Business Video Directory

Business Video Directory Services

Facts you need right now about Business Video Directory Services . . .

First off, let me tell you that you are a savvy business owner because you already know the power a video business directory can provide to increasing your bottom line.

But you now that you got a video to promote your company you need to know how to leverage your productions to get your message out to your target audience.

The business video directory submission service I use has not only helped get my marketing message in front of targeted audiences within lots of social networks, my videos have helped me get more Google search engine traffic because of the viral effect that happens as a direct result of the business video directory service I use

The company I use to distribute my business videos is currently offering a $1 trial of their service, they are that good that they practically give it away for the first month.

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As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, not only do I need to get my message out to the world quickly, this business video directory service saves me massive amounts of time which in turn saves me cost because each video submission can take over 3 hours of time, by using a business video directory service I have saved thousands of dollars every month in staffing costs and when you combine those savings with the laser targeted, credit card in hand, visitors to my website it’s been a no-brainer decision in my business planning to use an automated video directory submission service.

If you need help with your online business strategies make sure you register now by entering your name and email address in the form on this website to get free video tutorials that will take you from zero to hero provided you stay tuned and follow my advice

But if you are a serious business owner that already understands the value that getting your marketing message out to a massive audience fast using a cost effective distribution service then you are ready to use the business video directory submission service I use and when you get your Platinum membership there are a plethora of tools that will take your business to the next level!

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If you’ve got questions or comments about business video directory submissions or even video production questions go ahead and ask what’s on your mind here on The VEO Report blog


Semantic Blog Planning

Semantic Blog Planning

Pen to Paper Brainstorming

Putting your pen to paper, begin your quest in making money online in a place where you are inspired.

For me, sometimes getting inspiration comes when I am kicking back and relaxing with a cup of coffee at Starbucks and other times I drive an hour east of Vancouver out to Harrison Hot Springs Resort in beautiful British Columbia to take in the majestic views to be had there.

Other times I find inspiration in the Okanagan region of British Columbia and enjoying my SeaEagle 380x inflatable kayak I got for being their top affiliate (Thanks again John, that boat rocks!)

This inspires me!

Actual picture taken from my Vaseux Lake “Office”

Planning your website takes more than just semantics, it takes inspiration.

In fact your success will be largely decided based on how you feel, if you are feeling down and depressed then that’s a really BAD time to try to plan.

Website Planning Venue

We all get those days where we are just feeling low and tired, perhaps somebody ticked you off recently and your not in a place where you feel good.

Yeah, it happens to all of us including me so what I do when I am feeling run down and not feeling up to the tasks at hand is I will go to my “Happy Place” and as you can see from the above picture, I was in a VERY happy place and produced some amazing plans that resulted in earning over $60,000 in a single month!!!

Semantic Research – Introducing the “New” WordTracker

In order to get my point across, I am going to take you through planning just one category and subsequent subcategories. When you see the effort I go through in planning my blog you will understand why it takes me a week or more to plan my blog in some cases.

1. Use The New WordTracker Keyword Research Tool

The new version of WordTracker has been released at EXACTLY the right time because their new interface makes website planning MUCH easier

Get your FREE WordTracker Trial Here

2. Check top ten results

Search Google for your top level category to get more ideas of categories to include on your blog and add those to your content plan document.

3. Check Google AdWords External Keyword Tool

If you have an existing site that’s not getting the rankings you feel you deserve, then do a sanity check to see what Google thinks your website is about using the External Keyword Tool.

You can also use the Google External Keyword Tool to get planning data from websites that appear in the top ten organic search rankings for your categories.

Here is the Google External Keyword Tool

4. Run KRA Pro on a selected keyword

Once you’ve got your categories selected and documented in your content creation plan it’s time to select keyword from your WordTracker keyword reports and start generating theme reports which in turn will give you semantic keywords to target.

Not only do I use KRA Pro for creating semantic articles but I also use it to create a list of more seed keyword phrases and then once I’ve published a set of articles from the theme report I will create internal links within my website content which then builds depth to each article

Get KRA Pro Here

Before I sign off on this article I have to address one of the MOST frequently asked questions I got when I asked you to e-mail me your questions:

The question that got frequently asked was “I have traffic but I’m not selling anything, what should I do to convert my traffic to sales?”

