GPS Dog Tracking Systems

GPS Dog Tracking Systems

GPS dog tracking systems are perfect for both people have one of those dogs that like to run off for days on end or for hunters and fishermen. Also people that like to go on hikes and let their dog run off leash will never lose their dog with GPS dog collar tracking device.

Basically there are 2 devices you need when you buy GPS dog tracking systems, there’s the dog collar with a transmitter unit and you’ll also get a handheld GPS for tracking down your dog’s location.

The 2 best GPS dog tracking systems on the market today are the Roameo GPS dog collar system and the Garmin Astro 220 GPS. Here’s a brief overview of what you get with each of these GPS dog tracking systems.

Roameo GPS Dog Collar

Roameo GPS Dog Collar
The Roameo GPS dog collar tracking system is an entry level system that costs less than the superior product, then the Garmin Astro 220 however it’s still an durable unit that will help you find your dog when rover decides it’s time to run.

With the Roameo GPS dog tracking system you can locate your dog within 1 to 3 mile radius. If you want to buy a Roameo GPS dog tracking system click here, however we’ve found a comparable price on the superior unit from Garmin

Garmin Astro 220 GPS

Garmin Astro 220 GPS Dog Tracking System
The Garmin Astro 220 GPS dog tracking system features a very high sensitivity receiver and gives you pinpoint accuracy showing you exactly where your dog has ventured off to.

You can track up to 10 dogs at the same time with the Astro 220 up to a range of 7 miles, the suggested retail price of the Garmin Astro 220 at is $649.00 however you can get the best price and pay about the same amount as you would for the Roameo dog GPS system

Garmin Astro 220 GPS – Best Price Click Here


Garmin Rino 520HCx

Garmin Rino 520HCx Handheld GPS / 2 Way Radio Receiver Review

Garmin Rino 520HCx

The Garmin Rino 520HCx is a higher end combination GPS navigator and 2 way radio that gives you up to 5 watts of transmission power in GMRS mode delivering longer 2 way radio communications versus lower end handheld combo units that only have an output power of 1 Watt. You get up to 14 miles line of site radio communications with the Rino 520HCx and up to 2 miles when communicating over FRS.

When you are on the trails, back country, fishing, hunting or even out on the water you want a handheld GPS and 2 way CB radio combo unit you’re going to need to consider battery duration and weight of the unit especially if you are hiking the trails, you know every ounce counts when you are back packing into the back country and you know that battery life matters.

The Garmin Rino 520HCx gives you 14 hours of battery life and also has a removable rechargeable Lithiom Ion battery back which means you can buy additional batteries to swap out should you use up the 14 hours of on-time and the 10.3 ounce weight is not going to weigh down your pack with it’s light weight.

Rino 520HCx 2-Way Radio Features Review

The Garmin Rino 520HCx 2 Way Radio Communications

  • Operates on FRS & GMRS frequency bands
  • The Rino 520HCx gives 22 channels of operation
  • The 520HCx has 38 squelch codes
  • FRS output power 0.5 Watts of up to 2 miles communication distance
  • GMRS for US users 5.0 Watts delivering up to 14 miles 2 way radio communications
  • Garmin Rino 520HCx GPS Features Review

  • Find your way on the roads with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Hunting & Fishing Calendar Built-In
  • Get sun and moon info
  • Built in area calculation
  • Where Can I Get the Best Price Garmin Rino 520HCx?

    Did you know that companies that sell GPS navigators cut deals with manufacturers that give those other companies the ability to sell for less?

    If you buy the Garmin Rino 520HCx direct from the site you’ll have to pay $449.99 to get this however you can get the best price on a Garmin Rino 520HCx at

    Get the best price on the Garmin Rino 520HCx – Click Here for Best Prices


    Camcorder Buying Guide

    Camcorder Buying Guide

    What do you want to do with your camcorder? If it’s only web chats you want to conduct with friends and family then a low end webcam will fit your needs our personal favorite is the Veho Muvi.

