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How to Apply Local SEO to Google Places

Local SEO is an emerging discipline that has a high demand in a growing market. Local internet marketing is very similar to old school SEO, but with a slightly different focus. Keyword research, a good offer and high visibility are all important factors for a local business, and Google Places plays an important role in this picture.

Media Changes Cause Upset

Over the last decade there has been a gradual shift from traditional media to online media. Now that we are into the second decade of the 21st century, that change has almost eliminated media like the Yellow Pages and created a dilemma for some businesses.

As a local SEO services provider I hear business owners complain about being inundated by telemarketers selling local search optimization. They’re confused because quoted fees range from a few hundred up to $1,500 + monthly maintenance fees. To help understand why, realize that some of these local marketing people are only skimming the surface in their understanding of how deep the rabbit hole goes regarding Google Places and local search marketing.

Google places has become almost as important as your website when it comes to attracting new business. Connecting the dots in local SEO is a science that needs constant upgrading to stay current, so an informed service provider will be key to your success in this area.

Important Points for Google Business Local

Google Places optimization is different from traditional SEO in a number of respects. For instance, instead of looking for relevant content, the search bots look for confirmation of a physical address. Things like your address, phone number, zip code, neighborhood and other local identifiers are used to lock down your location. Here are a few helpful tips when claiming your Google Places profile.

  • Accurate company contact information
  • Registered company name in the title only
  • Keywords in the 200 character company description
  • No keyword stuffing
  • Only choose from provided categories (no custom categories)
  • Your company information on local business directories
  • 10 Pictures and 5 Videos
  • Hours of operation
  • Coupons
  • Fresh information on the mini blog every week or so
  • Reviews
  • Local SEO for your main website

One of the best marketing investments you can make right now is to hire a Local SEO services provider with a proven track record. A company who knows their stuff will be able to optimize your website for a number of important keywords. Commercial intent keywords with good traffic volume will be your primary target. Then a strong call to action will help convert those visitors into buyers.

Hiring a Local Marketing Company

If local SEO is on your mind right now, call for a free consultation. We will help you determine the most effective approach and design a marketing plan to fit your budget. Call 1-800-946-4820 – Dwain Berlin – Virtual Anchor SEO

*** Effective Local Internet Marketing ***
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Build Your E-mail List While Making Money

It’s true. Your e-mail list is the golden nugget that keeps laying your golden eggs. Over the past few weeks I have talked to some people who know they want an email list for obvious reasons including: making money every time you send an e-mail, repeat customers, life long income, it”s your own traffic source to name a few.

And what is the number one reason people are scared to build a massive list? The cost. For some reason people have this thought that to build a list you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars and yet you have no guarantee to make your money back. I mean 1 bad e-mail you could lose all their trust and they ever buy again.

For something like this you need to learn howto think outside the box. Why go by what everyone is saying? Why not make money WHILE building a list. Impossible? Nope, I have done it many times, and so have a lot of my friends. There are a few ways you can do this.

First off, if you’re promoting an affiliate offer successfully why not test adding an opt-in box before they see the offer. This way you can build a list and chances are you will get close to the same amount of instant conversions but also build a list and have a more chances at getting the sale through follow up emails. So the easiest way is if you already have a winning campaign to add in the opt-in box to optimize and get every dollar out of the campaign you can.

Secondly, this is a cool little trick I used to instantly cover 75% of my ad spend cost while building a list of thousands that still pays me today. By using the double opt-in method you can redirect them to any page you want once they confirm their email. Why not send them to a ‘Thank You’ page that has a 1 time gift…or a 1 time deal. I’ve used those free email and zip submits for this and have had great success in covering my ad spend. That little trick combined with giving them a related offer right away has proven very valuable.

Want to learn more email marketing and list build strategies on how to make money fast? If you are interested in learning more about list building, email marketing and just making money online in general then click here.

Good luck and best of luck making it rich online!

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Simple SEO Trick To Rank With Zero Backlinks and Make Money

Did you know it’s actually possible to rank for some keywords in Google with Zero backlinks? It’s true this little trick that only a few people have discovered will allow you to rank in Google with zero (or only a few) backlinks.