In case you missed it, I recorded a video tutorial showing you how to find out what’s selling right now here in the Best Selling Items video

Notice that I just found another way to work in some internal content based deep linking back to that article and it was easy for me to do on The VEO Report blog because I took the time necessary to create a plan, an ever-growing content plan in place that serves to easily get internal links like this.

The good news my friends is you can’t get this wrong!

Remember to go back and check the Google External Keyword Tool periodically to make sure Google thinks your website is about what you want it to be about and either fix your site or adjust course and re-plan your content based on the data you get from checking the AdWords keyword tool.

Go ahead and ask your questions, I know you likely have a few because I can’t possibly address everything in just one video and I do my best to keep these tutorials as short and to the point as possible


Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine – The VEO Search Engine Watch Report

(My apologies for the bad lighting in this video, just moved to a new house and haven’t found the boxes with all my cool gear yet…)

Search Engine Optimization is about to go through another MAJOR change with the imminent Google Caffeine update coming.

If you have been relying on popular social media sources for creating search engine dominance, where your website combined with your social media satellite pages, get multiple listings in Google then you get be in for a rude awakening if you haven’t been using VEO publishing methodologies as outlined in my popular training sessions.

Don’t worry, I will make sure I let you know when I am going to open the doors on my next online business school sessions so you can enjoy sustainable traffic in this new Google Caffeine update.

What’s going to happen with the version of Google?

Here is a high level overview of what you can expect when Google starts to phase in the Caffeine infrastructure and software.

1. Increased focus on website authority

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “What exactly is an authority site?” and here is the best definition that I can give you that describes what it means to be an authority site in the eyes of Google:

An authority site is a site that has many inbound links from other authority hub sites. By receiving several citations from trusted hub sites an authority site will have a high TrustRank and will also have high search engine placement. An example of an authority site is

2. Increased focus on website semantics

What this means is you need to have a website plan in place, giving thought to your website structure and how you create your website content.

The key factor to my planning success is my favorite SEO software tool, KRA Pro.

Go order KRA Pro Now!

Seriously, if you don’t have this software then your website will be missing from the top search results in Google.

When I am selecting a top level keyword to target this is THE main tool I use for planning my website categories and more importantly adding supporting depth to every article I write.

3. Search Engine Domination – RIP

May search engine domination tactics rest in peace

In case you don’t know what I mean when I say search engine domination, that means you get several of your own properties created using social media sites like, etc all sitting at the top of the search engine.

While this isn’t going impact every social media page you create, I am seeing a tendency in the Google Sandbox that fewer of my social media satellite pages are appearing at the top of the search results.

4. Possibly Diminishing Google Universal Search

If you don’t know what Universal Search is its when you get a combination of Google’s services appearing in the main search results pages. Services like Google News, Video and Image results will appear along side web page listings to provide clarity here’s an example.

In this example I looked at another one of Google’s services called Hot Trends and arbitrarily searched the hottest search term. In this picture you can see an example of Google News appearing in the search results:

Google Universal Search Results

This screen shot was taken from further down the page where you can see Google Images and Google Hot Trends are appearing in the top ten search results.

Google Universal Search

If you’ve got questions or concerns then go ahead and submit them here on The VEO Report blog


Web SEO Rankings NY

Hiring a Web SEO Rankings NY firm may seem like the best choice if you are living in New York state or have been hitting the street in Manhattan but to get top results for your company’s search engine optimization then you should look beyond the great state of New York.

To get organic search engine optimization to achieve #1 on Google you would be wise to broaden your scope of search engine professionals because you might miss out on getting the best talent, in fact I know you are because while giving a presentation at a search engine marketing event another marketing dubbed me as Colin “Google” McDougall because of my uncanny ability to get to #1 on Google in ANY market through ANY Google Slap.

