WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting Plans As you know WordPress is simply the best website builder because of the ease of publishing, set-up and how search engine friendly it is to help get you success online. Let’s discuss some considerations you should take into account with WordPress Hosting Plans. There are certainly thousands of companies that claim to […]

What is a Blog

What is a Blog? You keep hearing about blogs and you are wondering exactly what is a blog and how it is different from a regular website. There really is not big difference between a blog and a regular website in the sense that with a blog you publish pages to the internet like you […]

What is WordPress

What is WordPress? Blogging for Beginners Tutorials So what is WordPress, well my friends, WordPress is the ultimate web 2.0 content management system that will give you an edge with your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts. WordPress is an open source content management system and is included with most web hosting companies. […]

Free FTP Software

Free FTP Software Download Yes, I could make a commission by sending you to a paid FTP client but I could not do that and have a clear conscience because I am personally using free FTP software to upload files to my web server. You can get Filezilla Free FTP software here Why do you […]