Examples of Niche Marketing

The first stumbling block most people that are new to internet marketing is coming up with a niche or business to get started with. Choosing a niche is certainly an overwhelming hurdle to get over because there are literally millions of niche markets you can target so we are going to help you leap over that first hurdle as we guide you step-by-step keep your focus and start stuffing your bank account and get you making money with your blog.

Advantages of Niche Marketing

It’s a lot less work than promoting a massive website and it’s MUCH easy to keep your focus when you are focused on one micro niche. When you join our free internet marketing training course you’ll see how easy it is to create a niche site and how overwhelming it can become when you build a website on a broader niche.

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Niche Marketing Examples

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to research a profitable niche market working at home on the internet or your favorite WiFi hotspot anywhere in the world for that matter.

Let’s dive in learn how to find your niche market

Begin by Researching a Broader Niche

The first thing you want to do when choosing a niche is start researching a broader niche to look at ways prospective customers are searching a target market.

Examples of Niche Markets – Case Study Weight Loss

Step 1: Start a new project your keyword research tool (Market Samurai)

If you don’t have Market Samurai you are going to be wasting your time if you try to use free market research tools such as the Google Keyword Tool and it will take you weeks to compile the same market data you get with Market Samurai.

If you don’t have Market Samurai for niche market research it would be like a plumber trying to work without a wrench

Get Market Samurai Here

Step 2: Run Analysis

When running my initial research I like to find out related topics and search terms, to do this I will select the check box “Google Synonym Tool” and select “Include Additional” in Market Samurai, this gives me other related niche markets to research before I begin planning my niche business.

Step 3: Analyze Demand & Competition

In this example of niche marketing for the weight loss industry I will begin my sorting the Adwords Cost Per Click (AWCPC) column from the most expensive cost per click to the cheapest because I want to make sure I am choosing a profitable niche market.

At the same time I am scrolling down through the cost per click column I am also looking at the Search Engine Optimization Competition (SEOC) & the Search Engine Optimization Title Competition (SEOTC).

I am also looking at the Searches column, this is the number of daily searches people are typing into Google for each keyword phrase, to ensure there is demand and the niche is profitable.

Step 4: Is There Other People’s Product I Can Sell in This Niche Market

Search the internet to see if there’s somebody else already selling in this target market and join their affiliate program. If there’s no obvious affiliate program for you to join then you can place Google AdSense ads to monetize your blog.

Step 5: Domain Name Registration

Ideally you want to get niche market phrase in your domain name however it’s likely already taken, if it’s not taken then snap it up right now

If the target phrase is already registered as a domain name simply enter a small word or letter to the end of the domain name

For example:

Get Your Blog Hosting & Free Domain Name Here

Step 6: Create Content

If you haven’t registered your name and email address for your free internet marketing course then do it now and you’ll get the entire tutorial showing you how to create niche articles.

Step 7: Promote your niche site

Finally once you’ve created 5 to 10 articles on your profitable niche website then you need to start promoting it using sources to as Ezine Aritcles

If you are a merchant selling into a profitable niche market please go ahead and submit your examples of niche marketing and feel free to post your affiliate sign-up address in the website URL in the comments section below so my students can go join and profit from your program.

Also feel free to ask your questions about how to choose a niche market if you are stuck


Online Surveys for Money

Doing online surveys for money is both one of the easiest and one of the hardest ways to make money online. It is something to be very carefully considered when looking at your options for work to do online.

The Pros

Doing online surveys for money has a number of advantages. It’s very easy work; you simply answer questions on products, commercials, movies, information, and services and you get paid by the company asking for the survey for your time and opinion. Generally you are paid via PayPal or a check. The work is easy and you have a chance to help with the future of products that you use. It’s also quick; generally surveys take between ten and forty five minutes and they are done entirely online. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door for doing online work; especially if you have a job that takes up a lot of your time and you just want to make some easy spare cash.