Yes, you can get Web SEO Rankings in NY companies to give you advise to optimize your website and I have been on the street in Manhattan and in fact grew up with a summer place on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, so trust me on this, I know how you New Yorkers think and if you don’t believe me yet then you should perform your due diligence and get a subscription by entering your name and email address right now into the form on this site to get not just one FREE SEO TIP, to get an entire video tutorial series to prove to you that if you don’t expand your scope now when seeking the best search engine optimization and online marketing expert on the planet beyond the boundaries of New York then you could be making a grave mistake.

Stop your search now because the best web SEO rankings NY expert doesn’t live in your backyard, in fact you have to look across the country to the West Coast, then make a right turn to the great white north and the fabulous city of Vancouver British Columbia to help you piece together your ecommerce web strategies for both higher search engine optimization and more importantly, higher sales conversions.

Remember if you have any doubt about my ability to help your company rise to #1 on Google then go ahead and get the proof you need by entering your name and email address into the form on this website right now to see first hand that I can get to the top on search terms you need to succeed, even terms such as “Web SEO Rankings NY”.

And know that you’ve found a search engine optimization specialist that truly cares about your success so go ahead and ask your most pressing questions about search engine marketing right here, right now by submitting what you need to know on The VEO Report blog.


How to Add a WordPress Page

Adding WordPress Pages Tutorial

Here’s How to Add a WordPress Page:

Whether you are a merchant selling your own products and services or if you are an affiliate marketer you will need to make sure that you have done the necessary front end research in order to build a successful blog.

In case you haven’t read the tutorials or seen the videos you should make sure your review the Writing a Web Site Plan tutorial because I will be discussing issues such as setting up your blog categories.

If you don’t have a solid content creation plan in place before you start adding content to your blog then you will likely waste a lot of time going forward trying to figure out what you should do next.

Once you have a solid content creation plan in place and you have done your keyword research then you are ready to start adding pages to your blog.

Before I dive in and show you how to add pages to your WordPress blog you will need to understand the difference between a WordPress page and a WordPress post.

WordPress Post Vs. Page Explained

The best way to describe what is a WordPress Post is posts are listed on your blog in reverse chronological order meaning that your newest post will appear at the top of your blog within your chosen category, pushing older posts toward the bottom of your category.

Whereas a WordPress page is a static page that stays put without getting “pushed down”.

Next I will discuss what pages you need to build a successful blog and as you look at the blogs I create you will notice that I always have a well thought out list of categories that I derived from my keyword and market research that I showed you in the Creating a Web Site Plan tutorial.

What WordPress Pages Do I Need to Have?

What I typically do, even before I register a domain name, is I start writing the following pages to help me order a domain name that speaks to my vision of the goals and value offered to my visitors.

Not only does adding the following pages help me to set the direction of my blog but it also helps to build trust with your visitors.

Now let’s get into discussing the first 3 pages you need to create for your blog, then I will show you how to add a WordPress Page.

1. About Us

Create an “About Us” that states what your goals and objectives are. Use the About Us page to tell your visitors what pains and frustrations you are trying to solve and by solving their problems their life will be much better because . . .

List the reasons their life will become better, simpler and happier because they stumbled across your blog.

2. Contact Us

Give your visitors options to get in touch with you. It is important to have a contact us page because quite often you have a customer with credit card in hand that just needs to clarify a few things before buying.

Yes! Personal relationships with customers work online!

3. Privacy Policy

Because your visitors are fed up with getting SPAM email and they are concerned about issues such as identity theft you need to provide them with comfort and re-assurance that you are not automatically collecting personal identification that could put them at risk.

To see an example of a privacy statement you can click on The VEO Report’s Privacy Policy page where I state that only aggregate data such as referring websites, referring search engines, time of day, day of week, etc, information is collected unless smart people like you take advantage of these tutorials and voluntarily offer your name and email address.

How to Add a Static WordPress Home Page

If you want to have a static home page on your WordPress blog watch this video to learn now.