In Googles enormous and amazing algorithm for ranking websites there is a section that gives extra weight depending on your domain name. In the Internet marketing industry people refer to this as exact match domains. This means that if your trying to rank for the keyword ” new york gyms ” and you owned the domain you would have a huge advantage over other sites ranking for the same term. This means you will need less backlinks than your competitors. Allowing you to spend less time building links and more time making money.

So if you’re lucky enough to have an exact match domain already or you do some research and find a good one your life will be much easier. There ave been several times I found a nice long tail keyword, check Name Cheap and surprisingly the domain was still available. Lots of time the .com and .net’s are gone but don’t be scared to scoop up the .org, when it comes to exact match domains it’s very powerful.

Now, lets say all the above .com, .net and .org are all gone…the next best thing is to hyphen the words. The less hyphens you have the more power your domain will see in Google’s rankings. Going back to our example above you could buy the domain and still get extra credits according to Google’s algorithm.

Now, you still want to make sure the keyword you choose will make you enough money to be worth this small time and money investment. So I would only choose keywords that have at least 5,000 exact searches a month. It may take a few hours to find a little gold nugget but it’s 100% worth it for your ROI on your time and money invested.

This one of of the little SEO tricks that people use to make money online everyday. Now remember, if you use an exact match domain, you may need some backlinks and unique content to rank if there is some competition but you will definitely have a huge advantage over all other sites in the eyes of Google.

Now go out there, find some golden budget domains and start making money online. If you’re wondering some other ways on how to make money online check out


Search Term Volume

Search Term Volume – In Depth Market Research Tutorial

In this tutorial you are going to get a refresher on keyword research using the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Market Samurai for getting efficiency in researching the viability of entering a market however you’re going to discover how to target the highest search term volume on breaking news and events that are happening right now.

How to Determine Market Viability using Search Term Volume Data

Keyword Research Tools – Free Tool & The Way the Pros Do It

You can conduct an initial assessment using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool however you should only do this for an initial assessment because it’s going to take FAR too much of your valuable time researching competition.

When you are starting a business time is your MOST valuable commodity and you need to use your time wisely by planning and building your business versus trying to save money investing in tools that will automatically get the search term volume, competition data and most importantly the profitability potential of search terms.

If you are using Google’s free keyword tool you’ll need to do to this for each and every search term:

Steps to Determine Search Term Competition

Step1: Get Search Engine Competition Data

Copy and paste each term wrapped in double quotes into the Google Search box to get the Search Engine Optimization Competition (SEOC) data, this is needed to give you the data on how many websites have the exact search term in the exact order.

Step 2: Get Search Term Title Competition Data

Then in the Google search box you’ll need to type in:

Allintitle: Target Search Term

This gives you the number of websites that have the exact match phrase in their title tag, the words that appear at the top of your web browser.

You need to have both SEO competition data and the title competition data to determine how competitive an industry is. (I like to target phrases with less then 1 million competing sites, this is relatively low competition in terms of online marketing)

Step3: Get Profitability Data

When you are performing your search term volume research you need to know if there is profit potential, to determine the profit potential of any given keyword phrase you need to get the AdWords Cost Per Click (AWCPC) data. The AWCPC is how much your competitors are spending on advertising to get visitors to their website. If other businesses are spending heavily on advertising then you know there’s money there for you to make

As you gather all this competition data you need to copy and paste it into a spreadsheet so you can sort the data and decide what keyword phrase to target first based on competition and profitability.

If you attempt this without using an automated tool to gather this information for you it will take you over a week to do this effectively and you’ll miss out on a LOT of nuggets of gold that a professional research tool will do for you.

The tool I use to gather market research data is Market Samurai; it’s a one time investment in your business that you’ll be thanking me for showing you

Make Sure You Get Market Samurai

Breaking News & Current Events – Google Hot Trends

Using Google Hot Trends is another way to find high volume search terms however watching Google trends is more applicable once you’ve built on online presence already however I felt it was a noteworthy search term volume source to show you

If you’re stuck with any aspect of keyword research, competition assessments go ahead and submit your questions, comments and thoughts below.


Best Products to Sell Online

Best Products to Sell Online – Video Training Tutorial

Want more online marketing success tutorials like this?

Click here to Join VEO Project X

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to find the best products to sell online in any economy.

