.

That picture represents everything I worked hard to achieve, I booked a flight on a moments notice, I had just recently started my corporation and while standing there on the beach near the Fess Parker Double Tree hotel I realized “Wow, I made it”

I never get tired of telling that story and when I meet my subscribers in person at corporate events, they love hearing the story.

In a sense that picture serves as my own corporate identity and because my audience likes it, I am not going to change what’s not broken.

The lesson here is I know my target market and what they love about seeing my face in this fashion and the story behind the picture creates a rapport. That rapport makes me real and with that reality comes a high level of trust and you better believe trust sells!!!

But that trust was only created by performing keyword research and actually talking personally, as a corporate visionary, with my target market.

Yes, there is a LOT more you will need to build a sustainable corporate identity so make sure you and your colleagues get your FREE business success guide by entering your name and email address into the form on this blog to claim your subscription now.

But, if you have any immediate pressing questions you need answers to right now then make sure you ask your questions on the blog.


Create a Logo For Free

How to Create a Logo For Free

Here is a quick lesson in how to create a logo for free with the greatest of ease. What I have found when I need to create a logo is companies that have something to sell but to get your attention and loyalty they offer cool features on their website such a free log maker.

This is an excellent way to create a logo in literally minutes.

Where Can I Create a Logo For Free?

How to Create a Logo for Free – #1 Best Pick

Click here for the FREE Logo Maker

When you use the Logo Maker free logo creator you will not only get some great designs, you will also get.

  • A Free copy of their Logo Design e-book
  • Free analysis of your logo by a professional designer
  • Get free editing and reviews for up to 6 logos
  • The best part is there is ABSOLUTELY no purchase required to take advantage of all the added perks Logo Maker gives you.

    Take Logo Maker for a Test Drive Here

    How to Create a Logo for Free – #2 Best Pick

    VistaPrint provides another incredibly easy to use free logo creator you can use but you don’t get as many free extras that Logo Maker provides but if you are happy with your logo design you can store it for life on VistaPrint so you can easily order new business cards and office stationary with your company logo.

    Give Vista Print’s Free Logo Creator Tool a Try Here

    How to Create a Logo for Free – #3 Best Pick

    LogoYes is a great place to begin to create the look and feel of your logo using their free logo creator but they don’t give you the same free stuff that Logo Maker, the number 1 best pick to create a free logo, but LogoYes has worked with Fortune 500 companies and gives you access to designers that will help you create a memorable brand.

    If you are serious about branding your business then you definitely need to take a serious look at using LogoYes to design your logo.

    Try the LogoYes Free Logo Maker Here

    You might want to review the best selling items article I wrote to take a few minutes to look at what the best selling products are and review their logo designs to notice how simple yet memorable they are to help you get a visual perspective on logo creation.

    As always, if you have any questions about how to create a free logo please submit your questions here on the blog.


    How to Upload WordPress Files

    How to Upload WordPress Themes, Plugins and Images

    Before I can show you how to upload your WordPress Themes, Plugins, Images or video for that matter you are going to need a lesson in how to use FTP.

    What does FTP Stand For?

    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which and that is a predefined set of rules that are set so that one computer can talk to another computer when you are moving files from, for example, your computer to your web server.

    If you need more information about this you can read the tutorial I wrote, What Does FTP Stand For, but that’s not absolutely necessary because in the accompanying video I show you exactly what FTP software to use and how to use it.

    In a nutshell, up to this point in the tutorial series I have shown you where to get WordPress themes, how to create a header graphic for your blog and where to get the All-in-one-SEO plugin which you have stored on your computer but now you are going to need to transfer these files from your computer onto your web hosting server.

    You will be using my favorite FTP software, FileZilla to transfer files from your computer to your website server.

    If you don’t have FileZilla yet, you will need to download it from here

    About Your WordPress Installation Directory Structure

    Hosting File Structure

    When you get your website hosting account and configure your website you will notice there is a hierarchical structure to how your website information is stored that looks like this:

    In this example I will show you my unlimited domain name hosting package I have at what I believe to be, in my humble but accurate opinion, the best website hosting package money can buy for a lot of reasons but mainly because they include a deluxe email autoresponder system with their hosting for an incredibly affordable price.