    Before you buy a camcorder you need to think about how you are going to use it along with added features you might want such as built-in light or external audio inputs.

    If you want a camcorder to record family gatherings, birthday parties or your kids sports events then you will need to buy a mid-range camcorder however if you think you’ll be using your camcorder for business purposes you’ll want to buy a higher end professional video camera.

    Before recommending any products in this camcorder buying guide we’re going to first outline camcorder specs that matter to help you decide which camera is best for you.

    Camcorder Specs that Matter

    Video Resolution

    Camcorder Video Resolution Bigger is Better

    The video resolution is the number of pixels used to recorder your video. When you see a camcorder advertised as being 2.0MP, that means it’s that’s how many dots or pixels the camera records in so when you see a camcorder with a 2.0MP rating that means it records 2,000 dots or pixels of resolution. The higher the resolution the sharper your images will be.

    High Definition

    With high definition TV becoming the norm, it’s likely you’ve got a high definition TV and you’ll need to make sure your camcorder is capable of recording in High Definition.

    When you see a camcorder advertised as being 1080p/1080i or 720p that’s the number of vertical lines your camcorder will record in

    Image Stabilization

    Another feature to watch for is image stabilization. Image stabilization uses technology to deliver a smoother video when you are

    Minimum Illumination Lux Rating

    If you are going to be shooting videos in low light conditions you will need to take into account the minimum illumination rating or Lux rating. The Lux rating is the minimum amount of light required by the camcorder to record video.

    When looking at Lux ratings the lower the number the less light is required to record videos so when it comes to evaluating a camcorder’s Lux rating the lower the number the better the camera is.

    Ports and Connectors

    I’ve regretted not looking at the ports and connectors on a mid-range Sony Handycam Camcorder I purchased several years ago. One of the features I wanted was an external audio input so I could use a remote microphone for better audio recording.

    Look for audio in and audio out connection as well as video out connectors in case you want to record videos direct to your computer.

    Camcorder Video Storage Format

    MiniDV Tape Camcorders

    Mini DV tape camcorders record onto mini cassette tapes that are relatively inexpensive and are reusable. One advantage of MiniDV tapes is you can easily archive or store your recordings or simply transfer to your computer or burn to a DVD.

    The disadvantage of MiniDV Tape format camcorders is it takes longer to transfer video from your camcorder to your computer because to transfer the videos requires playback on your camcorder to transfer the files which means for every minute of video recorded you can expect it to take one minute to copy files.

    Best Mini DV Camcorder Picks

    Recommended High End Mini DV High Definition Camcorder

    Sony HDR-HC9 6MP MiniDV High Definition Handycam Camcorder

    Sony Mini DV Camcorder

    Get Best Price on the Sony MiniDV Camcorder – Click Here

    Best Entry Level Mini DV Camcorder Top Pick

    Canon ZR960
    Canon ZR960
    More Info Here

    Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Camcorders

    HDD Camcorders come with a built-in hard disk drive so you never need to be swapping mini tapes or DVD’s while you are recording video however the downside to HDD camcorders is you are limited to the space available on your hard drive

    When buying a HDD camcorder you will want to take the GB’s or Giga Bytes into account this is the amount of storage the camera has available. The more capacity the camcorder has the more video you can store.

    You’ll want to make sure when buying an HDD camera has a memory stick expansion slot so that you add external memory cards.

    The best HDD camcorder is the Sony HDR-XR150 120GB High Definition HDD Handycam Camcorder because it’s a high def camera with tons of storage at an entry level price.

    Sony HDR XR150 Camcorder
    More Info Here

    DVD Camcorders

    If you want a camcorder where you can shoot video and instantly watch your videos on your DVD player without having to do any copying to your computer and burning discs then a DVD camcorder is perfect for you because it’s that easy, shoot video and playback instantly on your DVD player!

