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Cricut Expression Bundle

Cricut Expression Bundle Personal Electronic Cutter Review

Cricut Expression

Cricut ExpressionVideo & Facts You Need to Know Here

What do you get with the Cricut Expression Bundle will save you hundreds of dollars because once you get hooked on creating amazing home or classroom decor items, whether it’s large signs or prompts such as flashcards for helping your children learn or the amazing decorating touches you can add your personal flair to your home. The fact is if you buy this cutting machine as a standalone unit with the basic die-cuts you’ll be spending a lot more money when than you would if you didn’t buy the Circuit Expression bundle.

It’s important to think ahead when you are buying Cricut Expression machine because once your hooked on creating stuff with this cutting system you will definitely be spending more so it is wise to buy the bundle so you get everything you need at the same time.

What’s Included with the Cricut Expression Bundle

Purchase of the Cricut Expression Bundler includes

  • 12″ x 12″ Tacky Mat
  • How-To DVD
  • 2 Project DVD’s
  • 1 bottle of Glass Etching Solution
  • Etching Solution Application Brush
  • Plantin Schoolbook Font Cartridge
  • Potpourri Basket Image cartridge
  • Spatula
  • Scraper tool
  • 2 oversized sheets of vinyl
  • 2 oversized sheets of transfer paper
  • Try it for 30 days for just $33.00 plus $24.99 shipping and handling, and then pay six consecutive monthly payments of $57.00.

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    Cricut Expression

    Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutting Machine Review

    Cricut Expression

    Cricut ExpressionVideo & Facts You Need to Know Here

    Cricut Expression is a personal electronic cutting machine from ProvoCraft, a trusted name in producing top quality arts & crafts equipment however don’t think for a minute this cutting machine is for only home hobbyists, thousands of people have started home based businesses with Provocraft equipment by selling their works of art at craft shows.

    Your creativity is the only limit in what you can do with the Cricut Expression, you can create signs with complete upper and lowercase font up to 2 ft high, in fact some Cricut Expression owners sell signs to people holding garage sales along with small business owners that want to draw attention to their shops.

    What people love most about the Cricut Expression cutting machine is there is no fancy software you have to learn nor do you even need a computer to operate this machine you simply select an image and size you want your image to be and then the Cricut Expression machine does all the work, this is a push button easy machine to operate. If you’re like a lot of people and hate complicated technology and you want a personal cutting machine that’s easy to use then the Cricut Expression is definitely for you!

    What Can You Cut with the Cricut Expression Machine?

    You can cut every type of paper, vinyl, chip board and any type of plastic up to 0.7 mm thick.

    This personal electronic cutting machine cuts unique shapes, patterns and lettering from sizes ranging as small as

    What You Can Do with Cricut Expression Machine

    There are a LOT of things you can do with a Cricut Expression cutting machine, the only limitation to what you can do is your imagination

    Here are a few of the things you can do with the Cricut cutting machine:

  • Make custom signs for your business, garage sale or family parties
  • Handmade cards for birthdays, anniversaries, invitations & announcements
  • Create unique home decorating items
  • Etch designs on glass with the Armour Etch solvent liquid
  • Create wall art
  • Create amazing scrapbooks
  • You can make stunning quilts
  • Elaborate posters for your kids school & science fair projects
  • If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying the Cricut electronic cutting machine it’s time to jump over the fence and get this incredibly easy to use scrapbooking, home decorating, custom card making, sign making and whatever else your creative imagination can conjure up electronic cutting machine.

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    WOW Containers

    WOW Containers Interchangeable Food Storage System Review

    WOW Containers
    WOW Containers – More Info Click Here

    Wow Containers

    WOW Containers will have you saying Wow because you’ll be amazed at how well these containers preserve food and what you’ll love most about this food storage system is every piece is interchangeable meaning you can customize the size of your storage containers to exactly fit your desserts and leftovers.

    If you are frustrated with conventional food storage containers with flat lids that squish your food and lids that don’t stay on then you can’t go wrong with the WOW Containers because of the interchangeable lid system that not only gives you customizable sizes but the lids actually stay on even when dropped.

    I’m sure you’ve been aggravated when a food container falls out of the fridge and the lid comes undone.

    Why I Would Buy WOW Containers Again


    I would purchase the WOW Containers interchangeable food storage system again because I love having the ability to mix and match the containers.

    Convenient & Easy to Use

    Another impressive thing about the WOW Container system is the fresh lock tabs are easy to snap together unlike other containers I’ve got in my home that are hard to snap together.