    When I first bought my GoldBar Hosting package the first domain I registered with them was and the account name that was assigned to this hosting package was superaf.

    Now with that I have talked about some of the background information in the hopes that it helps you better understand how hosting companies work let’s dive head first into the hierarchical structure of how your website file structure is set up:

    1. Website Hosting Hierarchy – Your Hosting Account

    Continuing with the example of my site, I really ought to do something with that domain!

    My website hosting account for that domain name is stored in the base directory:


    I took a screen shot of part of my GoldBar hosting account’s control panel (cpanel) built-in file manager to clarify this for you, see the image below.

    Hosting Account Directory Structure

    This is where your websites get stored and serves as the base root directory for all your website information.

    2. Website Hosting Hierarchy – Your Websites

    You have now seen how your website hosting file structure begins but now you are going to see where your websites that you configure with your unlimited domain hosting account get stored.

    As you have seen your base directory is typically /home/Your-Hosting-Account-Name, in this example it’s /home/superaf.

    When you configure your website hosting to make your website show up on the internet, without getting into the gory details of exactly how web servers work because you don’t really need to know things like how the Apache web server software works to make your pages appear on the internet, all you need to understand is the hierarchical structure.

    When you configure a domain name on your web hosting company it will get created under the public_html directory followed by your website name.

    Since I have hosted The VEO Report blog on the same hosting company as my Super Affiliate Sales blog and configure this web site as an add-on domain the directory The VEO Report blog gets installed on is under the public_html directory like this:


    Now the full path on my GoldBar website hosting account to access files on this blog looks like this:


    Here is another partial screen shot from my control panel file manager from my superaf hosting account to clarify this for you:

    Website File Location

    WordPress Installation File Structure

    Now that you understand how your website directory structure works and if you are following along in this tutorial series you will have already installed your WordPress blog content management software using Fantastico, a software auto-installer, but now it’s important to understand the file structure that happened when you used this push button installation so that you can upload your WordPress themes, plugins, your header graphics and logos.

    There are 3 main sub-directories that got created when you used Fantasico to perform the auto-installation of WordPress for you.

    Here are the WordPress administrative directories that got created when you installed your blog:

    1. wp-admin

    2. wp-content

    3. wp-includes

    Here is a screen shot taken from my website hosting company’s control panel to illustrate:

    Website Hosting Explained

    When you are navigating through your WordPress directory installation structure the only directory you really need to understand to achieve success with the WordPress blog publishing platform is the wp-content directory because that’s where you will upload your themes, your plug-ins and your header graphics and logos to.

    Inside the wp-content directory you will find more sub-directories that you need to know about so that you can upload your Revolution Theme Pack and your first and MOST important WordPress Plugin, the All-in-One-SEO plugin

    WP-Content WordPress Directory

    WordPress Themes & Plug-ins are stored in yet another sub-directory on your website hosting account under the wp-content directory.

    To give you a visual illustration of exactly where you need to navigate to access this directory I have taken another partial screen shot showing you the path you need to navigate to using your free FTP software, FileZilla, but you need to know this screen shot is taken from my GoldBar hosting account Control Panel.

    WordPress wp-content directory

    How Do I Upload a WordPress Theme?

    By now you have an understanding of how your website and WordPress directory structure works so now we are going to dive head-first into where you need to FTP your Revolution theme pack to.

    Here is where you need to FTP your Revolution Theme Pack WordPress themes to:

    The hierarchical directory structure to navigate to on your web server is:


    Here is another partial screen shot taken from my website hosting control panel to illustrate this for you:

    Where to upload WordPress Themes

    How Do I Upload a WordPress Plugin?

    You are now VERY savvy at using FTP to upload files to your website hosting account so upload WordPress plugins is now brain-dead simple for you and you know exactly how to navigate through FileZilla to upload WordPress plugins to your hosting account.

    Here is the directory where you upload your WordPress plug-ins:


    Where to upload WordPress plugins

    How Do I Get Pictures and Logos On My WordPress Blog?

    Yeah, a lot of people get incredibly frustrated when they try to upload a header graphic or website logo to their WordPress blog because they keep trying to upload their graphics to their website hosting package where they got their blog installed!