How to Add Posts on Your WordPress Blog

Once you have created your static WordPress pages such as your Privacy, Contact Us and About Us pages it’s time to start adding the articles you write and publishing them as posts

Here’s your tutorial showing you how to publish WordPress blog posts

Once you have created your core trust pages by writing your About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages now you can start adding your posts on your WordPress Blog


How To Configure a WordPress Blog

How to Configure a WordPress Blog

It’s time to begin configuring your WordPress blog once you have completed the following activities:

  • Registered your domain name
  • Got your website hosting
  • Ordered your professional theme
  • Configured your hosting and installed your WordPress blog
  • It’s time to begin configuring your blog. Watch these videos to learn how to configure your WordPress blog

    WordPress Configuration Clean-Up Tasks

    1. Remove Default Blogroll Links

    Before you begin blogging there are some clean up tasks you need to perform. Because I want the attention of my website visitors focussed on the products and services I have to sell I want to remove the default Blogroll links that link out to various areas of the site.

    2. Remove the Hello World Post

    The “Hello World” blog post gets published with every WordPress installation and since it’s a useless post, I like to delete it.

    To delete the Hello World post login to your WordPress admin panel by navigating to the Posts section then simply place your mouse under the “Hello World” post and you will see a “Delete” link, click the delete link and say good-bye to the hello world post.

    WordPress Configuration Tasks

    3. Upload Professional Theme

    If you need help uploading your WordPress theme visit this tutorial

    4. Activate WordPress Plugins

    In most installations of WordPress the Akismet plugin is installed by default so all you have to do is navigate in your WordPress admin panel to the Plugins area and activate Akismet.

    If your WordPress installation doesn’t already have this plugin then you can download it here

    Before your Akismet plugin will work you will need to get a WordPress API. Get your WordPress API key here.

    Next you will need to active your All-in-one-SEO plugin so you can write your meta title and meta description.

    5. Add your RPC Ping Notification List

    When you configure your blog you want to add a list of update services, it is these services that get your blog posts indexed quickly by Google because of the immense popularity of these sites, Google is sitting on top of these sites devouring the content that appears there.

    By adding a list of update services, each and every time you post to your blog, all these services are notified and Google will find your article from these sites.

    Here’s where you add these update services to your WordPress blog.

    Inside your WordPress admin panel:
    Go to Settings -> Writing

    Here are some of the best update services to use, copy and paste these into the “Update Services” box in your WordPress Settings.

    6. Configure Blog Permalinks

    Permalinks are the URL’s of your blog posts and pages, to make sure you understand what a permalink is let’s use the example from The VEO Report blog where I wrote a blog post titled “Corporate Identity Brand Building

    On the VEO Report blog my Permalink settings are:


    In this case, I selected the “Business” category on my blog so the Permalink for this post is:

    In the above example, there is a risk that because there is not a unique permalink identifier that I could over write a blog post.

    For example if I wrote another article titled Corporate Identity Brand Building and filed it under the Business category then the new article would overwrite the old article or could potentially cause other problems with my blog.

    Because I thoroughly planned the content for The VEO Report in advance there’s no risk that I will have that problem.

    Here is a better permalink structure to use if you think you are going to write multiple articles that will have the same title:




    You can also create unique pages by using dates in your permalink structure.

    Here is a list of WordPress Permalink attributes you can use:

    The year of the post, four digits, for example 2009

    Month of the year, for example 05

    Day of the month, for example 28

    Hour of the day, for example 15

    Minute of the hour, for example 43

    Second of the minute, for example 33

    A sanitized version of the title of the post

    The unique ID # of the post, for example 423

    A sanitized version of the category name

    A sanitized version of the tag name

    A sanitized version of the author name.


    WordPress Plugins You Need

    WordPress Plug-Ins You Must Have

    If you’ve installed a WordPress blog you have likely heard all kinds of people talking about their “pimped out” blog and all the must have WordPress Plugins and what I find because of the fact there are so many plugins out there, both free and paid, it gets very overwhelming for somebody new that’s trying to make money with the blog.

    What I am about to share with you will bring simplicity to creating a blog that gets search engine traffic using what I believe to be the best WordPress plugin out there.

    Best WordPress Plugin #1 The All in One SEO Plugin

    There are lots of WordPress SEO Plugins but the one I use on every blog I publish is the All-in-one-SEO plugin.

    What the All-in-one-SEO plugin does for you is it allows you to insert your meta information into your blog exactly how you want it to appear.