    The best DVD camcoder
    Sony DCR DVD650
    Sony DCR DVD650 – More Info & Reviews Here

    Flash Drive Camcorders

    Flash drive camcorders typically have built-in flash memory which is similar to an HDD camcorder. As is the case with an HDD camcorder you’ll want to consider getting a flash drive camcorder with a memory expansion slot.

    We’ve got 2 top picks for Flash Drive Camcorders

    Flip UltraHD Video Camera

    Flip UltraHD Video Camera

    Flip UltraHD Flash Drive Camcorder – More Info Here

    Veho Muvi

    Veho Muvi

    Read the full review of the Veho Muvi here

    If you have a camcorder review to submit please leave your comments here


    Veho Muvi

    Veho Muvi Review & Best Prices

    Veho Muvi
    More Reviews Here

    Veho Muvi Feature Overview

    The world’s smallest high resolution camcorder

  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches – 55mm x 20mm x 20mm
  • FRE Technology – Increased 30+ frames per second
  • Includes 4GB micro SD (expandable to 8GB) to record up to 90 minutes footage
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 3 hours continuous operation
  • Standby mode with noise activation
  • The Veho Muvi Mini Cam is an amazingly high performance digital video camera considering its small size measuring 5.7 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches and weighs only 8 ounces. The Muvi mini DV camcorder was designed with extreme sports enthusiasts in mind to capture jumps, flips and crazy downhill skiing and mountain biking moments because you can clip the Veho Muvi camcorder to your helmet or gear and capture your stunts.

    You don’t have to be into extreme sports to benefit from a ultra small DV camcorder, it’s great camcorder for anybody that wants a pocket sized video recorder, I know several people that travel a lot that love the Veho Muvi because it lessens how much stuff they have to pack for their trips.

    The Veho Muvi records up to 30 frames per second at a resolution of 2MP and comes with a 4GB memory card which gives you 180 minutes recording time but you can upgrade to a bigger memory card if you want to record video for longer periods of time.

    The Veho Muvi records direct into AVI format which means you can upload your videos directly to the web if you want without having to do any complicated video rendering or processing.

    To get your videos from your Veho Muvi onto your computer it’s as simple as plugging in the micro USB cable to your computer and copying your files onto your computer and upload to YouTube.

    Veho Muvi – More Reviews & Best Prices – Click Here


    Veo Webcam

    Veo Webcam Review & Where to Get the Best Deals

    Veo Webcam
    More Info – Click Here

    The Veo Webcam is incredibly popular mainly due to being one of the most affordable webcams on the market however they are incredible hard to find. I am not sure if the Veo webcams are still being manufactured so if you want to get your hands on one of these easy to use cams then you better hurry and get one now.

    Click Here to see if any are currently available.

    Veo Webcam Technical Specs

  • Video Formats: AVI, WMV
  • Image: JPEG, BMP
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • Includes Veo Digital Studio software
  • The Veo Webcam is perfect for anybody that wants a webcam for video chatting with friends on instant messenger systems such as MSN, Skype or AIM along with others because it is very easy to use and is very stable however it lacks a built-in microphone so you’ll need to make sure your computer has a built-in mic.

    You’ll get decent motion with the Veo Webcam. Overall this cam is decent webcam however one of the main concerns many people have about the Veo Webcam is it seems they’ve gone out of business so if you want support for your camera it’s simply not there however you can’t go wrong with the pricing of them if you can find one for sale on Amazon – Click Here to Shop & Compare

    Although this is a decent webcam the big problem again is the lack of a company presence online so I’d recommend that you get the Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000 because it’s got the same level of video quality and for about the same price the Lifecam has a built-in microphone – Read Microsoft LifeCam VX 1000 Review – Click Here

    If you’ve got a Veo Webcam please feel free to submit your comments and reviews about your cam.


    Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000

    Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000 Review

    Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000

    Read More Reviews Here

    The Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 is an awesome entry level webcam that is easy to use and gives excellent 640x 480 resolution so you can clearly see your friends and family when making video chat calls plus you can do a lot of really fun things besides just video chatting with the LifeCam 1000.