    Let’s help you publish your logos and header graphics to your blog by showing you where you WordPress blog themes get installed to.

    To upload header / logo files into your WordPress Blog.

    Here we are going to deeper into your directory structure and for the sake of simplicity the starting directory to get to where your images get uploaded the base directory where we will begin is /public_html/veoreport/

    Remember that your WordPress theme got installed in the wp-content directory, so that’s where your templates are stored, including where your header graphics will go.

    To upload your header graphic to your blog, use FileZilla and navigate to the following directory


    The reason a lot of people can’t figure out how to get a header graphic to work on their blog is mainly due to the file structure you have to navigate through, check out how deep you have to go into your file structure.


    Another option you have to simplify where your image gets displayed from is you can edit your blog template and change the code so that your logo images are stored under a simpler location such as

    As always, if you have any questions about how to upload your files please submit your questions here.


    How to Set Up a Website

    How to Set Up a Website – VEO Tutorial

    Here are some simple web hosting how-to’s that you will need to build a website. But due the overwhelming amount of information you are going to need to know to build a SUCCESSFUL website, do take a second to subscribe to The VEO Report’s video tutorials aimed at helping business owners achieve high levels of online success for both merchants with products to sell and aspiring affiliate marketers.

    When you get your subscription you will be shown, in a step-by-step format, exactly what you need to do to create a successful website that makes money.

    Now, let’s dive into showing you how to set up a website.

    Register a Domain Name

    Before you can set up a website the first thing you are going to need is a domain name and that’s where a lot of confusion begins for many people that are trying to get started is knowing exactly what domain name to register and how to go about registration process.

    To start with a lot of people get confused and ask the question “What do the domain extensions stand for?”

    Yes, it can seem a little overwhelming when you are trying to register a domain name and you aren’t quite sure what top-level domains like .com, .net. .info or .ws along with all the other top-level domain extensions mean.

    If you are confused about all this Dot this and Dot that domain extension stuff then take a minute to read the tutorial I wrote titled What do the Domain Extensions Stand For?

    How much does it cost to get a domain name?

    A domain name will typically cost about $10/year but you can take advantage of the free domain name offer that BlueHost has on now.

    Claim your FREE Domain Name Here

    Get Website Hosting

    Before you rush off and get a hosting company you are going to want to ensure you get a hosting package you need to think about what Content Management System (CMS) you want to use.

    What is a Content Management System?

    In plain English, a Content Management System is a tool you use to build a website and acts as your website builder and web editor. Your CMS will also help your manage your web design.

    The best web site hosting package should include an easy to use control panel the gives with the Fantastico auto-install and should include WordPress, my favorite CMS.

    WordPress is a blogging platform that is in my opinion, the best way to create your website because it gives you everything you need in order to get top ten natural search engine placement listings built in.

    When you order your hosting package you will need to make sure your are finding companies that offer WordPress hosting plans because when you get your free video tutorials when you subscribe to The VEO Report newsletter you will discover exactly how powerful WordPress is for online marketing.

    How much does it cost to get web hosting?

    When you get your website hosting right now it won’t cost you a dime because you will get a free hosting trial.

    Get Free Website Hosting – Register Now!

    Once you have registered your domain name and taken advantage of the free web site hosting offer, as mentioned above, then all you need to do is start building website and begin selling stuff.

    When you get your FREE subscription to The VEO Report newsletter you will discover exactly how to identify the best selling items online, how to conduct market research and how to create articles and promotional material to sell more of the best sellers.

    To find out how to perform market research and get Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement then make sure you take advantage of The VEO Report’s FREE online marketing video training tutorials.

    You can get your subscription now by entering your name and email address into the form on this site.

    But if you have questions you need immediate answers to then go ahead and submit your questions now and you will get a well thought out personal answer to your questions.


    Writing a Web Site Plan

    Writing a Web Site Plan Made Easy

    Video Tutorial for setting website categories

    Writing a web site plan is actually a very simple, yet cumbersome process. Because when you are putting a business plan together for your web site you absolutely must find out exactly how people are looking for the products you intend to sell.

    What I do when writing a web site plan is start with product research followed by keyword research.

    Once I have determined a based set of products to promote I will begin brainstorming categories of complementary products and services.