    This food storage system also outshines any other food container on the market today because you’ll NEVER have to go hunting for lids again! Each container is also a lid so simply grab the container sizes that fit your storage needs and snap them together.

    You’ll also love how little room these occupy in your cupboard because they all fit together and take up the same amount of room as a blender!


    The cost of these containers is very cheap for such a high quality container system. For only $19.95 plus shipping you get:

  • 40 Small Containers
  • 20 Medium Sized Containers
  • 16 Large Wow Containers
  • 4 Extra Large Containers
  • Click Here to Order Now

    If you’ve got questions about WOW Containers please submit them below or if you’ve got your own review you’d like to share with other please go ahead and submit your review.

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    T Shirt Printing Machine

    What T Shirt Printing Machine Should I Buy?

    T Shirt Print Machine – More Info & Review Click Here

    When you are looking for a T shirt printing machine that has an easy to follow step-by-step printing procedure your likely feeling somewhat frustrated because some of the machines you’ve looked at are trying to coax you into getting approved for their store credit before you buy because they know their T shirt printing machine is priced beyond the reach of both T shirt printing hobbyists and small business owners alike!

    If you want an easy to use T shirt printing machine and provided you don’t need tens of thousands of reproductions made and you want to get screen printing equipment that will fit on top of a desk or table then you need to take a look at one of the best personal screen printing machines on the market today, the provo-craft yudu screen-printing machine, this screen-printing system is simply the best T Shirt Printing Machine if want to do is produce in the range of a few dozen to a few hundred customized t shirts.

    Top Pick – T Shirt Printing Machine – Yudu Review

    Why Buy The Yudu Screen-Printing Machine

    The Yudu Screen Printing Machine Gets Our 5 out of 5 Star Top Pick Because:

    OK, if you need a t shirt printing machine that’s going to pound out thousands and thousands of silk screen custom T shirts then the ProvoCraft Yudu screen printing machine is not for you unless you’ve got an in-house team on staff and buy several Yudu screen printing machines then the Yudu personal t shirt printing machine will be perfect for you, however the fact is that Yudu Reviews are getting tons of positive ratings from people that use them, whether it be an arts & crafts user or a small business owner that needs smaller quantity’s of promotional material printed on T-Shirts, cloth bags or other unique smooth surfaces the best T shirt printing machine is the Yudu desktop screen printer.

    Most people that are looking for a T shirt printing machine typically are small business owners or are arts & crafts enthusiasts that want to find a new way to personalize gifts or add a unique touch to their home décor with a screen printing system that will not only customize t shirts but can be used to customize all kinds of material including most types of cloth fabric such as throw pillows, jars, flat wood surfaces or almost any object imaginable as long as it’s a flat surface.

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    Space Saver Bags

    Space Saver Bags Review – As Seen on TV

    Space Saver Bags

    When you have too much stuff and not enough space, it’s time to take a look at getting some space saver bags. The space saver bag can instantly triple your storage space and come in a variety of sizes to store all your stuff.

    The large space saver bag holds 2 queen size comforters for easy storage. The Space Saver vacuum storage bags are vacuum seal bags without the hassle of having any equipment to get an air tight vacuum seal. Space Saver Bags work by pushing out the air through their unique one-way air valve that forces air out of the storage bag and not only saves you space but protects your items from dust so when you unseal your stuff it’s as clean as the day you stored it.

    What I absolutely love about my space saver bags is I love outdoor activities like camping and paddling. My Space Saver Bags allow me to pack a lot of stuff into my kayak so I can do overnight paddling trips. Not only does the space saver bag give me the extra room I need, the bags also are water tight and keep all my extra clothing and gear completely dry. There is nothing better than knowing I am going to have dry gear when I reach my destination.

    Because space saver bags are water and air tight, they are perfect for anybody that stores stuff in a basement that’s prone to flooding.

    Whether you want a space saver bag so you can pack more into your suitcase or you want to reclaim more closet space, space saver bags are an amazing solution and cost effective solution for your storage needs.

    Space Saver Bags help you compress, protect and organize your stuff like never before

    How Do Space Saver Bags Work?

    Before you pack your stuff into a space saver bag you need to make sure the item is completely dry because as is the case with keeping water and moisture out of the bag, these bags are so good that any moisture will be locked in the bag.

    Once you have dry items to store in your space saver bag simply zip up the Sure-Zip slider then roll the bag toward the bottom forcing air out the one-way value.

    Space saver bags are that easy to use!