Whether you’re a merchant selling your own products or if you want to make money selling other people’s stuff as an affiliate marketer, the process to follow is the same

Create a profitable list of products to sell

Compile a list of profit pulling products from both and

1. – Best Selling Products

Click on a category on the left hand side of the website

Best Products to Sell Online

Next drill into a sub-category, in this case we’re looking for the best selling products within the Electronics category and then we’ll click on the TV & Video.

Profit Pulling Products to Sell

Now because we want to find the fastest path to making money we’re going to click on the “Bestsellers” tab at the top of the Sub-Category of TV & Video as shown below:

Research to Find Best Selling Products

2. eBay Pulse

Go to eBay Pulse – and continue to compile a list of profit pulling products to sell as shown in these diagrams

Top Selling Products at eBay - Best Products to Sell Online

Once you’ve compiled a list of the best products to sell online from eBay and Amazon then you have a decision to make.

Which product to sell first?

The preceding question is a VERY important question because your fastest path to making money online is to begin selling ONLY one specific product.

This is important because if you try to sell too many products too fast you’ll lose focus and where there’s a lack of focus there’s a lack of results.

When you put ALL your energy into selling one SPECIFIC product at a time, I’m confident that you’ll achieve results beyond your dreams especially when you take my advice and sell products that are already best sellers in today’s economic conditions.

After you’ve chosen a specific product to sell online then your next steps are:

1. Create a semantic category plan
2. Create a semantic SEO article creation plan
3. Generate theme reports
4. Write articles using the data from your theme reports
5. Hire a mentor to take you by the hand

Once you’ve chosen a product to sell your next step is to get PERSONALIZED mentoring such as VEO Project X

When you join today, you’ll get all the video tutorials you’ll need to achieve your dreams AND you’ll also get instant access to the Live Success Sessions where you get to ask your specific online business questions on LIVE calls and webinars

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If you’ve got questions about the training program, go ahead and ask here on the blog.


Web SEO Rankings NY

Hiring a Web SEO Rankings NY firm may seem like the best choice if you are living in New York state or have been hitting the street in Manhattan but to get top results for your company’s search engine optimization then you should look beyond the great state of New York.

To get organic search engine optimization to achieve #1 on Google you would be wise to broaden your scope of search engine professionals because you might miss out on getting the best talent, in fact I know you are because while giving a presentation at a search engine marketing event another marketing dubbed me as Colin “Google” McDougall because of my uncanny ability to get to #1 on Google in ANY market through ANY Google Slap.

Yes, you can get Web SEO Rankings in NY companies to give you advise to optimize your website and I have been on the street in Manhattan and in fact grew up with a summer place on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, so trust me on this, I know how you New Yorkers think and if you don’t believe me yet then you should perform your due diligence and get a subscription by entering your name and email address right now into the form on this site to get not just one FREE SEO TIP, to get an entire video tutorial series to prove to you that if you don’t expand your scope now when seeking the best search engine optimization and online marketing expert on the planet beyond the boundaries of New York then you could be making a grave mistake.

Stop your search now because the best web SEO rankings NY expert doesn’t live in your backyard, in fact you have to look across the country to the West Coast, then make a right turn to the great white north and the fabulous city of Vancouver British Columbia to help you piece together your ecommerce web strategies for both higher search engine optimization and more importantly, higher sales conversions.

Remember if you have any doubt about my ability to help your company rise to #1 on Google then go ahead and get the proof you need by entering your name and email address into the form on this website right now to see first hand that I can get to the top on search terms you need to succeed, even terms such as “Web SEO Rankings NY”.

And know that you’ve found a search engine optimization specialist that truly cares about your success so go ahead and ask your most pressing questions about search engine marketing right here, right now by submitting what you need to know on The VEO Report blog.


How Do I Register a Domain Name

How Do I Register a Domain Name? – Video Tutorial

So tell me exactly how do I register a domain name and where can I find a domain name registrar?

If you want to have a web site you first need to get a domain name right now

Get a FREE domain name here

When you register your domain name here is the process I use to decide what domain name to register.

When people ask how do I register a domain name, here is the process I use to register a good domain name that will make money.

1. Get a list of Best Selling products from

Copy and paste a list of specific products into Microsoft Word, Notepad, or your favourite text editor.

You can see how I use Amazon to find the best selling items here. This is an excellent strategy because it’s best to sell what people are buying.

