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Best Selling Items

Watch the VEO Elite tutorial to find the best selling items using Amazon

Required Tools:

You will need to find out EXACTLY how consumers are searching for the best selling items online. To get this essential data you need to perform keyword research.

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Next VEO Elite Requirements:
1. Register a Domain Name
Register a domain name for your website to make money with the best selling items at

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2. KRA Pro
Write articles to appear at the top of search engines to sell the best sellers
You will need to generate a list of supporting LSI phrases using a theme phrase generation tool.

You will need to Order KRA Pro Here

Now let’s talk about how to get a list of the best selling items online
(if you are stuck, remember that you can submit your questions on this blog…)

A lot of people think the only way to find the best selling items online is to perform research about items on ebay and for some reason you may have been led to believe that finding items that sell on ebay is the best way to discover what to sell to make money online.

While looking at items that sell on ebay is a good thing to do, I personally prefer to find best selling items at Amazon.

In fact I have found several bags of gold in the past 24 hours when I was looking at what was selling in the MP3 Player category and saw that the Apple iPod Touch was a best selling item which spawned me to perform extensive keyword research on the subject of best selling items in the personal media player industry and I started to perform keyword research using WordTracker and my Green Money Line research methodology to get more cash in the bank

Why did I Choose to Get a List of the Best Selling Items?

I chose to generate my list of products to sell and earn money with their affiliate program because everybody and their dog, cat and gerbil knows they can trust Amazon.

Amazon touts itself as “The Most Trusted Online Store” and in fact they are justified in making that claim!

Because of how well branded Amazon is, I can see how well they are trusted based on the affiliate sales conversion rates I get.

Once I have chosen specific best selling products to make money with at, I then go full steam ahead with my Green Money Line Keyword research strategy using WordTracker to start making money fast.

In case you are looking for the best selling items on eBay thinking that you will find the best sellers and then try to source the product and ship it yourself, I have to be frank with you and say that you are barking up the wrong tree.

Your best bet is to begin your quest to make extra money using affiliate marketing programs first because you don’t need to source product nor do you have to fulfill the orders, the online stores you promote take care of those headaches for you.

All you need to do is find the best selling items on Amazon then join their affiliate program to start selling what’s already selling.

But before you rush off to start your affiliate marketing career you are going to need to get to work and build a website first.

Here is the process you want to go through to begin selling the best selling items at Amazon.

1. Compile a list of best selling items in a category of Amazon
2. Get your free 7 day trial account at

Use WordTracker to find out how many times per day and exactly how people are searching for these products and then generate a list of keyword phrases to write articles.

3. Get KRA Pro, the best theme phrase generating software on the market today to get supporting phrases to boost your search engine rankings.

4. Watch the video I did for you showing you EXACTLY how to write SEO articles about the best selling items at

5. Get web site hosting – Get a 30 day risk free website hosting account.

6. Make sure you stay tuned to the VEO Newsletter to get your step-by-step instructions that will show you how to build a website and get to the top of Google on your chosen keyword phrases.

If you don’t already have your FREE subscription to the VEO Success Strategies newsletter then make sure you take a moment to enter your name and email address in the form on this site now to start getting your tutorials today.

Your FREE subscription gets you step-by-step instructions showing you EXACTLY what to do with the best selling items on Amazon and eBay.

And you will learn how to take your best selling item list to make money using the affiliate marketing strategies I use to enjoy absolute freedom.

Affiliate marketing gives you freedom from bosses, from rush hour traffic, and best of all affiliate marketing gives you financial peace of mind!

What are you waiting for?

Get your free subscription to the VEO Online success strategies right now using the form on this site.

If you have any immediate pressing questions or comments go ahead and post what’s on your mind and post your questions by submitting a comment.

And . . .

Don’t forget that you will need to make sure you got your WordTracker account to keep up with this tutorial series

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