Compare and Contrast iPhone and iPod Touch

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Compare and Contrast iPhone and iPod Touch

Why Did I Compare and Contrast iPhone and iPod Touch Today?

I set out on a mission today to save some money on my mobiles long distance charges but what happened is I got lost when trying to compare and contrast iphone and ipod touch.

How could opening a horrendous cell phone bill cause me to set out on a mission to compare and contrast the iPhone and iPod touch?

Since I am in the midst of putting together an MP3 player review and price comparison service I found myself becoming the first guy in need of that site getting published because I was well aware of some of the cool features you get with the iPod Touch 32GB.

In particular, the fact that the iPod Touch 32GB comes with built in WiFi AND ear buds with a microphone.

The reason the ear buds and microphone combined with built in WiFi were important to me was to have the ability to connect to my home or outside location WiFi hotspots so that I could take advantage of online long distance calling services such as Skype to save me some serious cash, to the tune of $1800, on my cell phone long distance charges.

Yes! You better believe I am motivated to get a better solution than my current Canadian cell phone plan. By the way, if you don’t live in Canada, our cell phone plans kinda suck here!

It seemed to make sense that the Apple iPod Touch 32 GB 3rd Generation would exactly fit my needs but then I talked to a friend that asked why don’t I just get an iPhone because the iPhone does all the same stuff the Apple iPod touch does but with the iPhone you get the added benefit of having a phone built-in too.

While I consider my buddies words of wisdom, what I did see is that the iPhone was MUCH more expensive than the iPod Touch 32GB system.

So what I decided to buy on my quest to compare and contrast iPhone and iPod Touch was the Apple iPod Touch.

Why did I buy the iPod Touch 32GB vs the Apple iPhone?

The reason I made this decision, is that most of my long distance calling is usually done in areas where there is WiFi and because I got a Skype account all I need to do is load the Skype app onto my iPod Touch and I am accomplishing my mission of saving massive amounts of money on my mobile cell phone long distance charges. Plus I didn’t want to sign onto yet another stinking cell phone plan.

Remember my mission was to save money on long distance calling and I am thinking that eventually I might even ditch my current Motorola Q cell phone and not have a cell phone plan at all!

Compare prices on the Apple iPod Touch 32GB Here

Also if you want to save TONS of money on long distance charges…

Register for Skype Here

Please submit your questions, comments and reviews of the Apple iPod Touch Versus the iPhone here, I am curious to hear what your thoughts are.

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