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Yes, I could make a commission by sending you to a paid FTP client but I could not do that and have a clear conscience because I am personally using free FTP software to upload files to my web server.

You can get Filezilla Free FTP software here

Why do you need an FTP Client

For those of you that are new to the internet, you need an FTP client to move files from your personal computer to your web server and I know there are thousands of FTP client software solutions that cost money but my philosophy is why pay for software when there is free FTP software available that you can legally download and begin using immediately.

If you need a detailed explanation of what FTP is, you can read my blog post “What does FTP stand for” to get the facts and information you need to know what FTP is and you can read a little story about the first time I heard the term FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

About FileZilla Free FTP Software

FileZilla offers both a free FTP client and FTP server software solution which you can legally use under the terms and conditions as outlined by the GNU General Public License.

The best thing about FileZilla, other than being a Free FTP Software solution, is the ease of use but don’t worry I have videos about how to use FTP to show you exactly how to navigate through your computer and your web server to upload your files using the FileZilla FTP client.

But if you are on this page and need some immediate help then go ahead and ask your specific question by submitting a comment on this blog post.

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