    If you don’t have the all-in-one-seo plugin then WordPress will insert the blog post title into your title tag but for better search engine results you will want to be able to modifying your meta title, the meta title tag is where you set the words that appear at the top of your web browser and search engines use that for the clickable text in the search results pages.

    And the Meta description that gets added in the all-in-seo plugin typically is the description that appears in your search engine results pages.

    Meta Description Usage Tip: Use your meta description to entice visitors to click on your search engine result by offering value such as “Visit now to claim your FREE report”

    Best WordPress Plugin #2 – The Akismet Spam Filter

    The Akismet plugin is usually built-in to your WordPress installation but if it isn’t you can download Akismet here

    The Akismet plugin is an essential plugin because your goal on your blog should be to build an interactive community where you are engaging in conversation with your website visitors.

    But due to the fact there are evil-doers out there that are trying to infiltrate your blog you need a way to stop spam comments from appearing on your blog and that is what the Askimet plugin does.

    Yes there are tons of other incredible WordPress plugins available and I will talk about those later as we move into advanced WordPress blogging strategies but my goal is to give you a solid foundation first and get you making money as simply as possible without introducing layers of complexity, by doing this it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.


    Detailed Website Training Plan

    This Is Your Detailed Website Training Plan

    When you are looking to make a buck online you need to get a detailed website training plan that actually produces results.

    If you use the analogy of getting fit you know that you will need a detailed workout routine to follow to get back to top fitness levels that show you all the strength training workouts necessary to regain you peak fitness.

    But the problem keeps coming from trying quick fix diets and magic pills that promise you results but after spending massive amounts of money buying into these false hope programs you realise that maybe, just maybe, achieving your goals might just actually take some effort on your part.

    Yes! The age old adage that states you get back what you put in holds true no matter what your goals are.

    I have created some formulas for myself to serve as reminders of EXACTLY what it takes to achieve my goals in my online business but know that no matter what your goals are these formulae ALWAYS hold true

    Talk – Action = Zero

    Knowledge – Action . . . Still equals ZERO

    Knowledge + Action = Results

    A Burning Desire + Action + Knowledge = Results = $$$

    If you are serious about taking action to live the life of freedom I got, where I have become famous for the saying “Summers of Freedom” because I am free from a boss, free from a job and I really enjoy spending the summers with my kids and have the ability to NOT work ALL summer long because of my online business then here is what you MUST do to begin is:

    1. Perform Market Research

    As you saw in the accompanying video, you can start your research to gain market intelligence with the Google Keyword Tool

    While that is a great starting point you will need to dig deeper more efficiently using the WordTracker Keyword Tool, if you haven’t already seen my Green Money Line keyword research strategy then you can go watch my WordTracker Review tutorial now to get deeper insights on how to perform your keyword research

    2. How to Write SEO Articles

    While this article is only a high level summary, you need to perform your keyword research so that you can get top ten natural search engine placement on your targeted phrases you are going to need to get a couple of tools.

    Also make sure you read the “How to Write SEO Articles” post to get a full understanding of how to create content.

    Required Tool #1 – WordTracker

    The Google Keyword Research Tool is inherently flawed because you are only getting phrases that Google wants you to bid on because they are relying on your ignorance, they assume that you won’t dig deeper.

    Yes this might sound confusing to you right now but when you subscribe to the VEO Report newsletter right now, you will gain clarity on terms such as Commercial Intent but what you need to know is that Google’s keyword tool does NOT allow you to dig deeper into finding your Green Money Line keywords with high Commercial Intent

    If you don’t already got it, then you need to subscribe now to take advantage of the

    FREE WordTracker Trial Here

    Required Tool #2 – Theme phrase generator

    Keywords are NOT enough!

    Google has become VERY sophisticated in how they rank websites in the top ten of their search results and one factor that is INCREDIBLY difficult to sort out is their Latent Semantic Indexing technology that is at play in their search results.

    Yes, you better believe that LSI is complicated because it forces you to learn about some VERY complicated math, with things like Vector Space Analysis . . .. How good is your calculus right now?