    You can use popular instant messenger systems to conduct your video calls including:

  • Windows Live
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Skype
  • You can use Windows Live Movie Maker to create and upload video to social networking sites to send your friends and family video greetings.

    There are other cool features you get with the Microsoft LifeCam VX 1000 such as adding video effects with the LifeCam dashboard.

    For an entry level webcam you get tons of cool features and decent video quality at a 30 frames per second rate which gives you seamless motion and it’s built-in microphone gives you surprisingly good audio quality

    To get the best deals on the Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000 webcam – Click Here


    Garmin Nuvi 285WT Review

    Garmin Nuvi 285WT Review

    Garmin Nuvi 285WT

    Nuvi 285WT – Read more reviews here

    The Garmin Nuvi 285WT is packed with extra features that will not only help you navigate the roads with ease with voice prompted turn-by-turn directions it will also give you cool features such as weather reports, traffic reports and it will even give you movie times plus a lot more. The Nuvi 285WT is definitely a GPS navigator you’ll love especially if you want extra features however if all you want is a basic GPS system then you should read the Garmin Nuvi 255WT review here, which is a solely a GPS unit. Having said that, most people love the extra features and once you get a Nuvi 285WT and start using the extras you’ll be thanking me for recommending it to you.

    Garmin Nuvi 285WT Specs

    Dimensions: 4.8″W x 2.9″H x .8″D (12.2 x 7.4 x 2.0 cm)
    Size: 3.81″W x 2.25″H (9.7 x 5.7 cm); 4.3″ diag (10.9 cm)
    Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
    Display type: WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
    Weight: 6.1 ounces (172.93 g)
    Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
    Battery life: up to 4 hours
    High-sensitivity receiver

    Garmin Nuvi 285WT Features

    When you buy a Garmin Nuvi 285WT you can subscribe to the MSN Direct service which gives you real-time updates meaning you can avoid traffic accidents and backups along with live weather reports to help you get there faster by re-routing your trip.
    You’ll be driving safer with the voice prompted turn-by-turn directions so all you have to do is listen to where your Nuvi 285WT is telling you to turn

    Another really cool feature you get with the Nuvi 285WT is built in Bluetooth that allows you to connect your cell phone for hands-free calling. Most areas now require by law that if you are going to use your cell phone while driving you must be hands free. The Garmin 285WT will connect compatible cell phone with Bluetooth technology to your GPS and then you can make calls with one touch dialing from your GPS navigator.

    Read more Garmin Nuvi 285WT reviews and compare prices to get the best deals – Click Here


    Garmin Nuvi 255WT Review

    Garmin Nuvi 255WT Review

    Garmin Nuvi 255WT Review

    Read more reviews – Click Here

    Nuvi 255WT Features

    The Garmin Nuvi 255WT is a low cost 4.3 inch touch screen GPS navigator that offers some high end features such as text to speech technology which tells you audibly the names of upcoming streets and points of interest meaning that you keep your eyes on the road and not your GPS making for a safe trip. If you buy an inferior GPS navigator than the Nuvi 255WT without text-to-speech technology you run a greater risk of having an accident so that feature alone gets our thumbs up approval for the 255WT.

    Garmin Nuvi 255WT Specs

  • Dimensions: 2 8/9″H x 4-4/5″ W x 4/5” D
  • Weight: 6.1 oz
  • Screen size: 4.3”
  • Lifetime traffic updates
  • Avoid toll highway mode
  • Built in base maps
  • The Garmin Nuvi 255WT while not having the extras that some GPS units come with such as the Nuvi 765T which gives you extras such as an MP3 player and audio book player, the Nuvi 255WT saves you money if you don`t want or need the extras.