    Here is a case study outline of writing a web site plan for my new site that will sell MP3 Players.

    1. Visit

    I do this to get a list of the best sellers. This is a really fast way of finding out what products are selling right now, essentially by doing this you are putting together a recession proof business plan.

    To get the best sellers simply click through the various categories at and click on the “Bestsellers” tab on their web site.

    When you are starting a business it is VERY wise to sell what’s already selling.

    2. Keyword Research

    I will then use WordTracker to generate a list of keyword phrases to target to get search engine traffic by writing articles using Visitor Experience Optimization (VEO) techniques.

    Right now you can Get a 7 Day Free Trail of WordTracker

    3. Create a List of Categories

    By using the market intelligence gained by researching the best selling items on and generating a list of keyword phrases to target I can now start writing a web site plan by looking for complementary products and services that fit perfectly with my core line of products to sell.

    This research will form the categories I will use to form my web site plan.

    4. Create a Content Creation Plan

    Now that I have set the foundation of my web site plan by choosing web site categories I will create a content creation plan of articles, podcasts and videos to create for my website.

    While this is a highly simplified guide to writing a web site plan, you will get the facts start to finish when you subscribe to the VEO Online Success series of tutorials you will learn how to create a risk free business plan by testing products and services using affiliate programs.

    In case you don’t know what affiliate programs are, you get paid a commission selling other people’s stuff, hence this is a risk free approach because you don’t have to neither buy shopping cart software nor to you have to source products and have the worries of product fulfillment.

    If you don’t already have your free subscription to the VEO Affiliate Success Tutorials go ahead and enter your name and email address into the form on this site to gain access now.

    But if you have immediate questions or concerns about writing a web site plan please submit your questions here.


    Best Products to Sell Online

    What Are the Best Products to Sell Online?

    When you are setting out on your venture to start a home based business it is VERY wise to begin your journey to success by looking for the best products to sell online.

    But what baffles most would-be entrepreneurs is the fact there is SO much mis-information out there about how to find out what items of a consistently sell no matter what the economy is doing.

    In order to build a successful home based business you need to know EXACTLY what the consistent profit pulling products are.

    Or if you have your sites aimed at creating your own product you need to know if you will have a successful product launch.

    Whether your are looking to launch a product of your own or simply find a way to source the best products to sell online you need to begin by finding out what products are selling right now to give you the market intelligence necessary to know whether or not to move forward with your idea or product launch.

    As part of my video tutorial series, I showed you how to find the best selling items using Amazon’s “Best Sellers” feature. You can gain valuable market intelligence VERY quickly by drilling into any category or sub-category of the website to find out what products are selling right now and make a fast determination whether products in your niche are selling.

    While using’s best selling items as a source of getting market intelligence is not the only way to find the best products to sell online it is a highly effective method of creating a list of products to sell, as those that have a free newsletter subscription to the VEO Report already know.

    Steps to Find The Best Products to Sell Online

    To get started on your quest to find the best products to sell online, here are the steps you should take to get your home based business off to a successful start.

    8 Easy Steps to Start a Successful Home Based Business

    1. Go to Amazon
    Click here

    2. Click on any given category in Amazon that interest you to find products to sell.

    3. Click on the tab near the top that reads “Bestsellers”

    4. Copy and paste a list of the best selling items in your desired category into Microsoft Word, NotePad or whatever your favorite text editor happens to be

    5. Find out exactly how people are searching for these products in the major search engines using a keyword research tool

    I use WordTracker to get this market intelligence information.

    Get Your FREE 7 Day Trial of WordTracker Now

    6. Dig deeper into search phrases that relate to the best selling items using your free WordTracker keyword research trial.

    7. Register a domain name specific to your target search terms

    Watch the video tutorial titled “How Do I Register a Domain Name

    You may also be interested in reading the article I wrote about Internet Domain Name Confusion to help you register a domain name.

    8. Get web site hosting to host your domain so you have an internet presence to sell products from

    The web site hosting company I use is GoldBar and they give you a LOT of extras that are going to help your future marketing campaigns to build a VERY successful home based business.

    Get your domain name and website hosting now for nothing for the first 30 days, in order to create a successful home based business in this new economy you MUST establish an online presence!