    Yeah, I got 100% in my first calculus mid-term test at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

    But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mathematics wiz in order to get this stuff right all you need is to take advantage of my fellow geeks software that shows you all this stuff,

    You can avoid all this geek speak, by getting KRA Pro now

    KRA Pro will generate a list of supporting phrases to use in your articles so it’s no brainer easy

    Creating a Detailed Website Plan Overview

    Here are the initial steps you must take to begin your journey in creating a successful online business:

    1. Choose a Niche

    Watch my video showing you how to find the best selling items online by using Amazon’s best sellers

    To get the market intelligence to find out what’s selling right now, go to and click through the various categories and then click on the bestsellers tab near the top and then compile a list of products to sell

    Visit Amazon Here

    2. Keyword Research

    Use WordTracker to generate a list of keyword phrases that people are using to search for those products. If you need to review the keyword research video tutorial I prepared for you, you can watch my WordTracker Review video here. In this video, I show you how to find what I call “Green Money Lines” to find the fastest path to cash.

    Your keyword research will form your website content creation plan.

    Get your FREE 7 Day WordTracker Trial Here

    3. Register a Domain Name

    There are 2 hosting companies that I use, the first is BlueHost, I decided to use their service because they give you a FREE domain name and offer incredible value and reliability.

    I use BlueHost to register all my new domain names because I like the flexibility they offer with accepting PayPal payments.

    Get your FREE domain name now

    4. Order Website AutoResponder Hosting

    While I have some websites hosted at BlueHost, I host my main websites where I have a full business plan in place that includes product creation and email autoresponder follow-up at GoldBar.

    GoldBar includes a full autoresponder service with their website hosting package and best of all they give you a 30 day FREE hosting trial!

    Sign-up for Your FREE Hosting & Autoresponder Here

    5. Write VEO style articles using my Green Money Line formula

    Now that you have done your keyword research and have your website hosting ready, it’s time to create articles targeting those phrases so you can rank at the top of the search engines to get targeted traffic to your website that is interested in buying what you have to offer.

    You can review the “How to Write SEO Articles” tutorial to see exactly how I use KRA Pro to generate a list of supporting phrases to include in your articles.

    If you have already seen the video, then make sure you have the best tool for your search engine optimization efforts.

    Order KRA Pro Here

    Yes, there is a LOT more to this business and I am doing my best to get all this to you for free but due to all the complicated stuff that is involved I can’t give you everything in just one post.

    So, if you don’t already have your FREE subscription to get access to these tutorials then make sure you take a second to enter your name and email address in the form on this website.

    But if you have any immediate questions then go ahead and ask your questions about how to create a detailed website training plan here on The VEO Report blog.


    Vacation Packages from Vancouver

    Vacation Packages from Vancouver

    While Vancouver is an incredible city, it’s important to get away sometimes so when it’s time to hit the airways and find great vacations packages from Vancouver then

    Use Expedia vacations to customize the vacation you want & save big on by booking vacation packages from Vancouver using their travel search engine to get the PERFECT vacation and the lowest price possible.

    Ways to save on your vacation package from Vancouver:

    Save time and hassle by booking a room at the Fairmont Hotel (the hotel at terminal) that way you don’t have to worry about all the construction that’s happening on what seems to be every Vancouver road these days.

    Why not start your vacation on the right note by booking a room at the hotel at the terminal. Trust me on this! I do it all the time, by booking a room at The Fairmont Vancouver Airport not only do I eliminate the hassle of traffic but it gets my vacation off to an early start. Think of this as a de-stressor so you can fully enjoy your vacation package.

    Now that I’ve shared my advice about getting your vacation off to a relaxing start, let’s take a look at way to save more money your vacation packages.

    First of all, think about how much traveling you are likely going to do while their because you can book cars and packages at the same time, but if you are going to somewhere like say Las Vegas then because of the closeness of the airport to the strip and proximity of all the hotels, the monorail system and cabs will usually work out cheaper than booking a rental car so in a case like Las Vegas you would likely want a hotel + air vacation package.

    Let’s cut to the chase now and get you the best deals on vacation packages from Vancouver