The Cons

Unfortunately, online survey work has its problems; the big one being that many survey companies don’t pay out in cash. They pay out in coupons, merchandise and ‘chances to win cash.’ You have to be very choosy about which survey companies to sign on for to make sure that they actually will pay out cash for your time. Online survey companies are also ripe places for fraud; many companies claim to pay out big bucks for your opinion, but you may end up having to pay for a list of survey companies (which you have to approach on your own) or you end up not getting many surveys anyway, so you make hardly anything.

It’s important when deciding to go with online surveys for money to do your research into survey companies and what you’ll get out of your work (and how much work you’ll have to do before getting it). You likely won’t be able to live off of online surveys, but it is an easy way to make some quick extra cash for something fun.

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Ways to Make Money Online

In the shaky economy of today, many people are looking for alternative sources of income. This can come about because of lay-offs, fear of losing a job and the desire to work from home doing something more fun and at one’s own pace. This is why many people are looking at different ways to make money.

There are tons of ways to make money online, but what should you watch for in your own search and what should you expect?

How do you go about making money online in a secure and sensible fashion?

There are thousands of ways to make money online, but there are only a few of them that will make you any real money and this only if you commit to them. The great thing about the internet is that there’s a niche for nearly anything-accounting, legal work, writing, editing, publishing, buying and selling and tons more; but the problem is finding it and securing it. You have to start your search by looking for employers and this is where your work will start and what will sort out the chaff from the wheat, so to speak. Searching for employers will take you through sites such as Craig’s List, bidding sites (where you bid on jobs and can match yourself with employers) and social network sites. It takes a lot of effort just to find the work, but once you’ve found it, you can start on your way.

What are the most popular ways to make money online?

Affiliate marketing is huge because it’s effective. This is the job of promoting other people’s products on your own website or through articles and getting paid for it or getting a piece of the profits made through your efforts. It’s popular because it’s easy; you only have to promote the product on your website once and you get money every time someone buys it thanks to your efforts. The other popular way is of course to sell products and information online on your own website. This takes a lot more effort; you have to market yourself and it can take up to a year to see any real profits; but many people have found a great deal of success. More minor ways of making money online include website design, writing, artwork, and coding; all of which are far more freelance intensive and the money is more sporadic.

However, if you’re willing to do a bit of legwork, it’s growing more common to find all kinds of fields of work online. More employers are finding that going online is cheaper than and just as effective as hiring in the traditional manner, so a lot of outsourcing is going on. Secretarial work for example is going virtual with virtual assistants.

The internet has opened up the workforce to a lot of people, especially for those who would prefer to work at home. The main trick is to find the work and thus find your ways to make money online that will be fun for you and profitable too.

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What’s the Best Way to Make Money At Home

It’s important to know of a way to make money at home if you are looking at making residual income for the household or even gradually switching to working from home entirely. There are a lot of scams out there and a lot of misinformation and it’s very easy to get lost and end up wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on red herrings. While things like affiliate marketing and buying and selling online are popular, they may not suit you personally; you may have more of an artistic bent or you’d prefer to do something that is an extension of your out of home job; or perhaps you’d like to turn your hobby into something that will make money. The internet lets you do this, with some effort on your part of course.

So what are some other ways to make money at home? Well, it depends on your likings first of all; what would you like to do online? When making money at home, you are far freer to pursue something you would enjoy doing since you’re largely only answering to yourself for it.

Popular ways to make money at home

  • freelance writing
  • website design
  • translating
  • graphic design
  • accounting
  • business management
  • virtual secretarial work (virtual assistant)
  • The great thing about these ways to make money at home is that they require little if no start up capital, they rely wholly on your skills, and you don’t need much more than your computer and any other tools that you would already have anyway. You don’t have the pressure of selling products or worrying about stocks and you can concentrate wholly on the work you have to do. This appeals to a great many people who would prefer to work in a job setting where they have tasks; but at home where they are more comfortable and can look after family.