2. Use WordTracker to research how people are searching for specific products and services

To see exactly how I use WordTracker when I am registering a new domain name you can watch the WordTracker Review video

Get a 7 Day WordTracker FREE trial now

3. It’s time to register a domain name

Once you have selected a product base to sell and ran your keyword reports using WordTracker you should try to register a domain name that contains at least a base of your target keyword phrase.

In the video, I show you how to register a domain name but after recording that video I changed my mind about the domain name I had registered.

If you watched the video that accompanies this article, you will see that I registered the domain name “” and the reason I changed my mind was due to the potential of Apple Computers Inc. launching a case of legal whoop butt on me for trademark infringement.

I don’t need to waste my time talking to lawyers so I decided to register a domain that I use to sell items like Apple iPod Touch, Nano and other MP3 Players.
What I decided to do is register a domain that would be on topic with selling Apple iPod’s but would be based on a generic non-trademarked term so I registered

Watch the Second “How Do I Register a Domain Name Video

In this video I show you a mistake I made on my initial domain name registration.

Remember to post your comments and questions if you need help with the domain name registration process and I will give you a personal answer.


Best Selling Items

Watch the VEO Elite tutorial to find the best selling items using Amazon

Required Tools:

You will need to find out EXACTLY how consumers are searching for the best selling items online. To get this essential data you need to perform keyword research.

Get Your 7 Day FREE WordTracker Trial Now

Without a WordTracker subscription, you will miss out on finding high commercial intent keywords.

Next VEO Elite Requirements:
1. Register a Domain Name
Register a domain name for your website to make money with the best selling items at

Get your free domain name here

2. KRA Pro
Write articles to appear at the top of search engines to sell the best sellers
You will need to generate a list of supporting LSI phrases using a theme phrase generation tool.

You will need to Order KRA Pro Here

Now let’s talk about how to get a list of the best selling items online
(if you are stuck, remember that you can submit your questions on this blog…)

A lot of people think the only way to find the best selling items online is to perform research about items on ebay and for some reason you may have been led to believe that finding items that sell on ebay is the best way to discover what to sell to make money online.

While looking at items that sell on ebay is a good thing to do, I personally prefer to find best selling items at Amazon.

In fact I have found several bags of gold in the past 24 hours when I was looking at what was selling in the MP3 Player category and saw that the Apple iPod Touch was a best selling item which spawned me to perform extensive keyword research on the subject of best selling items in the personal media player industry and I started to perform keyword research using WordTracker and my Green Money Line research methodology to get more cash in the bank

Why did I Choose to Get a List of the Best Selling Items?

I chose to generate my list of products to sell and earn money with their affiliate program because everybody and their dog, cat and gerbil knows they can trust Amazon.

Amazon touts itself as “The Most Trusted Online Store” and in fact they are justified in making that claim!

Because of how well branded Amazon is, I can see how well they are trusted based on the affiliate sales conversion rates I get.

Once I have chosen specific best selling products to make money with at, I then go full steam ahead with my Green Money Line Keyword research strategy using WordTracker to start making money fast.

In case you are looking for the best selling items on eBay thinking that you will find the best sellers and then try to source the product and ship it yourself, I have to be frank with you and say that you are barking up the wrong tree.

Your best bet is to begin your quest to make extra money using affiliate marketing programs first because you don’t need to source product nor do you have to fulfill the orders, the online stores you promote take care of those headaches for you.

All you need to do is find the best selling items on Amazon then join their affiliate program to start selling what’s already selling.

But before you rush off to start your affiliate marketing career you are going to need to get to work and build a website first.

Here is the process you want to go through to begin selling the best selling items at Amazon.

1. Compile a list of best selling items in a category of Amazon
2. Get your free 7 day trial account at

Use WordTracker to find out how many times per day and exactly how people are searching for these products and then generate a list of keyword phrases to write articles.

3. Get KRA Pro, the best theme phrase generating software on the market today to get supporting phrases to boost your search engine rankings.

4. Watch the video I did for you showing you EXACTLY how to write SEO articles about the best selling items at

5. Get web site hosting – Get a 30 day risk free website hosting account.

6. Make sure you stay tuned to the VEO Newsletter to get your step-by-step instructions that will show you how to build a website and get to the top of Google on your chosen keyword phrases.

