Examples of Niche Marketing

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Examples of Niche Marketing

The first stumbling block most people that are new to internet marketing is coming up with a niche or business to get started with. Choosing a niche is certainly an overwhelming hurdle to get over because there are literally millions of niche markets you can target so we are going to help you leap over that first hurdle as we guide you step-by-step keep your focus and start stuffing your bank account and get you making money with your blog.

Advantages of Niche Marketing

It’s a lot less work than promoting a massive website and it’s MUCH easy to keep your focus when you are focused on one micro niche. When you join our free internet marketing training course you’ll see how easy it is to create a niche site and how overwhelming it can become when you build a website on a broader niche.

If you haven’t done so already make sure you are registered for our FREE course by simply filling out your name and email address into the form on this website (http://veoreport.com)

Niche Marketing Examples

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to research a profitable niche market working at home on the internet or your favorite WiFi hotspot anywhere in the world for that matter.

Let’s dive in learn how to find your niche market

Begin by Researching a Broader Niche

The first thing you want to do when choosing a niche is start researching a broader niche to look at ways prospective customers are searching a target market.

Examples of Niche Markets – Case Study Weight Loss

Step 1: Start a new project your keyword research tool (Market Samurai)

If you don’t have Market Samurai you are going to be wasting your time if you try to use free market research tools such as the Google Keyword Tool and it will take you weeks to compile the same market data you get with Market Samurai.

If you don’t have Market Samurai for niche market research it would be like a plumber trying to work without a wrench

Get Market Samurai Here

Step 2: Run Analysis

When running my initial research I like to find out related topics and search terms, to do this I will select the check box “Google Synonym Tool” and select “Include Additional” in Market Samurai, this gives me other related niche markets to research before I begin planning my niche business.

Step 3: Analyze Demand & Competition

In this example of niche marketing for the weight loss industry I will begin my sorting the Adwords Cost Per Click (AWCPC) column from the most expensive cost per click to the cheapest because I want to make sure I am choosing a profitable niche market.

At the same time I am scrolling down through the cost per click column I am also looking at the Search Engine Optimization Competition (SEOC) & the Search Engine Optimization Title Competition (SEOTC).

I am also looking at the Searches column, this is the number of daily searches people are typing into Google for each keyword phrase, to ensure there is demand and the niche is profitable.

Step 4: Is There Other People’s Product I Can Sell in This Niche Market

Search the internet to see if there’s somebody else already selling in this target market and join their affiliate program. If there’s no obvious affiliate program for you to join then you can place Google AdSense ads to monetize your blog.

Step 5: Domain Name Registration

Ideally you want to get niche market phrase in your domain name however it’s likely already taken, if it’s not taken then snap it up right now

If the target phrase is already registered as a domain name simply enter a small word or letter to the end of the domain name

For example:

Get Your Blog Hosting & Free Domain Name Here

Step 6: Create Content

If you haven’t registered your name and email address for your free internet marketing course then do it now and you’ll get the entire tutorial showing you how to create niche articles.

Step 7: Promote your niche site

Finally once you’ve created 5 to 10 articles on your profitable niche website then you need to start promoting it using sources to as Ezine Aritcles

If you are a merchant selling into a profitable niche market please go ahead and submit your examples of niche marketing and feel free to post your affiliate sign-up address in the website URL in the comments section below so my students can go join and profit from your program.

Also feel free to ask your questions about how to choose a niche market if you are stuck

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