My name is Colin McDougall and I have gained a huge sense of satisfaction by helping people leave their “real jobs” to pursue their dreams and aspirations to live the lifestyle that an online business provides.

I am best known for my uncanny ability to be semi-retired at age 39.

The goals I have for The VEO Report blog are to help others out of difficult situations pertaining to anything financial and of course life in general

Because of my own rise to massive success only to lose it all and rise back to success I have learned MANY lessons from the school of hard-knocks and I want to share with you everything I have learned on my own path to being a slave to the 9-to-5 way of life to a world where freedom prevails

More about me and what I do . . .

Providing Internet Marketing for Small Business – Strategies & Solutions


Internet marketing for small business owners is all too often a tangled web of mis-information. Because there are so many facets involved with online marketing but don’t worry the good news is you don’t have to become an expert with all the strategies because of internet marketing consultants such as myself that give you tons of internet marketing tips & advice that you can take and use for your immediate benefit.

Before you dive into a full out inbound marketing campaign you should know that not every online marketing strategy may be necessary for your small business to succeed with your goals.

The VEO Report blog will help you promote your small business online by providing reviews of software, computers, gadgets and business software used for productivity and results. Because cost is a major concern, especially in today’s economy feel free to post your internet marketing questions

Allow me to guide you to a better life!

If you are ready for individual consulting to get this lifestyle I am ready to guide you

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