If you don’t already have your FREE subscription to the VEO Success Strategies newsletter then make sure you take a moment to enter your name and email address in the form on this site now to start getting your tutorials today.

Your FREE subscription gets you step-by-step instructions showing you EXACTLY what to do with the best selling items on Amazon and eBay.

And you will learn how to take your best selling item list to make money using the affiliate marketing strategies I use to enjoy absolute freedom.

Affiliate marketing gives you freedom from bosses, from rush hour traffic, and best of all affiliate marketing gives you financial peace of mind!

What are you waiting for?

Get your free subscription to the VEO Online success strategies right now using the form on this site.

If you have any immediate pressing questions or comments go ahead and post what’s on your mind and post your questions by submitting a comment.

And . . .

Don’t forget that you will need to make sure you got your WordTracker account to keep up with this tutorial series

Get your 7 Day Trial Now


Online Sales Training

Online Sales Training Tutorials

This online sales training course is designed to take you sequentially through a proven system that shows you how to sell products or services on the internet.

As you move through the VEO online sales training course tutorials you will be taken by the hand from conception to building a loyal following that keeps returning to buy from you.

Yes, there is a LOT to know when you are trying to sell online.

There is method to my madness with these training videos and things may not allows seem to make sense right away but it’s important that you take action right now and begin doing what I am showing you.

Because successful online selling begins with market viability research, this online sales training program begins with keyword research and after determining if there is demand for a product or service we explore what hot selling items in the market are by leveraging affiliate program networks.

Once we know there is an online audience actively searching for your products then we move into search engine content creation strategies so that we can start making online sales.

The next set of training videos will show you exactly how to install and configure a blog so you can start driving customers to your web site.

Here is a review of where we are in the training program so far, if you have missed any of these videos listed below I recommend that you go watch them now. Even if you’ve already seen these videos then they are worth watching again.

If you have a specific question about any of these tutorials, please leave your questions on the relevant page and if you have any general online selling questions you can ask them on this post.

Step-by-Step Online Sales Training Tutorial Review

1. Keyword Research to Determine Market Viability

WordTracker Review

Watch the WordTracker Review Video

Green Money Line Review

To get the result I do you will need to need to use WordTracker.

WordTracker Green Money Line Review Video

Get your FREE WordTracker Trial Here

2. Finding products to sell

You can watch the video tutorial about affiliate networks I use to find products to sell

Affiliate Marketing Networks Video

3. Creating Website Content

Watch the tutorial showing you exactly how I create articles that rank in the search engines

Top Ten Natural Search Engine Placement

As we move forward in this training series you really do need to get the tools I use otherwise you will miss out on getting the results I do.

If you haven’t got it yet…

Get KRA Pro Right Now – This is the best search engine optimization tool you will ever own.

4. How to Write SEO Articles

In this video tutorial, I show you exactly how I use KRA Pro to create articles

Watch How to Write SEO Articles

What’s Next in the Online Sales Training Tutorials?

The next series of training videos subscribers of The VEO Report newsletter will get is “The Making Money with a Blog” video tutorials where there will be a review of keyword research with a focus on commercial intent keyword phrases and tutorials that show you EXACTLY how to get your blog online.

What You Get in the Next Online Sales Training Videos:

1. What’s Selling – Best sellers at Amazon
Keyword Research Re-Reviewed

2. Create a product list of items to sell

3. Running keyword reports on specific products

4. How to Register a domain and get hosting

5. Installing WordPress

  • Setting up your name servers
  • Configuring your web host account for your domain
  • Install WordPress themes and plugins. Video tutorials will show you exactly where to get themes and how to install them on your blog
  • 6. How to add a WordPress theme and create a header graphic

    Yes, you will get a lesson about how to load files such as graphics and videos to your WordPress blog.

    7. How to configure your WordPress blog settings

    8. How to Write Articles and Product reviews using VEO Green Money Line methodologies.

    9. How to set up an Amazon Associates Account

    10. How to create and add affiliate links to your WordPress blog

    Make sure you have the required course tools so that you don’t miss out on what’s coming in the next video tutorials

    Required Tools:

    1. WordTrackerGet your 7 Day FREE Trial

    2. KRA ProOrder KRA Pro Now
    (This will be the best investment you EVER make for your web success!)

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    What Does FTP Stand For

    What does ftp stand for?