    Garmin Nuvi 255WT Best Price

    If you want the best price on a Garmin Nuvi 255WT you can not only save a few bucks ordering online you can save even more buying a used or refurbished Nuvi 255WT

    Garmin Nuvi WT Best Price – Click Here for Best Prices


    Garmin Nuvi 765T Review

    Garmin Nuvi 765T Review

    Garmin Nuvi 765T Review

    Garmin Nuvi 765T – Read More Reviews Here

    Garmin Nvi 765T Key Features

    Lane Assist
    The Nuvi 765T gives you the benefit of Lane Assist which tells you what lane you need to be in well in advance so you’ll never miss your exit again.

    Hands Free Calling
    The Garmin 765T allows you to connect your cell phone to your GPS navigator so you can make hands free calls. Most areas now have laws in effect that require hands free use of cell phones so the 765T navigator will not only keep you safe, it will keep you legal on the road.

    The Garmin Nuvi 765T uses A2DP Bluetooth wireless technology and comes with a built-in microphone and speaker. Simply pair your cell phone with your GPS before you hit the road and enjoy hands free calling.

    Where am I?
    Another cool feature the Nuvi 765T gives you is the “Where am I?” function which will not only tell you exactly where you are, it will remember where you parked your car. How many times have you parked your car at a shopping mall and can’t remember where you parked, never roam parking lots aimlessly again!

    Turn-by-Turn Directions
    The Nuvi 765T gives you voice prompted turn-by-turn directions and comes loaded with City Navigator NT stree maps with 3-D views of where you are to help you get better orientation as to your current location.

    Entertainment System
    The Garmin Nuvi 765T is more than just a GPS navigator, it’s also an MP3 player and audio book player that gives you the ability to download audio books from

    The Nuvi 765T also comes with a built-in FM transmitter so you can listen to your audio books and MP3’s through your stereo system.

    If you want a GPS navigation system with extra features then the Garmin Nuvi 765T is the perfect GPS for you. However if you want only GPS functionality then you can save a few bucks and get a GPS unit such as the Garmin Nuvi 1350.

    Garmin Nuvi 765T – Click here for best prices


    Garmin 1350T

    Garmin 1350T Enhances Nuvi 1350 GPS Functionality

    Garmin 1350T
    Read More 1350T Reviews Here

    The Garmin 1350T takes the already feature rich Garmin 1350 to the next level by offering FREE traffic alerts. Sure it costs a little more than the Nuvi 1350 but the 1350T model will impress you because it is as equally portable as the 1350 unit but having the added FM traffic receiver give you real time alerts about traffic back-ups and delivers detours around where the traffic jams are happening getting you to your destination faster.

    Garmin 1350T Features

    Compact & Portable Design

    1350T Dimensions: 4.8″W x 2.9″H x .6″D (12.2 x 7.5 x 1.6 cm)
    Display Size: .81″W x 2.25″H (9.7 x 5.7 cm); 4.3″ diag (10.9 cm)
    Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
    Display type: WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
    Weight: 5.7 ounces (161.6 g)
    Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
    Battery life: up to 4 hours
    High-sensitivity receiver: yes

    Garmin 1350T Vs Garmin 1350 Size – No Difference

    Nuvi 1350T Navigation Features

  • Lane Assist – Never miss an exit with GPS notification of the lane you need to be in
  • cityXplorer – Option to get city transit maps to get around town with points of interest
  • Turn by turn voice directions to your destination allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and get there safely
  • ecoRoute – Save money on gas with the ecoRoute feature that gives you the most fuel efficiency via the 1350T GPS calculator.
  • Garmin 1350T Vs the Nuvi 1350

    The only difference between the the Garmin 1350T and the 1350, other than a slight difference in price is the 1350T gives you FREE lifetime access to get Traffic Alerts.

    If you’re on the fence about which model to buy between the 1350T vs the 1350 (Garmin 1350 Review) I’d recommend spending the extra money to get the traffic alerts especially if you live in a big city however if you live in a small town where there’s no traffic jams then the extra feature of Traffic Alerts won’t be of true value to you.

    Garmin 1350T
    Click Here for Best Garmin 1350T Prices