    Space Saver Bags – Click Here for Special Offers

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    Yudu Review

    Yudu Personal Screen Printing Review


    Yudo – 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    Yudu - 5 out of 5 Stars
    Yudu – More Info Here

    What is Yudu

    The Yudu is a table top home screen printing machine giving you the ability to create a new look in home décor, create greeting cards, custom clothing for fun or for putting your business logo on t-shirts.

    The yudu is complete professional all-in-one screen printing system for hobbyists and small business owners alike.

    For people that like creating unique home décor pieces, cards or love creating things with art materials will love the Yudu. Small business owners that need to create small quantities of promotional material such as flyers, tri-fold brochures, t-shirts

    You get an emulsion remover to clean your print screens so you can use them over and over again.

    How does the YuDu Work?

    The first thing you do is create your image on the Yudu transparencies, this screen printing machine does that for you. Then you expose your images on the Yudu screen printer then you simply run your image under water and your image is revealed.

    Once you’ve run mess screen under water all you have to do is place the screen on the t-shirt, piece of furniture, card or whatever you what to add your unique image to and then pull the ink using the squeegee provided with your Yudu home screen printing system and your done.

    If you are creating a custom t-shirt or placing an image onto a fabric the only extra step you need to take is to heat set the ink on the material with a cloth and iron.

    Most Popular Uses of Yudu

    People that love to tinker around with art materials, like scrapbooking love the Yudu because you can create some amazing masterpieces on scrapbook covers. You can even get an amazing custom look to your home.

    You can use Yudu to give your old furniture a completely new and exciting look. I’ve heard of many people that create cool designs on canvas and even wood to hang on the wall. When you buy a Yudu the home decorating possibilities are endless!

    Other’s love creating custom anniversary, birthday and special occasion cards, many people have actually used the Yudu to create beautiful custom designed cards to sell on ebay and Craigslist. The only limitation with a Yudu screen printing machine is your imagination.

    What’s Included With the Yudu Screen Printer?

  • 1 YuDu Screen Printing Machine
  • An easy to follow Quick Start User Guide
  • How to use the YuDu DVD
  • Inks – Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow
  • 3 Transparencies
  • 110 Mesh Screen
  • Emulsion Removers to you can use your screen over and over again!
  • A CD containing cool images you use
  • 3 Emulsion Sheets
  • Free Squeegee
  • T-Shirt Plate
  • Yudu – Get More Info Here

    If you’ve got any questions about the Yudu screen printing machine or if you own a Yudu we want to hear from you so feel free to submit your questions, comments and reviews of this table top screen printer below.

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    Pillow Pets

    Pillow Pets

    Pillow Pets – Click Here to See Them

    Pillow Pets are the perfect gift for any child, in fact a pillow pet could make bed time more fun. If your kids are like mine sometimes bedtime is such an ordeal and now that both my girls have Pillow Pets they can’t wait to snuggle with Miss Lady Bug and the Lavender Unicorn. The blessing I have is my girls are willing to share their Pillow Pets, the both love unicorns and lady bugs so they take turns sleeping with and cuddling their favorite pillows.

    Here are the pillow pets my girls have

    Miss Lady Bug Pillow Pet
    Miss Lady Bug Pillow Pet

    Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn
    Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn

    Pillow pets give your child the security of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a pillow, they are made of high quality soft chenille.

    The best part from the point of view as parent it the fact a Pillow Pet is machine washable so when the inevitable spilling milk on the pillow pet happens you can simply toss it in the washing machine and it’s as good as new again.

    The Pillow Pets plush folding stuffed animals are going to be the most precious snuggle pals your kids could ever have.

    There are lots of really cute pillows to choose from including:

  • Miss Lady Bug
  • Buzzy Bumble Bee
  • Magical Unicorn
  • Snuggly Puppy
  • Comfy Panda
  • Silly Monkey
  • Friendly Frog
  • Hungry Hippo
  • Cozy Cow
  • Perky Penguin
  • Tardy Turtle
  • Tiger
  • Alligator
  • Wiggly Pig
  • Comfy Bunny
  • Squeaky Dolphin
  • Lovable Lamb
  • Cowardly Lion
  • Quite often I’ve noticed that they run out of stock of a some of their animals so if you see one that’s in stock you’ll want to order it right away to avoid being disappointed. These pillow pets have really taken off in popularity and I’m sure as the holidays approach there will be a pillow pet craze of parents scrambling to get their hands on these adorable snuggle pets.

    Have a look at these adorable pillow pets
    Pillow Pets – Click here to see them