    So you are trying to get your thoughts published online and maybe make some money in the process and you are feeling lost because you need to know “What does FTP stand for?”

    The acronym FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, yeah unfortunately there is some jargon you need to know in order to get online.

    If fact, as I write this training tutorial about what FTP stands for it brings to mind a funny story about when I first learned about what the word “nepotism” meant.

    Around the same time, back in 1992, when I learned what the word nepotism meant it was right around the time that I first heard the acronym FTP and I remember telling my boss that Diane said to FTP the files that were needed for a meeting up to the in-house FTP server.

    I have to blush right now because I was hired as a UNIX System Administrator shortly after finishing college where I was training to be a Telecommunications Engineer where I was learning about wireless communication circuitry and design and all the physics, chemistry and engineering behind how all that stuff worked which leads into how I learned about the word “nepotism”.

    You see while I was in college I thought it was REALLY cool that one of my classmates actually had a 250 Mega Byte external hard drive for his computer, and yes, I was booting my old 286 computer from floppy drives and using those very same floppy disk drives for program and data storage.

    After graduating from college there was no such thing as the Internet and I didn’t know to ask “What does FTP stand for?” because at the time, while UNIX based systems where using the FTP protocol for file transfer, the internet DID NOT exist back then.

    Incidentally, Did you know that the way the internet works is based on the UNIX operating system?

    Alright, let’s not get our knickers in a knot of UNIX based OS systems such as the various flavors of LINUX because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of UNIX operating systems out there.

    I had personal experience with dozens of UNIX operating systems such as HP-UX, versions 4 through to 11, Sun OS 4.X.X, Sun OS 5.X.X, not to mention various other flavors of UNIX that Sun Microsystems released with Solaris.

    Hmmm, let’s not delve into the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) Ultrix platforms that I worked with.

    Let’s wrap up the story now about the word Nepotism, I got hired to run these crazy systems because of Nepotism, what that means exactly???

    My daddy worked at Nortel Networks in a division of the company that focussed on telecom network management and the software that was being developed within the division managed things like cell phone switching and online management things for other companies intranet structures and because that kind of software was managing stuff that related to the early movements of files and computer communications that are used right now in what we call “The Internet”, Nortel Networks based there software to run on UNIX based platforms

    Those files got moved around on the Nortel intranet via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on those various flavors of the UNIX operating systems.

    Each and every UNIX operating system was very different from the point of view of the computer administer but somehow the File Transfer Protocol was ALWAYS consistent, so no matter what UNIX operating system you were running the transfer of files between computes never failed.

    Why did the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Work?

    FTP worked because of what the last letter in the acronym stands for is Protocol

    In case you don’t know what the word Protocol means, in simple terms it means a set of rules that must be followed no matter what.

    Because FTP is a protocol that must be followed, UNIX system developers were not forced into creating an exact replica of another operating system.

    But those UNIX operating systems developers were forced into following a protocol, or set of rules, that ensured that when a file transfer was initiated from one computer that another computer could read that file regardless of exactly how they packaged the operating system.

    Getting back to my story from 1992 and Nepotism…

    Because back in 1992 there was economic downturn and massive job layoffs, my college graduating class was NOT getting JOBS.

    I landed a job in those economic tough times as a direct result of nepotistic ways.

    In layman’s terms, nepotistic ways means:

    My daddy worked there so I got a job.

    But when I asked my boss at that job “What does FTP stand for?”

    I almost got fired because, in my opinion, he was trying to give his bosses, bosses, bosses son a hard time because he was a grumpy unfilled bastard that was resentful of what my father, who was younger than him a hard time, had achieved.

    But my boss was trying to cut me down and was likely resentful that my Dad accelerated way past what he could do.

    Yeah my Dad rocked in the old corporate world!

    Why should you get my newsletter tips to show you EXACTLY how to do this?

    Because I am my father’s son and I got success ingrained in me from being a young child….

    That’s why you need to get my newsletter for free by simply giving my your name and email address in the form on this web site.

    Now getting back to the success my father got, I take his success forward into the information age and then some.

    Regardless of what you are doing and why you need to know if you have any further question about “What does FTP stand for?”

    Go ahead and submit your questions or heck if you have your own tutorials about FTP you can submit your articles about FTP on my blog comments.