    If you are looking for a way to make money at home, don’t feel like you’re locked into affiliate marketing, running a website or stock markets; there’s a whole world of options out there and there are more added every day!

    You can see our video of the 7 best ways to make money on the internet when you fill out your name & email address in the form at the top of this page.

    We look forward to guiding your work at home efforts!

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    Want to Make Money From Home

    Why Would You Want to Make Money From Home?

    Online work is growing popular in leaps and bounds, but if you are working in the traditional medium, you’re probably wondering what the appeal is. Internet work, to many people, still seems shady, ineffective, and strange, so why would anyone want to make money from home?

    There are several reasons why people opt for at home work. Nowadays, it’s far easier to work online than it was ten years ago, with a lot of websites and software geared towards making work sharing easier and online money accounts like PayPal and Moneybookers. This leap in technology has made it easy for people to hire at home workers and easier for workers to stay home and work. This ease has made it far more tempting and then there are personal reasons as well. Some of these reasons include: wishing to spend more time with the family, to be able to cut out childcare costs (or at least greatly reduce them), pick and choose the hours and days where you work best (such as if you work best at night), to make a little extra supplementary income, and to do something you love instead of something you tolerate.

    The internet has also made it easier for people to get into a job they actually enjoy. The arts have especially benefited from this; it’s easier for writers and artists to get work online because they are in demand all over again; however, it also opens up the job field to professionals, especially those who live in smaller towns and are having trouble breaking into the workforce. It’s also good for students and recently graduated students who are having a tough time finding work locally. The internet brings employers from all over the world to look for workers, so while you could be working for someone who lives halfway across the world, at least you are working (and this is a good learning experience.) Finally, it’s a good way to make residual income; the fact is that even those with good jobs nowadays are still finding it hard to make ends meet and have any fun in their lives, so having the ability to make money from home is a real relief.

    Many people also simply enjoy having their own time to work, working for themselves (or for a client who respects them) and doing something that they may not have had the chance to do before. With perseverance, effort, and a bit of luck, you can start a job at home that will, if nothing else, let you make money from home and feel good about it.

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    Money on the Internet

    With all of the warnings about scams, thefts, and shady work, many people wonder if there actually is any money on the internet. After all, it seems almost far fetched to imagine people being able to make money working on a computer for people who live far away and whom you may never meet. It also seems peculiar for many people to work for faceless employer and get money through a third party account and all of this put together makes it seem impossible that there actually is a way to make a living on the internet.

    But there is money on the internet; as long as you are hard working, savvy, and willing to put the effort into finding it. Plenty of companies, small and large are beginning to hire more at-home workers because it’s cheaper and these workers tend to be more efficient. There’s also more of a drive for at home work because it’s much cheaper for the worker too; no commuting costs, far less childcare costs, and not having to worry about a work wardrobe, among other things. The trend towards hiring more online workers is growing as more companies see the worth in hiring freelancers and at-home workers over bloating their workforce with extra employees to do the job that someone at home could do for far less money.

    Internet work is not easy work with a huge pay out though. Just like any job, you have to track down what you want to do and work hard to achieve your financial and personal goals. Making money online affords you more flexibility than the traditional jobs; that’s the true perk of this line of business. You are literally able to make your own hours and you will rise or fall under your own power and have no one else to answer for it. If this sort of workplace suits you, then you can definitely find good money on the internet and enjoy a lifestyle that many would envy; if not the paycheck many would envy! Still, many people have found that after a couple of years of hard work, they are able to make good money online and enjoy spending time with their friends, family and hobbies without answering to anyone for it.