    When you register today you will get a 30 day risk free trial of their service!

    Claim Your 30 Day FREE Hosting Trial Here

    Yeah, there is more involved in getting your home based business off the ground but this is where you must begin, and that is finding the best products to sell online starting with

    Whether you plan to source products to drop ship or if you want to earn commissions by selling other people’s stuff using affiliate programs such as the Amazon Associate Program

    When you take advantage of the free home based business success series of tutorials by registering your name and email address using the form on this site you will get the unabridged & unedited truth in getting success online.

    You will learn how choose a product to sell and how to sell it online and best of all when you take my advice and take advantage of this FREE web site hosting offer you will discover not only how I choose the best products to sell online but you will also discover how I use this web site hosting company’s unique added value to create myself a very sweet consistent profit pulling center!

    Claim Your FREE Hosting Trial Now

    Know this . . .

    You found a web marketing guru that actually gives a darn about your home based business success so go ahead and submit your comments, questions, confusion or anything you need to know right now and I will personally respond!

    Don’t be shy, there is no such thing as a bad question

    When you submit your questions please try to be as specific as possible so I can succeed at helping you achieve your dreams.

    I know I didn’t reveal everything in this article but it’s simply not possible to show you everything you need to know in one article to get you to the point of massive success and that’s why you should take a minute to get your free subscription the The VEO Report Newsletter because you will get the ENTIRE start-to-finish success formula to launch your home based business!


    Internet Domain Name Confusion

    Eliminating Internet Domain Name Confusion by Colin McDougall

    Watch this video to help you eliminate any internet domain name confusion you might have:

    It’s not surprising that there exists a lot internet domain name confusion, especially if this is the first time domain name registration. The VEO Report is here to help make sense of all the stuff on the World Wide Web, it really is a great big place with a lot of mis-information so there is no wonder that you could be confused by domain names and how to register an effective domain to achieve your web site objectives.

    I have included a video on this post showing you where I got a free domain and the methodology I used to register a domain name.

    To summarize the process I go through, I will begin by explaining that my objective with every domain name registration is to make money. While your objective might be to support a non-profit cause or simply to get your thoughts heard because you want to become famous via the internet, whatever your reason for wanting to get a domain name I will guide you through the process of registering a domain.

    1. I find products that are already selling

    Watch my video on how to find the best selling items on Amazon

    2. Research target keyword phrases.

    Typically, if you get a top level keyword phrase worked into your domain name registration it will help you get to the top of the search engines on search terms that your target audience is typing into looking for your products, services or ideas.

    I use WordTracker to find out what the most search keywords are on the internet that related to the topic of interest that I am going to focus my website around.

    Get a FREE 7 Trial Today

    3. Search for an available domain name

    Now that you know how people are searching for you on the search engines it’s time to register your domain name.

    Get a FREE domain name here

    Domain Name Registration – More Great Information

    If you need to get a better understanding of what jargon like generic top-level domains mean to help eliminate confusion in domain name registration, I have written a few articles to help you understand and register a domain name.

    To help you get a better understanding about what all those top level domain extensions mean you can check out the article titled What do the Domain Extensions Stand For

    You can also read the article I wrote, Where Can I Buy a Domain Name, in this article I show you where you can get a free domain name with your website hosting.

    If you are ready to buy a domain name right now you can take advantage of the FREE domain name offer presented by BlueHost.

    Click Here to Get Your Free Domain Name

    Go ahead and submit your questions or comments about registering a domain name here and I will personally help you get the facts you need to build a successful website.

    I am here to help eliminate any internet domain name confusion you have.


    How Do I Register a Domain Name

    How Do I Register a Domain Name? – Video Tutorial

    So tell me exactly how do I register a domain name and where can I find a domain name registrar?

    If you want to have a web site you first need to get a domain name right now

    Get a FREE domain name here

    When you register your domain name here is the process I use to decide what domain name to register.

    When people ask how do I register a domain name, here is the process I use to register a good domain name that will make money.

    1. Get a list of Best Selling products from

    Copy and paste a list of specific products into Microsoft Word, Notepad, or your favourite text editor.

    You can see how I use Amazon to find the best selling items here. This is an excellent strategy because it’s best to sell what people are buying.

    2. Use WordTracker to research how people are searching for specific products and services

    To see exactly how I use WordTracker when I am registering a new domain name you can watch the WordTracker Review video

    Get a 7 Day WordTracker FREE trial now

    3. It’s time to register a domain name

    Once you have selected a product base to sell and ran your keyword reports using WordTracker you should try to register a domain name that contains at least a base of your target keyword phrase.

    In the video, I show you how to register a domain name but after recording that video I changed my mind about the domain name I had registered.

    If you watched the video that accompanies this article, you will see that I registered the domain name “” and the reason I changed my mind was due to the potential of Apple Computers Inc. launching a case of legal whoop butt on me for trademark infringement.

    I don’t need to waste my time talking to lawyers so I decided to register a domain that I use to sell items like Apple iPod Touch, Nano and other MP3 Players.
    What I decided to do is register a domain that would be on topic with selling Apple iPod’s but would be based on a generic non-trademarked term so I registered

    Watch the Second “How Do I Register a Domain Name Video

    In this video I show you a mistake I made on my initial domain name registration.

    Remember to post your comments and questions if you need help with the domain name registration process and I will give you a personal answer.


    Best Selling Items

    Watch the VEO Elite tutorial to find the best selling items using Amazon

    Required Tools:

    You will need to find out EXACTLY how consumers are searching for the best selling items online. To get this essential data you need to perform keyword research.

    Get Your 7 Day FREE WordTracker Trial Now

    Without a WordTracker subscription, you will miss out on finding high commercial intent keywords.

    Next VEO Elite Requirements:
    1. Register a Domain Name
    Register a domain name for your website to make money with the best selling items at

    Get your free domain name here

    2. KRA Pro
    Write articles to appear at the top of search engines to sell the best sellers
    You will need to generate a list of supporting LSI phrases using a theme phrase generation tool.

    You will need to Order KRA Pro Here

    Now let’s talk about how to get a list of the best selling items online
    (if you are stuck, remember that you can submit your questions on this blog…)

    A lot of people think the only way to find the best selling items online is to perform research about items on ebay and for some reason you may have been led to believe that finding items that sell on ebay is the best way to discover what to sell to make money online.

    While looking at items that sell on ebay is a good thing to do, I personally prefer to find best selling items at Amazon.

    In fact I have found several bags of gold in the past 24 hours when I was looking at what was selling in the MP3 Player category and saw that the Apple iPod Touch was a best selling item which spawned me to perform extensive keyword research on the subject of best selling items in the personal media player industry and I started to perform keyword research using WordTracker and my Green Money Line research methodology to get more cash in the bank

    Why did I Choose to Get a List of the Best Selling Items?

    I chose to generate my list of products to sell and earn money with their affiliate program because everybody and their dog, cat and gerbil knows they can trust Amazon.

    Amazon touts itself as “The Most Trusted Online Store” and in fact they are justified in making that claim!

    Because of how well branded Amazon is, I can see how well they are trusted based on the affiliate sales conversion rates I get.

    Once I have chosen specific best selling products to make money with at, I then go full steam ahead with my Green Money Line Keyword research strategy using WordTracker to start making money fast.

    In case you are looking for the best selling items on eBay thinking that you will find the best sellers and then try to source the product and ship it yourself, I have to be frank with you and say that you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Your best bet is to begin your quest to make extra money using affiliate marketing programs first because you don’t need to source product nor do you have to fulfill the orders, the online stores you promote take care of those headaches for you.

    All you need to do is find the best selling items on Amazon then join their affiliate program to start selling what’s already selling.

    But before you rush off to start your affiliate marketing career you are going to need to get to work and build a website first.

    Here is the process you want to go through to begin selling the best selling items at Amazon.

    1. Compile a list of best selling items in a category of Amazon
    2. Get your free 7 day trial account at

    Use WordTracker to find out how many times per day and exactly how people are searching for these products and then generate a list of keyword phrases to write articles.

    3. Get KRA Pro, the best theme phrase generating software on the market today to get supporting phrases to boost your search engine rankings.

    4. Watch the video I did for you showing you EXACTLY how to write SEO articles about the best selling items at

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