    Money on the internet may seem like a very different kind of money; it’s all done electronically, you don’t tend to get tax stubs (unless you work in America) and it’s not as high as the high powered jobs, but it is your own money made under your own effort and for that, many people consider working online well worth the effort because as you grow your business the amount of money you make from home will begin to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

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    How to Make Money Legally

    How to Make Money Legally Online

    In this article you are going to learn how to make money legally with online business ideas. You’ve probably heard tons of stories about scammers sending phoney emails asking for sensitive business & finance information such as your online banking information. These scammers will copy your financial institution’s website making it look legit, then they’ll usually say your bank account has been compromised and you need to login to your account to make sure everything is alright. Once you login the scammer will have access to your login information and then they’ll empty your bank account.

    Because of phishing scams, like I’ve described a lot of people think that’s the only way people are making money on the internet however that’s all you here on the news is the bad stuff because the news on TV always reports on the pain and suffering in the world. It’s rare that the news media reports on the good things happening out there such as how to make money legally on the internet.

    This good news is you can legitimately make money online so let’s take a look at the ways you can make money online starting with the 7 ways I’ve made money online

    7 Ways of Making Money on the Internet

    There are literally hundreds of different ways of making money online however I am going to show you 7 ways of how to make money legally that I’ve personally used in my work at home business.

    1. Affiliate Programs

    Using affiliate programs to make money on the internet is how I got started in 2001. In case you don’t know an affiliate program is usually managed by a third party tracking company and you get paid a commission when you sell other people’s stuff.

    The really cool thing about using affiliate programs to make money on the internet is you can sell stuff from very well known stores such as Target, WalMart, American Express and tons of other everyday stores and services you’ve either shopped at or have in your wallet.

    2. Creating Information Products

    Creating information product “how-to guides” requires more work to get set up but provides a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. We all have hobbies and areas of expertise and what we’re passionate about or a good at can be used to create an eBook or how-to video.

    If you want to test the waters and sell other people’s information products you can go have a look at the ClickBank Marketplace. Yes! You can earn affiliate commissions at Click Bank selling other people’s information products

    3. Membership Subscription Websites or Blogs

    Creating a recurring fee membership subscription website is basically the same thing as selling a one time information product however the difference being that you need to set-up membership management software to handle recurring billing.

    4. Offer Your Skills or Services

    Perhaps you’ve been laid off work or you are sick and tired of working for somebody else, you make money on the internet by offering your skills as a private contractor.

    5. Help Local Business Get Online

    You can also make money using the internet by helping companies in your neighbourhood get online. Before you try helping other companies build their online presence, I’d recommend you get some level of success under your belt first through affiliate programs or selling information products either through ClickBank or your own.

    6. Sell Stuff on Free Classified Ad Websites

    If you’re strapped for cash and need money fast then selling unused items from around your home on Craigslist is an excellent to make money on the internet. Let’s face it, we all have junk we don’t use so why not start your venture of making money on the internet by clearing your clutter and use that money for the minimal investment you’ll need to make because you will have to get a domain name and website hosting – The total cost to get started is typically $10 / year for a domain name and about $120 / year or $10 / month for website hosting.

    7. Online Surveys for Money

    There are companies that will pay for you to complete online surveys for market research. Basically they want to know your age, income and where you live to find out about your shopping habits so for completing online surveys for money the information you complete is then sold to advertisers and in return the research survey company pays you a portion of what they get from the advertisers.

    Making money on the internet is a wonderful way to survive in any economy however the huge plus of making money using the internet is it can be done anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and a computer, in fact I’ve been seen lounging on the beach with my laptop. Yeah! There’s no better life then making money on the internet!

    If you’ve got any questions about how to make money legally online go ahead and submit your questions and comments below and I’ll be happy to help you get started.


    Keyword Popularity Research

    Keyword Popularity Research – Lesson 1

    The first thing you want to do to achieve online success faster is to perform keyword popularity research and keep your research with micro niche keywords to begin with. It’s important to focus on micro maniche phrases when you are first starting out online because it will help you keep your focus.

    When you laser focus your keyword research on a micro niche as a starting point you’ll avoid getting distracted.

    What is micro niche keyword research?

    A micro niche is a subset of a larger category for example let’s say you wanted to created a site about dogs, a micro niche would be dog training or even how to teach your dog to roll over.

    Micro niche keywords are also defined as phrases that people type into search engines such as Google that have very low competing results and a moderate amount of monthly searches.

    How to perform keyword research for free

    The first thing you need to know is how many times people are typing in a search term each month. You can find out how many times people are typing search terms into Google using their free keyword suggestion tool but once you see how much manual effort you have to do to find out how many other websites are truly competing for that phrase you’ll want to get Market Samurai.

    Here’s the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    How to Use Google’s Adwords Keyword Popularity Research Tool

    Method 1: Search a keyword phrase
    Type in a search phrase in the box where it reads “Word or phrase (one per line)”, you should start by entering just one root phrase to get find out the keyword popularity of your search term. Again, I recommend starting with just one root phrase at a time especially for beginners to stay focused will bring your first success faster.

    Method 2: Spy on a competing website
    If there’s a website you want to use as a model of one you’d like to create then you can enter their website address into the box that reads “website”.

    If you are planning to make money selling products as an affiliate then it’s a really good idea to choose a merchant to promote and get a set of keywords to target to promote their goods and services.

    Method 3: Research by Category
    You can also you the categories Google has provided to find your niche market. Simply drill down into a niche you are interested in under the “All Categories” and you’ll be able to find some niche keywords to target.

    How to Assess Keyword Competition
    Once you have determined there is enough search volume for your keyword now you need to find out how many other people are competing for that search position and there are several factors you want to look at to determine how easy it’s going to be to get your page to the top of Google.

    Competing Results in Search Engine Results

    The first thing to look at is how many results show up for your search term when you type your keyword phrase into Google. A good rule of thumb is if there are 1 million or fewer results on your search phrase that’s indicator #1 that it’s an easier ranking to achieve.

    The number of results that appear is the number of sites that have to words you typed into the search engine somewhere on the page.

    When you search How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over, at the time of writing this article there are 275,000 results that appear for this phrase but you need to analyze your keywords more and next we are going to wrap this keyword search term example in quotes to find out more competitive intelligence.

    Quoted Search Competing Results
    The next thing you need to know is how many web pages have your phrase in the exact order. To find this out you simply wrap your search term in double quotes, for example:
    “How to teach my dog to roll over”.

    This will show you how many people have that phrase in that exact order on their website, these are sites that think they are targeting that phrase.

    When you search Google for “how to teach your dog to roll over” wrapped in double quotes you’ll see that the number of competing websites has dropped from 275,000 to 23,000 competing keyword results.

    But now we want to dig deeper to find out how many people have used these keyword phrases in their website meta title.

    Title Competition

    The next step you need to perform to get a sense of in your keyword popularity research is how many people have used your target keyword phrase in their meta title tag, that’s the words you see in the top of your web browser.

    To find out how many potential competitors have used this phrase in their title you need to type into Google your search term like this – allintitle:how to teach your dog to roll over

    This will give you a sense of how many other websites are trying to optimize their page for this keyword search phrase and you’ll want to perform the same research for how many websites include this in their URL or website address

    When we perform an allintitle search we now see the number of apparent competitors has dropped from 275,000 search results down to a measly 184 websites that have used this phrase in their title tag.

    The competition, as you are seeing now, is not as insurmountable as you first thought.

    Website URL Competition Assessment

    Just like the keyword title competition research you’ll need to go back to Google again and type in allinurl:how to teach your dog to roll over

    Once you’ve done all your keyword research you will need to compare how many search results appear in line with how many websites have your keyword phrases with exact match or quoted search, competition with the title tag and how many websites have included your target keyword phrases in their website URL address.

    This is a VERY time consuming task and that’s why I use a tool that automates the entire procedure for me.

    Because of the time it takes to manually perform all the keyword research on each and every phrase you think you might want to target for top ten results in Google you will need to become more efficient with your keyword popularity research efforts and get a tool that will not break the bank yet help you find out what are the best keyword popularity search terms to target

    When you buy the tool I use for my keyword popularity research, a keyword tool that automatically does all the keyword competition analysis you need, you’ll agree with me that automating the task of keyword popularity research is something you are definitely going to need to in your arsenal of online marketing tools.

    It’s time for you to make one of the best investments in your business and online entrepreneurial efforts to save both time and money.

    The best thing I like about the tool I use is, not only does it automatically perform keyword competitive research for me, it’s also a one time cost for me which means I get to use it each and every month without be forced into paying expensive monthly subscription costs like most tools that deliver the same information

    Go get Market Samurai Now

    If you’ve got questions about keyword research or want to hire a professional service to recommend what keyword you should target go ahead and submit your questions and requests for our keyword research done for you service


    Business Strategy Consulting

    If you want your small business marketing efforts to convey the right message and you need your operations to run efficiently and effectively in today’s ever changing economy you’ll need a business strategy consulting firm to help you not only eliminate unnecessary costs to help you with the way you’ve been traditionally doing business but you’ll need a consulting firm that can help you set an action plan for growing your business with internet marketing, information technology, strategic alignment, business funding and essentially your entire organizational effectiveness.

    As a small business owner you know you need help but you don’t know where to turn to get the business strategy consulting your company needs to increase profits and productivity but at the same time cutting costs.

    The 2 MOST Important Factors in Hiring a Business Strategy Consulting Firm

    1. Information Technology Strategic Alignment Assessment:
    You will want your business strategy consulting firm to help you align your technology expensive with your vision of your business direction because quite often the biggest problem that exists with strategic alignment issues is information technology professionals are focussed on the latest and greatest technology which they believe is the best solution for your business however you may not be getting the value your IT professionals think you are for your business.

    Your business strategy consultant will help you identify areas where you can cut technology costs and operate your small business without missing a beat.

    2. Internet Marketing Strategies:
    In today’s tough economic conditions you definitely need to cut costs with ineffective information technology costs and redirect that budget to an area of your small business marketing that will help you grow your business.

    When you interview prospective business strategy consulting firms you need to make sure they talk about not just cutting costs in your IT expenditures but they should provide recommendations that your costs savings from their recommendations get re-appropriated into internet marketing advertising and tools to help your business accelerate at the speed of light.

    Beyond cutting information technology costs and increasing your internet marketing spending for your small business, you’ll want to make sure the business strategy consulting firm you hire provides you with recommendations regarding your current staff that you’d like to keep to assure them their job is safe however their role within your small business will change, so make sure your strategy consultant will address work transition issues with your employees.

    If you are ready to schedule and interview with small business management consultants one of the best companies I’ve heard of is Genysis Advisory Services, based out of Oak Park Michigan (in the Detroit area).

    I recommend giving Ron Stewart, the President, a call today.

    You can reach Mr. Stewart of Genysis Advisory Services at 248-496-9578


    Make Money on the Net

    In this article I am going to discuss some of the best ways to make money on the net. Before getting into the ways you can make money online it’s important to mention that far too many people give up before they really get started because they want to make easy money online without putting forth any effort.

    If you think you’ll be able to make easy money online without working to build your online business you need to take a reality pill because there is work you’re going to have to do, the really nice thing about an online business is you are in full control of your financial future with an added bonus of no more daily commuting to a thankless job!

    Now let’s get into talking about a company we all know very well, Did you know you can make money on the internet with an affiliation?

    When you build an affiliate site you can make money promoting items for sale on the website and you get a minimum payout of 4 percent when you refer a sale.

    There are thousands of well known companies that have affiliate programs you can use to start making money on the net. When you start your online business using affiliate programs to make money on the net you don’t need inventory or software to manage processing customer orders you only have to refer the sale and the merchant website handles to processing and shipping of online orders.

    If you’ve got any questions about how to make money on the net go ahead and submit what’s on your mind below.